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Best Natural Supplement For Prostate Health

Best Prostate Supplements: Top Pills For Mens Prostate Health

The Best Supplements for Prostate Health | Naturally Treat High PSA & Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Old age comes with many problems these can be of various types. Prostate issues and others due to an enlarged prostate are among the most common ailments related to old age. An enlarged prostate can lead to your bladder becoming smaller and cause difficulty in undertaking your everyday activities.

However, luckily, there are prostate supplements on the market that can help prevent these problems or provide relief to people already suffering from prostate-related issues. Many people around the world use prostate supplements to boost their health and get rid of prostate issues.

With so many supplements available today, it can be hard to separate the best from the rest. Nevertheless, our team of experts has spent hours researching prostate supplements available on the market today. Different aspects have been considered to find the supplements that work better than their counterparts.

We made sure the best prostate supplements that provide the most effective results and guarantee premium quality made our list.

Side Effects Of Supplements Promoting Prostate Health

Since most prostate supplements claim to have all-natural ingredients, there should be no significant side effects in most people. However, in some cases, people might complain of symptoms such as nausea, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

In the absence of comprehensive studies analyzing the ill effects of prostate supplements on our health, we must consider possible side effects from commonly-used ingredients like saw palmetto and pygeum.

Some reversible side effects of saw palmetto include headache, fatigue, reduced sex drive, vertigo, diarrhea, vomiting, etc .

More problematic ones include long-term issues like liver damage, pancreatitis, or even bleeding in the brain. Only isolated cases have reported death, and it isnât clearly established what dosage of saw palmetto is considered dangerous , , , .

Similarly, with pygeum, some people might experience gastric and digestive issues, nausea, constipation, etc. Pygeum is also not safe for children, pregnant women, or those breastfeeding.

The bottom line is that you must independently verify the claims that all companies and product manufacturers make. Remember, there is no sure-shot formula for good health, and you must exercise caution before taking any supplement unsupervised.

This is particularly true if you have existing health conditions, are pregnant or lactating, or have a unique medical history.

How Do You Protect Your Prostate

All men, regardless of age, should be should protect their prostate health by all means. This is to minimize the risks of acquiring prostate cancer and other prostate health-related conditions. By practicing the mentioned ways on how to keep your prostate healthy, you will be protecting your prostate. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Keep on reading and discover interesting information on the best vitamins for prostate health. And, remember, prostate health supplements can make a genuine difference in your life.

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Prostate Supplements And Prostate Cancer

The supplements for prostate health we discussed above can help with symptoms of an enlarged prostate or BPH. However, they are not intended to treat or prevent prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America and affects one in six men. Health care professionals recommend screening for prostate cancer after the age of 50.

As a reminder, your physician understands your health profile best, so its important to talk to him/her about which supplements are best for you.

Lycopene Selenium And Green Tea

TOP RATED Prostate Supplement

In a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study of a supplement containing lycopene , selenium , and green tea catechins that was given for 6 months and targeted men with high-gradeprostatic intraepithelial neoplasia and/or atypical small acinar proliferation, a higher incidence of prostate cancer was seen on rebiopsy in men who received the supplement. Although the expected rate of progression to prostate cancer is less than 20% , more than 25.5% of this population of men had a diagnosis of prostate cancer at 6 months, which may be attributed to inadequate sampling and potentially missed cancers at baseline. A high percentage of positive biopsies raises the concern for cancers missed on baseline biopsy, and further study is warranted.

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Pure Encapsulations Saw Palmetto 320 120 Softgel Capsules

Throughout the globe a herb called saw palmetto had been used by men to support their general well-being. Mainly, it functions to support the prostate. Your prostate gland produces semen and it surrounds the tube that carries urine out of the bladder to eliminate liquid waste.

Pure Encapsulation Saw Palmetto 320 promotes the optimum metabolism of testosterone which is the primary male sex hormone. Testosterone levels can decline with age therefore, a lack of testosterone may be related to the increased chance that older males develop an enlarged prostate . We typically know the prostate to be walnut-sized.

Realistic And Honest Benefits

Some supplements are full of overblown promises. Some manufacturers advertise their products with unrealistic benefits like a cure for prostate problems within five days. Also, while the FDA regulations have prevented prostate supplements from promising cures to cancer and prostate treatment overnight, some supplements still go beyond the frontier, claiming ludicrous benefits. We chose supplements with real and honest benefits over ones with overblown offers.

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Eternal Zen Prostate Complete

Eternal Zen is unique in that it has a very high dose of the most proven ingredients, but also includes a lengthy list of additional herbal extracts that may or may not contribute to prostate health.

Whether or not this is an advantage to you depends on the kind of supplementation strategy you prefer: if you just want proven ingredients and want to avoid any potential adverse effects from extra ingredients, look elsewhere. But if you want any ingredient or herbal extract that could possibly help, Eternal Zen is a good place to start.

Now Prostate Health Clinical Strength

Top 10 Best Prostate Health Natural Supplements 2020 REVIEW

This is a potent prostate health supplement which is rich in high levels of ingredients, including beta sitosterol, zinc, pomegranate, lycopene, saw palmetto, nettle, turmeric, and pumpkin seed oil.

The manufacturer promises that it supports optimal prostate function with targeted nutrients. The reviewers mostly loved this product. There were very few complaints.


  • This product may support a healthy prostate gland.
  • It could provide the prostate with supportive nutrients.
  • Its high in immune-boosting antioxidants.
  • Now Prostate Health Clinical Strength may decrease urinary frequency.
  • They use healthy doses of quality organic ingredients.


  • It contains soy, which is a common allergen.
  • Its not suitable for vegetarians as it has beeswax.
  • You may have mild side effects like stomach upset.

Ingredients Zinc, Lycopene, Pomegranate, Saw Palmetto, Nettle, Turmeric, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Beta Sitosterol

Price At $34.99, the supplement is fairly reasonably priced.

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Top 5 Prostate Health Supplements Of 2021

We’ve compiled a list of what we’ve found to be the top five products in this category on the market today.

  • Contains clinically proven USPlus® Saw Palmetto
  • Pumpkin seed oil, pygeum, boron, and lycopene
  • Softgel capsules
  • 90-day, risk-free, money-back, product guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Only sold in the U.S. and Canada
The Bottom Line

ProstateMD by 1MD Nutrition is one of the only prostate supplements to use USPlus® Saw Palmetto. The inclusion of this highly potent ingredient at its clinically recommended dosage of 320 mg helps guarantee that ProstateMD is an effective solution to reducing an enlarged prostate. Plus, this supplement also features a long list of clinically recommended ingredients such as, pumpkin seed oil, boron, and pygeum.

ProstateMD comes in a softgel capsule, ensuring its potency and bioavailability. 1MD Nutrition’s return policy was also more generous than others we reviewed.

With all this in mind, we decided to put ProstateMD by 1MD Nutrition at the top of our list.

*Results are based on users’ personal experiences collected on this page and do not necessarily reflect typical results of using these products. Please see product website for more information.

Potential Side Effects Of Using Prostate Supplements

When it comes to taking any new formula, consumers want to know both the positive and negative effects of taking it. In general, consumers won’t have to worry about any major side effects with the prostate health supplement because it includes natural ingredients. None of these formulas on the list used any type of pharmaceutical ingredient because they’re all supplements. However, if it is like a popular weight loss pill, this might be different as that space is ripe with cheap knockoffs and tainted capsules riddled with side effects. But using the links found above in the ratings list of the best prostate health supplement will ensure customers get the authentic pills directly from each respective company.

The only potential problem that consumers may face is with the use of think. Some studies say that prolonged use of high levels of zinc can cause prostate cancer, but the dose would have to be significantly higher than what is found in any of the supplements above.

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Teraputics Pure Life Prostate Pro

Prostate Pro takes a shotgun approach to prostate health: if theres any indication that an herbal supplement or extract might be useful for prostate health, its in this supplement.

Youve got the mainstays like saw palmetto and beta sitosterol, but there are also things you wont find in pretty much anything else on the market, like cats claw bark, reishi mushroom, and green tea extract.

The inclusion of these other herbal extracts brings down the dosage of some of the better-studied ingredients, but Prostate Pro might be a good option if youve tried more mainstream prostate supplements without success.

No Uncomfortable Voiding Symptoms

Activa Naturals Prostate Health Supplement with Saw ...

Other daytime voiding symptoms include post-void dribble and staining your clothes with urine, an uncomfortable increase of urinary frequency, a sensation of not being able to empty your bladder fully, and others.

Most prostate patients would agree that voiding symptoms have an impact on your quality of life. These supplements may help you control these symptoms along with medical treatment.

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What Is A Prostate

The prostate is a small gland that is part of the male reproductive system. Throughout a man’s life, the prostate produces semen, the fluid that contains sperm. As men age, the prostate gland may grow in size. This condition is referred to as an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia . Due to the position of the prostate in front of the bladder, BPH can cause pressure on the urinary system, and may cause a number of unpleasant symptoms.

Ultalife Ultaman Advanced Prostate

Ultalife UltaMan has a solid dose of saw palmetto, beta sitosterol, and the trace elements zinc, copper, and selenium, which gives it a very good chance at improving your prostate health.

Its also got a wider base of herbal supplements, from antioxidants and superfoods to emerging supplements for prostate health, like stinging nettle.

If you want to go with the most proven supplements, but hedge your bets a bit with other potentially useful herbal extracts, UltaLife is the way to go.

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Garden Of Life Dr Formulated Probiotics Prostate+

Price: $$$

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Prostate+ is a high-quality product thats gluten-free, non-GMO verified, and third-party tested by NSF. Its also unique in that it targets both your gut and prostate health.

Each two-capsule serving contains 164 mg of a shelf-stable probiotic blend. Probiotics are beneficial gut bacteria that have been linked to several benefits for health, including supporting your immune system and boosting digestive health .

While more research is needed, bacterial imbalances in the gut are thought to be another potential risk factor for prostate inflammation and prostate cancer .

This supplement also contains organic cranberry powder, which has been suggested to help improve prostate health.

In one 6-month study, 42 men with elevated PSA levels were given 1,500 mg of cranberry extract daily .

At the end of the study, those taking the cranberry extract had significant improvements in urinary symptoms and lowered PSA levels (

When buying supplements, its always important to purchase from a brand and retailer that you trust. Additionally, look for products that are free of or contain very few artificial additives.

While the FDA regulates dietary supplements, it does so differently than how it regulates pharmaceuticals .

To ensure quality and accuracy, look for supplements that are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and third-party tested by an organization like USP, NSF, or ISO.

Prostate Plus By Vitapost

Review of Natural BPH Supplements for Prostate Health

Price: $28.95 USD each with discounts on bulk purchases available

While ProstateMD® appears to rely solely on science, VitaPosts approach infuses both science and tradition. Their take dubbed, Prostate Plus, aims to provide nutrients in support of the prostate. Their decision to develop such a supplement supposedly stems from the fact that prostate health tends to deteriorate with age. Much of the selected ingredients are similar to the first supplement, with an added array of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Some examples include maitake, shiitake and reishi mushrooms, cats claw, red raspberry and a proprietary blend of juniper, uva ursi, buchu, L-glycine and many others.

When taken as advised, men can anticipate healthy prostate support, urinary flow, and heightened urinary health. It would have been nice to know more about the brand or whether theyve gone as far as involving third-party lab testing of any sort, but at least this supplement meets transparency to some extent.

Having said that, for optimal results, it is recommended that two capsules be taken daily, over a significant period of time .

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How To Avoid Being Scammed Or Ripped Off

Stay away from free trial offers. More often than not, this is a way to get your credit card number so the company can charge you for purchases you dont want. When you buy a prostate supplement, choose a brand with a one-time purchase. Then when you see how the product works for you, you can decide if you want to repurchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate Supplements

What is a prostate health supplement?

Prostate health supplements include a variety of ingredients to go after the symptoms associated with BPH .

What ingredients are found in prostate health supplements?

Many of these remedies focus on using vitamins and minerals that the body already needs. However, depending on the product, they may include plant and herbal extracts, among other ingredients.

What ingredients should consumers look for in the right prostate health supplement?

The highest quality supplements typically include ingredients like pygeum extract, plant sterols, beta-sitosterol, zinc, and saw palmetto extract. All these ingredients are typically associated with improvements in prostate health.

How does the prostate supplement help the body?

Prostate supplements have a high zinc content, which directly impacts the immune system and prostate. The prostate has the highest concentration of zinc of any tissue in the rest of the body. Another common ingredient includes any substance that reduces inflammation, which can ease the symptoms of prostate issues.

What is BPH?

BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, simply means that the individual has an enlarged prostate, which can affect urination or put them at risk for major diseases. It’s fairly common in men after they turn age 50, which may be due to the gradual increase in the prostates size.

Apart from the benefits for consumers with BPH, what else can a prostate supplement do?

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Proven Ingredients In Best Prostate Supplements Learn The Science

The research on prostate supplements and natural ingredients used in the treatment of BPH is insufficient to know for sure if these products work.

Most research was done on Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, Zinc, and Calcium and the study findings are frequently inconclusive. However, these ingredients were found to help some men find relief from their symptoms, and more research is needed to understand how these products help men treat BPH.

Saw Palmetto An herbal extract thats been consistently found useful in clinical trials investigating its effect on prostate function.

One such study was published in 2000 in the Journal of Urology by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine.

In this study, 44 men with an enlarged prostate received either a saw palmetto supplement or a placebo pill. Saw Palmetto can help shrink your prostate and improve urinary symptoms.

Beta-Sitosterol It has powerful prostate-shrinking effects. A clinical trial conducted by researchers in Germany followed a group of men randomly selected to receive either a beta-sitosterol supplement or a placebo for six months.

After six months of follow-up, the researchers reviewed the results and determined that the beta-sitosterol supplement was effective at reducing symptoms compared to a placebo. The researchers then followed a subset of these subjects for another twelve months.

Why Choose Bens Natural Health

Natural Prostate Support Supplement Pills For Men

At Bens Natural Health, our motto is to combine holistic healing with modern science.

Bens Natural Health is the worlds first high-quality, all-natural, scientifically proven clinical supplement company. Above all, prostate health supplements are effective, natural, and 100% side-effect-free.

Moreover, at Bens Natural Health, we have four rules for all our supplements:

  • We only use the highest quality ingredients.
  • We only use them if independent, peer-reviewed double-blind studies prove they work.
  • With all our supplements, we find a way to get every ingredient into a single bottle.
  • We always formulate them in clinically significant doses of the most bioavailable form.

And, finally, all our supplements come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. So if you arent happy with the results, we will provide you with credit or a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate

Our team of experts gets hundreds of questions daily some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below.

Q: What is the prostate?

A: The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut. It is imperative for the effective functioning of the reproductive and renal systems.

Q: Where is the prostate located?

A: The prostate gland lies below the urinary bladder, right in front of the rectum.

Q: Is it normal to have an enlarged prostate?

A: Yes, it is normal. Nearly 80% of men develop an enlarged prostate as they get older. However, taking prostate supplements can provide effective relief from all the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Q: What is BPH?

A: Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, commonly known as BPH, refers to an enlarged prostate.

Q: Why do people with an enlarged prostate develop urinary problems?

A: Prostate enlargement can cause problems when it surrounds the urethra an enlarged prostate can put extra pressure on the urethra, creating multiple problems while urinating.

Q: How do doctors treat an enlarged prostate?

A: Doctors can recommend various remedies for an enlarged prostate these remedies can range from medication to surgery, depending on how complicated the situation is.

Q: How dangerous is an enlarged prostate?

A: An enlarged prostate is harmless in most situations nevertheless, a doctor can guide you better on the seriousness of your condition.

Q: What is prostatitis?

Q: What are the symptoms of BPH?

Q: What is the function of the prostate gland?


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