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Self Check Prostate Health Test

Your First Step To A Diagnosis

PSA test for prostate cancer

A leader in high quality consumer rapid lateral flow diagnostics, we are dedicated to improving human health by increasing accessibility to a fast and reliable diagnosis. That mission is behind everything we do, from commercialisation of novel biomarkers for clinical use on the hospital ward to delivering value to our customers and investors.Pregnancy tests and blood glucose meters have been available to the general public for decades, allowing individuals to take direct control of their health. Innovations in diagnostic technology in this highly regulated sector is driving the growth of safe, reliable and simple to use SELFCheck self test diagnostics for a wide range of common health concerns.SELFCheck self test kits are manufactured only from high quality components and assembled at our UK ISO13485:2016 certified laboratories. Professional packs of our rapid tests are also available for NHS hospital laboratories. All SELFCheck medical self tests are assembled at our UK laboratories and have been evaluated, approved and certified by the regulators.Self test kits aren’t meant to replace traditional healthcare pathways but whether a positive or negative result, self tests can help prompt individuals to seek help from their pharmacist or doctor sooner than they might have.SELFCheck self test kits are available from major UK retailers including Lloyds Pharmacy and Superdrug as well as many independent pharmacies.

The Science Behind The Test

This home test kit measures Prostate Specific Antigen . PSA is a protein that is produced by cells of the prostate gland, but the levels produced by healthy cells normally fall within a recognised range. Higher-than-normal PSA levels are recognised as a sign of potential prostate issues, which then warrants further, more detailed investigation by a medical professional.

What Do My Results Mean

This test cannot diagnose prostate cancer. It can give you an early indication that you may need to have further tests. PSA level usually rises naturally as men get older. The normal range is 3 to 5 ng/ml of blood. People with prostate cancer tend to have a PSA level in the hundreds of thousands ng/ml. If you are within the normal range then you do not need to have any more tests. If you are outside the normal range then you can speak to one of our doctors on the telephone or take the results to your own doctor. They will be able to advise you on the appropriate next steps.

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Psa Screening Blood Test

The problem with DIY health test kits  Which? News

A Prostate-specific antigen is made by the cells of the prostate gland. PSA testing is a common method to test for prostate cancer. PSA is found in semen, with a small amount in the blood. Men without prostate cancer often have PSA levels under 4 nanograms per milliliter of blood. Elevated PSA level increases the likelihood of having prostate cancer .

The American Cancer Society reports that men with a total PSA level of between 4 and 10 have roughly a 1 in 4 chance of having prostate cancer. With a total PSA of over 10, the chance of having prostate cancer rises to over 50%. Following the PSA test, if the levels are high, a doctor may suggest a repeat screening test or a prostate biopsy.

In addition to prostate cancer, there are many other factors that can affect a mans PSA levels.

Reasons for a High PSA:

Reasons for a Low PSA:

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What Matters Most To You

Your personal feelings are just as important as the medical facts. Think about what matters most to you in this decision, and show how you feel about the following statements.

Reasons to have a PSA test

Reasons not to have a PSA test

I want to find prostate cancer early.

I want to avoid the side effects of prostate cancer treatment.

I want to be tested so I can have peace of mind.

I’m not worried that I might get prostate cancer.

I want to know if I have prostate cancer.

I don’t want to know if I have prostate cancer, because it may never affect my health.

I think having a PSA test is worth the risk of having a false alarm if it could find prostate cancer early.

I want to avoid worry from a false alarm and more testing.

Personal Stories About Having A Prostate

These stories are based on information gathered from health professionals and consumers. They may be helpful as you make important health decisions.

I have two children who are in high school right now, and both plan to go to university. It’s important to me to provide for them and ensure that they have the money they need to finish their education. If I found out I had cancer, I would try any treatment that might offer me a chance to live longer, even if it has side effects. I’m going to have the PSA test.

Eric, age 56

For me, there is still too much uncertainty about how helpful the PSA test is and how accurate it is. I’ve read that high PSAs can be caused by things other than cancer. But the only way to know it’s not cancer is to have a biopsy. I don’t want to have to go through that if I don’t have to. And the fact that I might be treated for a cancer that wouldn’t have caused a problem is troublesome. So for now, I’m not going to have the PSA test.

Mike, age 62

My health is great. I still run, play tennis, and travel a lot. At my age, you start to see friends getting sick and dying of one thing or another, and it makes you start to think about your own health more. I know that the PSA test isn’t perfect, but I want to have every chance I can to treat cancer early if I have it.

Jacob, age 68

Pieter, age 67

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What Tests Detect Prostate Cancer Early

Because prostate cancer cant necessarily be detected at home, its a good idea to learn about the tests that provide early detection 2 . Keep in mind that these tests cant decipher whether or not you have prostate cancer and, following the test, your doctor will most likely suggest a prostate biopsy. If youre wondering how to check for prostate cancer at home, your best bet is to leave it to your health care professional.

What Will My Results Tell Me

PSA test questioned as a screen for prostate cancer

If youâve never had a PSA test before, it will provide you with a baseline total PSA level. Youâll use this level initially to understand your likelihood of potential prostate cancer â but you can also use this test to compare your PSA level year-over-year to understand the health of your prostate. If your test flags a high PSA level, your physician can pursue further diagnostic testing if needed.

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Should You Get A Psa Test

Most people with penises will get a PSA test in their lifetime. Depending on the persons age and risk factors, your doctor may encourage one.

Organizations, like the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force , have laid out recommendations for those considering a screening.

The USPSTF recommends the following for those who have an average or increased risk of prostate cancer, do not have symptoms of prostate cancer, and have never been diagnosed:

  • If youre 55 to 69 years old, you should make an individual decision whether you want to take a PSA test.
  • Before making a decision, you should talk with your doctor about the including the benefits and harm of other tests and treatment.
  • If youre 70 and older, you shouldnt be screened for prostate cancer routinely.

The suggests people also consider the following with their doctor prior to screening:

  • if you have a family history of prostate cancer
  • if youre African American
  • if you have other medical conditions that may make it difficult for you to be treated for prostate cancer if its found
  • how you value the potential benefits and harms of screening, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Type: in-person collection
  • Insurance coverage: FSA and HSA accepted

If youre looking for quick results, Health Testing Centers offers one of the quickest solutions available. The online database of testing options provides customers with the ability to purchase lab-certified tests from LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics, and results are provided within 1 to 2 days.

What Home Kits Dont Say

Gaps in the information provided included some tests failing to mention factors that could affect the results and cause unnecessary worry. The Boots blood glucose test, marketed as helping in the early detection of diabetes, doesnt point out that glucose levels can be raised after a meal. And the Self Check prostate health test doesnt say that the test isnt suitable if you have certain conditions such as prostatitis, or in some circumstances such as after sexual activity or cycling.

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How Can You Stimulate Prostate

Prostate massage or also called prostate milking is a practice of stimulating prostate gland for sexual and medical benefits. You can do it internally or externally, but you should do it only when you understand the process and know that you can damage the prostate if you do it incorrectly. Keep reading to find out more about how to stimulate prostate without facing any issues.

What Are The Risks Of Having A Psa Test

Buy SELFcheck Prostate Test
False-positive results

Often the PSA test can show high levels of PSA that aren’t caused by cancer .

If your PSA test is high, you may need more testsâlike a prostate biopsyâto check for prostate cancer. These tests can be harmful. For example, prostate biopsies can cause infections. For a few men, these infections are very serious. These tests can also cause a lot of worry.

False-negative results

PSA tests may miss some cancers. Not all prostate cancers cause a high PSA, so some PSA tests will be normal when there is cancer . But the more serious prostate cancers usually do cause a high PSA.


A PSA test can find cancers that would not have caused a problem . You might have this type of cancer, but a PSA test can’t tell if the cancer is harmless. So you may get cancer treatmentâincluding surgery or radiationâthat you don’t need.

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Self Prostate Exam: Hot Water With Hip Bath For 5 Days

How to avoid the detour on the diagnosis of the disease? Experts recommend a simple self prostate exam which is:

If you find yourself may have at least one of the above three types of symptoms, patients can use hip bath with hot water daily for 1-2 times, each time 20 minutes. The water temperature should always remain at 50 Celsius degrees, and receive the treatment continuously for 5 days. If the symptoms reduce or disappear, the patient is likely to be suffering from chronic prostatitis. This self prostate exam is simple with no toxic side effects and helpful for the diagnosis and treatment.

Prostate Cancer Screen Home Testing Kit

SKU:| Availability:

  • Postage-paid return envelope

Sample required: Tiny blood sample This is obtained from a finger prick with the easy to use lancet provided.

Using the easy to follow guide provided in the box, complete the form and take the sample as instructed, pop it all into the postage-paid envelope and place it into your nearest post box. Your results will be with you within 7 days.

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Deciding If You Need A Prostate Screening

  • 1Determine the necessity of a screening based on your age. The American Cancer Society suggests a yearly prostate screening for all men age 50 and over. However, select circumstances may warrant screenings beginning at an earlier age. These include:XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Cancer SocietyNonprofit devoted to promoting cancer research, education, and supportGo to source
  • Age 40 for men with more than one first-degree relative who had prostate cancer before age 65.
  • Age 45 for men with a single first-degree relative who had prostate cancer before age 65.
  • Age 45 for African American men due to carrying a higher risk of prostate cancer.
  • 2Note any symptoms associated with your urinary system. Problems associated with your bladder, urethra, and penis can all potentially have ties to prostate problems.XExpert SourceRobert Dhir, MDBoard Certified Urologist & Urological SurgeonExpert Interview. 23 September 2020. Due to the proximity of the prostate to these systems it can grow and press against them causing dysfunction. With prostate issues you may experience the following:XResearch sourceBickley, Lynn S. Techniques of Examination. Chapter 15 The anus, rectum and prostate. Bates Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking. sixth edition. P 262-264. © 2009 Wolters Kluwer Health- Lippincott Williams & amp Wilkins.
  • Slow or weak urine streams
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Lower back pain
  • A biopsy may also be necessary to confirm or rule out cancer.
  • Should You Know Your Psa Level

    How to Check Your Prostate

    Instead of a national screening programme, there is an informed choice programme, called prostate cancer risk management, for healthy men aged 50 or over who ask their GP about PSA testing. It aims to give men good information on the pros and cons of a PSA test.

    If you’re a man aged 50 or over and decide to have your PSA levels tested after talking to your GP, they can arrange for it to be carried out free on the NHS.

    If results show you have a raised level of PSA, your GP may suggest further tests.

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    Ways To Perform Self Prostate Exam For Most Common Prostate Diseases

    How do you perform self prostate exam? Do you know that you have got a problem with your penis? The answer is not very clear.

    You can insert your finger, as described in my own page of self prostate massage, you may have some ideas, but not sure. It should be soft and not hard, painless soft touch, and feel smooth without caking. Make sure you use gloves and lubricate to make insertion easier. To be gentle!

    DRE or digital rectal examination by a trained urologist will provide you with the information you need. He would be very hesitant if he wants to do a biopsy. This is because the procedure has a lot of risks. He may underestimate the path of the invasion including the act if he finds the slightest sign of cancer.

    Due to prostate disease symptoms often have no specificity, which means that prostate disease is difficult to distinguish only from the symptoms. So when you have these symptoms, you should also check through many other exams to finally determine whether it is really a prostate disease. It is best to get aids from professional hospitals as soon as possible to find a solution. Urinary problems can warn male urinary system, including many organs, such as lower urinary tract, the bladder, prostate and urethra, they have directly relations to the appearance of urinary symptoms.

    Key Points To Remember

    • PSA tests can help find some prostate cancers early, when the cancer may be easier to treat. The largest study of prostate cancer screening so far showed that PSA testing may prevent a small number of men from dying of prostate cancer.
    • A high PSA level can have many causes, including an enlarged prostate, an infection, or, less often, prostate cancer. A high PSA can cause a lot of worry and lead to more tests. But most high PSA test results will not turn out to be from cancer.
    • Many cancers found by PSA tests would not have caused a problem if they had not been found through screening. But when they are found, they often get treated with surgery to remove the prostate or with radiation. These cancer treatments may not have been needed. And they can have serious side effects, such as urinary, bowel, and erection problems.
    • Many prostate cancers grow slowly. This means that many men with prostate cancer will die of something else before their prostate cancer advances enough to cause any problems.
    • With faster-growing prostate cancers, finding the cancer early may not help you live longer. Some prostate cancers will be fatal no matter when they are found or how they are treated.

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    Prostate Self Exam Questions

    Is a prostate self exam something you can do safely and easily? Is it a valid way of knowing if you have a prostate problem?

    The answer despite what you read elsewhere is complicated. You can do it if you use the right technique but you just do not have enough experience to know if you have a condition or not.

    I will give you a great example!

    When my prostate first blocked and I went to my doctor, she did a digital rectal exam after she drained me with a catheter…

    Over 800 ml came out, about 80% of a quart. I asked the doctor whatshe thought was happening. She said it was most likely a bladder infection.

    I asked her if it could be the prostate, as my Dad had had acondition of BPH or an enlargedprostate condition.

    She decided to do a digital rectal exam and saidthe prostate was enlarged a bit but nothing abnormal for a 55 yearold. She started me on antibiotics for the supposed bladder infection,tied the catheter to my leg, attached a fluid bag and saidto call her on Monday. I did and she had set up an appointment for mewith a top urologist in town a few days later.

    I said, “How could that be? My doctor said it was most likelyan infection, and my prostate was only normally enlarged.” He said itwas definitely enlarged and then did a digital rectal exam of theprostate and again said it is most definitely enlarged. I guess doingthat all day made him more expert on the nuances of prostate sizes.



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