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Does Vitamin C Help Enlarged Prostate

Vitamin C And K In Prostate Cancer

Does Pumpkin Seed Oil supplements help prostate problems (BPH)?

Reviewed by: Paul Anderson, NMD

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Reference: Tareen B, A 12 Week, Open Label, Phase I/IIa Study Using Apatone® for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Patients Who Have Failed Standard Therapy. International Journal of Medical Sciences. ISSN 1449-1907, 2008 5:62-67.

Design: Human Trial

Trial information: The use of Vitamin C and Vitamin K-3 have been written about and postulated about in the treatment of cancer for many years. In years of teaching IV therapy, we used to commonly teach an IV Vitamin C with IV Vitamin K-3 protocol for cancer patients. The basis of this will be described below, but this practice has largely been abandoned in recent years due to frequent side effects during the IV such as temporary pain.

To clarify the agents used in this trial it is important to look at the forms of Vitamin K commonly known as Vitamins K1, 2 & 3.

Phylloquinone, also referred to as vitamin K1, is a compound present in all photosynthetic plants and is the primary dietary source of vitamin K.

Menadione is referred to as Vitamin K3. It is an organic compound and an analog of 1, 4-naphthoquinone with a methyl group in the 2-position.

Vitamins K1 and K2 are generally antioxidant and K3 generally pro-oxidant. Vitamin K3 has been used in oncology research as mentioned in this paper and shown to be chemo sensitizing and as having other positive potential effects in many cancer cell lines.

Summary of oral C-K3:

Overview Of Cam Use In Prostate Cancer

Studies of CAM use to treat prostate cancer have shown the following:

  • Men who have prostate cancer are more likely to take dietary supplements and eat certain foods than men who do not have prostate cancer.
  • Men who have prostate cancer and who have healthy eating habits are more likely to take dietary supplements.
  • Men who have prostate cancer use CAM treatments to help boost the immune system, improve quality of life, and lower the risk of the cancer coming back, but only half of them tell their doctors about their use of CAM.

Studies of CAM use to lower prostate cancer risk or to prevent it from coming back have shown the following:

  • A study of men with a family history of prostate cancer found that over half used vitamins or other dietary supplements for prostate health or to prevent cancer.
  • A study of men at a prostate cancer screening clinic found that over half took multivitamins and some took herbal supplements.
  • A study of prostate cancer survivors found that up to one-third took vitamins or minerals.

See the PDQ summary on Prostate Cancer Prevention for more information on prostate cancer prevention.

Is There A Link Between Masturbation And Prostate Cancer

In 30 seconds

Any link between masturbation and prostate cancer is yet to be proven categorically. However, some studies over the years have shown, perhaps surprisingly, that the more you masturbate, the lower your chances of developing prostate cancer.

Its not just masturbating that might help.

All ejaculation may help your prostate health, it seems including during sex. Your prostate produces some of the fluid in your ejaculate, so it does make sense that ejaculation and prostate health are related.

However, other studies have suggested that things arent so clear-cut. Frequent masturbation appears to have different effects on prostate cancer risk at different ages. Meanwhile, your risk is affected by your genes, your diet, and your age too.

Science doesnt know for certain what causes prostate cancer. While its known that things like genetics and diet play a role, researchers are always looking for new clues to lead them to a more concrete explanation.

Its this approach that has led them to investigate a possible link between masturbation and prostate cancer. Why? Because the prostate is involved in the production of fluid for your semen. And if you masturbate a lot, your prostate gland will be more active.

However, things are not yet certain. In this article, were going to look at the evidence for the potential link between masturbation and prostate cancer and explore some other causes of the illness too.

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Combination Of Vitamins B6 B12 And Folic Acid

When you are looking to support your prostate with the correct diet and supplements it is essential to have vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid in supplementary form. These are the essential vitamins for prostate health. Chromosomal instability syndrome can lead to susceptibility to various malignancies, particularly prostate cancer. A combination of these vitamins with folic acid can largely prevent chromosomal breakage or chromosomal instability syndrome and promote a healthy prostate. Men need a regular dose of 20 mg of vitamin B6, 100 to 200 mcg of vitamin B12 and 400 to 800 mg of folic acid per day to support a healthy prostate.

Are Vitamin D And Prostate Health Related

Vitamin C low acid buffered

Half of all men over age 50 will be diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia. This statistic rises to nearly 90% in men over age 80. While an enlarged prostate due to BPH can be related to age, it may be even more intricately linked to hormonal and vitamin imbalances in the body.

In fact, numerous studies in recent years may have found a strong link between BPH and vitamin D. A majority of men are deficient in vitamin D, especially as they get older. Studies show this deficiency increases the risk for male sexual health problems among other concerns like cancers, heart disease, and depression.

Lets first take a look at BPH and vitamin D separately, and then use information about both to understand the correlation between the two.

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Vitamin D3 And Prostate Health

A new study published by the journal Clinical Cancer Research , suggests that low blood levels of vitamin D may be linked to more aggressive and advanced cases of prostate cancer.The study suggests that vitamin D may play an important role in how prostate cancer starts and spreads, although it does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. Researchers aren’t yet sure exactly how it comes into play or even if taking extra vitamin D might keep prostate cancer in check.

“We really don’t know, for certain, what role vitamin D plays in cancer . . . either the genesis or beginning of cancer . . . or in defining how aggressive the cancer may be,” he said. “Further research has to be done.”

What is known is that vitamin D plays several critical roles in how cells develop and grow.

“It seems to regulate normal differentiation of cells as they change from stem cells to adult cells. And it regulates the growth rate of normal cells and cancer cells.” said study author Dr. Adam Murphy, an assistant professor of urology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, in Chicago.

Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin” because skin makes it when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D levels tend to drop with advancing age, and deficiency is more common in seasons and regions that get less sunlight and in people with darker skin, which naturally blocks the sun.

What about the vitamin’s possible relationship to cancer?

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Supplements For Prostate Health

Diseases of the prostate gland normally produce urinary symptoms but may also cause pain, especially in the case of acute bacterial prostatitis and later stages of BPH. OTC analgesics such as acetaminophen and NSAIDs can be recommended to relieve pain in prostate disease. A working knowledge of the supplements utilized for prostate disorders will help the pharmacist field patients’ questions about their use. In general, the pharmacist should refer patients who develop obstructive urinary symptoms to a physician for management.

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How To Manage An Enlarged Prostate

Vitamin D & Prostate Health

About half of intact male dogs will develop some form of prostate disease by the age of 5, and 95% by the age of 9. And even neutered dogs are not spared from this. Male dogs of any size, from middle-aged to senior, can experience an enlarged prostate.

Heres what you need to watch for and what you can do if your dog experiences prostate problems.

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Essential Vitamins For Prostate Health

Integral to the male reproductive system, the prostate is an important endocrine gland. The prostate secretes a milky white fluid containing male semen and seminal vesicle fluid. The very nature and function of the prostate makes it quite clear that it is integral to the process of reproduction. A lot can be done to protect prostate and prevent its ailments and dietary factor is an important one. Let us look at some of the vitamins for prostate health to keep prostate

Complementary And Alternative Therapies

Be sure to tell your doctors about any herbs or supplements you take, or any alternative therapies you use. Some herbs, supplements, and alternative therapies may interfere with conventional medicine. Work with a doctor who is experienced in complementary and alternative therapies to find the combination of treatments that is right for you.

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Difficulty Urgent Or Painful Urination

The prostate gland wraps around the thin tube that carries urine out of a man’s body, called the urethra.If the prostate gland is inflamed due to infection, the urethra may narrow. As a result, men with an infected prostate can experience difficulty urinating as a symptom of this condition. Inflammation within the prostate gland can also extend to the bladder, which can cause symptoms of frequent or urgent urination, report health professionals with 2. Certain men with this type of infection can also develop sensations of pain or burning during urination. Bladder irritation caused by a prostate infection can cause small amounts of blood to appear within a man’s urine. These uncomfortable symptoms of an infected prostate can also be signs of alternate medical problems, such as a urinary tract infection. Affected men should seek prompt treatment from a medical professional.

  • The prostate gland wraps around the thin tube that carries urine out of a man& #039 s body, called the urethra.
  • These uncomfortable symptoms of an infected prostate can also be signs of alternate medical problems, such as a urinary tract infection.

Q: Will Taking Supplements Improve My Prostate Health

VitalFlow Prostate Reviews  VitalFlow Reviews 2021

A: Because supplements do not have to go through clinical trials or get FDA approval, we have very little data on many of them.

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services.Policy

Saw palmetto is probably the most common supplement used to promote prostate health. Most people take 320 milligrams per day. But while it may help with mild voiding difficulties, European studies have not shown a lot of benefits.

Many studies have also looked at zinc, but zinc has fallen out of favor it doesnt do a whole heck of a lot.

At one time, lycopene was thought to decrease prostate cancer risk and possibly help with voiding. But those findings were later refuted.

Vitamin E was also believed to hold benefits for prostate health. This has also been refuted. Also, we now know that vitamin E has negative cardiovascular effects, so we strongly advise against taking excess vitamin E.

The bottom line: While some prostate supplements may show mild benefit, many men will see no benefit whatsoever from them.

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Questions And Answers About Vitamin E

  • What is vitamin E?

    Vitamin E is an antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage. Vitamin E also affects how signals are sent within cells and how the cell makes RNA and proteins.

    There are eight forms of vitamin E: four tocopherols and four tocotrienols . Alpha-tocopherol, the form of vitamin E used in dietary supplements, is found in greater amounts in the body and is the most active form of vitamin E. Most vitamin E in the diet comes from gamma-tocopherol. Food sources of vitamin E include vegetable oils, nuts, and egg yolks.

    • Vitamin E and selenium.
    • Two placebos.

    SELECT results published in 2011 showed that men taking vitamin E alone had a 17% increase in prostate cancer risk compared with men who did not take vitamin E.

    Several factors may have affected study results, including the dose of vitamin E.

    Clinical trials

  • Have any side effects or risks been reported from vitamin E?

    In the Physicians Health Study II and the Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta Carotene Cancer Prevention Study Group, there was a higher number of strokes caused by a broken blood vessel in the brain in men who took vitamin E than in men who took a placebo.

  • Questions To Ask Your Health Care Provider About Cam

    When considering complementary and alternative therapies, patients should ask their health care provider the following questions:

    • What side effects can be expected?
    • What are the risks related to this therapy?
    • What benefits can be expected from this therapy?
    • Do the known benefits outweigh the risks?
    • Will the therapy affect conventional treatment?
    • Is this therapy part of a clinical trial?
    • If so, who is the sponsor of the trial?
    • Will the therapy be covered by health insurance?

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    Questions And Answers About Selenium

  • What is selenium?

    Selenium is a mineral that is essential to humans in tiny amounts. Selenium is needed for many body functions, including reproduction and immunity. Food sources of selenium include meat, vegetables, and nuts. The amount of selenium found in the food depends on the amount of selenium in the soil where the food grows. Selenium is stored in the thyroid gland, liver, pancreas, pituitary gland, and kidneys.

    Selenium may play a role in many diseases, including cancer. Results of the large National Cancer Institute-sponsored Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial suggest that men with prostate cancer should not take selenium supplements.

  • How is selenium given or taken?

    Selenium may be eaten in food or taken in dietary supplements.

  • Have any laboratory or animal studies been done using selenium?
    • Vitamin E and selenium.
    • Two placebos.

    Early results of SELECT reported in 2009 found no difference in the rate of developing prostate cancer among the 4 groups. In the selenium alone group, there was a slight increase in the rate of diabetes mellitus. Even though this change was not clearly shown to be due to the supplement, the men in the study were advised to stop taking the study supplements.

    A study of 1,434 men in SELECT suggested that changes in certain genes which control the way selenium is used by the body may have an effect on the risk of developing prostate cancer.

    What Are The Causes Of An Enlarged Prostate And Bph

    Best Foods to Eat with Enlarged Prostate | Reduce Risk of Symptoms, Enlargement & Cancer

    BPH occurs when prostate cells grow in number, resulting in an enlarged prostate gland that can cause symptoms of urinary obstruction. Although the exact cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia isnt clear, researchers believe it may be due to the fluctuations in sex hormones, especially testosterone, that occur normally with age.

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    Evaluation Of Cam Therapies

    It is important that the same scientific methods used to test conventional therapies are used to test CAM therapies. The National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health are sponsoring a number of clinical trials at medical centers to test CAM therapies for use in cancer.

    Conventional approaches to cancer treatment have generally been studied for safety and effectiveness through a scientific process that includes clinical trials with large numbers of patients. Less is known about the safety and effectiveness of complementary and alternative methods. Few CAM therapies have been tested using demanding scientific methods. A small number of CAM therapies that were thought to be purely alternative approaches are now being used in cancer treatmentnot as cures, but as complementary therapies that may help patients feel better and recover faster. One example is acupuncture. According to a panel of experts at a National Institutes of Health meeting in November 1997, acupuncture has been found to help control nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy and pain related to surgery. However, some approaches, such as the use of laetrile, have been studied and found not to work and to possibly cause harm.


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