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Natural Ways To Reduce Prostate Swelling

Tweak Your Bathroom Habits

3 Easy Ways To Shrink An Enlarged Prostate Naturally

One of the simplest things you can do for the bothersome urinary symptoms of an enlarged prostate is change some of your bathroom habits.

Make sure you urinate as soon as you feel the need to go and that you empty your bladder completely each time you go. This will reduce the number of trips you need to make to the bathroom, both day and night.

Michigan Medicine offers the following tips to make it easier to fully empty your bladder when you have BPH:

  • Relax as much as possible before you urinate. As we mentioned earlier, anxiety can make it even more difficult to urinate, so try not to worry about your symptoms and consider meditation for a few minutes or doing some deep breathing.
  • Don’t rush. Give yourself plenty of time in the bathroom.
  • Consider sitting on the toilet instead of standing, to help you relax.
  • Turn on a faucet or visualize running water this may help get your urine flowing.
  • Read or think of other things while you urinate, to help you stay relaxed.
  • Try “double voiding,” when you urinate as much as possible, relax for a few moments, then urinate again.

I Didnt Have Prostate Problems Anymore

After experiencing how effective these action steps are, I got upset about how few people know about them.

I wanted Scott to go on TV and radio, write books, and do everything required for the masses to know about his incredible approach.

But Scott is highly concerned that his methods not be influenced by any institutions.

Thats why he refuses to join any medical facilities or drug or supplement manufacturers.

The honorable doctors who refer their patients to him do so of their own will.

So, instead of running after mainstream media, Scott joined up with like-minded health experts.

Together, they founded an independent publishing company named Blue Heron Health News.

These are the folks he trusts.

Foods To Avoid For Curing Enlarged Prostate

A diet rich in protein is found to increase a persons risk of developing an enlarged prostate, especially when sourced from red meat hence it would be helpful for such individuals if they reduce their intake if completely avoiding it is not possible. Also, the intake of poultry is not encouraged, but infrequent seafood consumption is allowed though.

Likewise, going dairy free, like cutting out on butter, cheese, milk and milk products can assist in reducing prostate enlargement symptoms.

Avoidance of sugary foods, processed and canned foods containing artificial ingredients will also help with alleviating the symptoms.

Working on stress reduction by doing yoga has also been suggested by some of the sufferers, for they have noticed a worsening of their symptoms during stressful life situations, probably due to the shift happening in their hormonal levels during stress that tend to interfere with their ability to empty bladder completely.

Being overweight, especially with excess weight being concentrated around the abdominal area, tends to increase intra-abdominal pressure, interfere with the endocrine functions, increase inflammatory process within, and cause oxidative stress all considered to provide the most favorable setting for prostate enlargement to occur. Promoting weight loss by way of exercising regularly will be beneficial for those suffering from this gland problem.

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Questions You May Want To Consider Asking Your Doctor Include:

  • What type of prostate problem do I have?
  • Is more testing needed and what will it tell me?
  • If I decide on watchful waiting, what changes in my symptoms should I look for and how often should I be tested?
  • What type of treatment do you recommend for my prostate problem?
  • For men like me, has this treatment worked?
  • How soon would I need to start treatment and how long would it last?
  • Do I need medicine and how long would I need to take it before seeing improvement in my symptoms?
  • What are the side effects of the medicine?
  • Are there other medicines that could interfere with this medication?
  • If I need surgery, what are the benefits and risks?
  • Would I have any side effects from surgery that could affect my quality of life?
  • Are these side effects temporary or permanent?
  • How long is recovery time after surgery?
  • Will I be able to fully return to normal?
  • How will this affect my sex life?
  • How often should I visit the doctor to monitor my condition?
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How Is Exercise Good For An Enlarged Prostate

Natural Prostate Supplements for Enlarged Prostate, BPH

Exercise helps to decrease inflammation in the body7, so could improve symptoms this way. It also helps to maintain a healthy body weight which, again, can reduce inflammation.

Being overweight is a risk factor for developing BPH in the first place, so this could give us an indication of why exercise reduces the chances of experiencing the problem.8

Want to see for yourself how exercise can influence your enlarged prostate symptoms? Visit our Get Active Hub for lots of tips and advice on how you can be more active, or follow our simple exercise video below!

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How To Treat Enlarged Prostate Naturally At Home: 5 Tips

Enlarged prostate, aka benign prostatic hyperplasia , is the disorder generally impacting males over 50 years old and older. This condition is not similar to prostate cancer.

If left untreated, an enlarged prostate could block the urine flow, resulting in other complications such as UTIs, kidney damage, urinary retention, and bladder stones.

There are a few effective treatments for this condition, containing medications, surgery, and therapies. However, before you go for those treatments, consider using some natural ingredients available in your home to deal with your problem naturally. Here, introduces some useful tips on how to treat enlarged prostate naturally at home that you could implement right instantly. Check out now!

How To Treat Enlarged Prostate

As you get older, your prostate will continue to get biggerits the only organ that never stops growing with age. This is why enlarged prostate tends to affect more older men and rarely occurs in men under 30. For some, this growth is slow and causes no side effects. For others, enlarged prostate brings about a number of urinary problems and inconveniences. Many scientists believe that this continued growth is due to specific hormones and the natural hormonal cycles that occur in men, however there isnt enough scientific evidence to conclusively state why the prostate never stops growing. Regardless, enlarged prostate, also referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia, can cause uncomfortable symptoms. The best way to reduce these symptoms is to find an effective treatment option. In this article, well explore how to treat enlarged prostate.

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How To Reduce Prostate Inflammation

An enlarged prostate or Prostatitis is a common condition in men over 40 years of age. This condition, that generates annoying symptoms, must be diagnosed and monitored by a urologist who will determine if it is bacterial prostatitis or of a chronic nature. Changes in diet as well as some changes in lifestyle habits and the intake of certain home remedies can help to shrink the prostate and improve the quality of life of patients. At oneHOWTO we explain in detail how to reduce prostate inflammation and improve your health.

An enlarged prostate is a condition that must be diagnosed and monitored by a urologist as it is necessary to determine the cause of this condition to then find the ideal treatment. In addition to medical recommendations that should be strictly followed there are some changes in lifestyle habits are also important to take to promote a reduction of the prostate.

The first step is to have a diet which is rich in fibre in order to improve the intestinal transit and prevent constipation, a condition that may increase the symptoms and discomfort of patients with an enlarged prostate. Fruits, vegetables and grains are essential to achieve this and should be consumed daily, while avoiding high-fat ingredients that can hinder digestion.

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What Other Bph Treatments Available

How to SHRINK Enlarged Prostate & Lower PSA Levels Naturally | Avoid Prostate Reduction Surgery

Treatments for BPH usually include one or more medications. For example, tamsulosin, finasteride, and others.

But most urologists are open to using phytotherapy, Ayurveda, and other side therapies. Moreover, they also recommend a few lifestyle changes to recover your prostate health.

Heres a list with some of them :

  • Rye-grass pollen: Rye-grass pollen used by millions worldwide, and improves the most concerning urinary symptoms. Most patients report they are not urinating so frequently at night and sleeping better.
  • Ganoderma lucidum: Extracts prepared with this fungus inhibit prostate growth. It inhibits 5 alpha-reductase, an important hormone in the progression of BPH and prostate cancer.
  • Lycopene: Foods with carotenes, including lycopene, can inhibit the progression of BPH. It is found abundantly in tomatoes and other red-colored fruits.

Other recommendations include performing pelvic floor exercises, known as kegel exercises. They are meant to increase control of your pelvic muscle and help you control urination.

It is vital to eat a healthy and balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to include cruciferous vegetables in your grocery list, and listen to the recommendations by your doctor.

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Pumpkin Seeds: Natural Remedy For Enlarged Prostate

You probably threw away the seeds when you carved your Halloween pumpkin, having no idea that they are among the most potent home remedies for enlarged prostate. Pumpkin seeds are another natural diuretic that helps to shrink swelling. They also are rich in zinc and contain omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for prostate health.

What to do:

  • Consume a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds a couple of times per day.
  • As an alternate remedy, you can crush a handful of fresh seeds in 1 cup of boiling water.
  • Remove them from the heat, cover and allow them to steep until the liquid is room temperature.
  • Strain and drink this infused water a couple of times per week.

There You Have It The Ultimate Herbal Remedy For Healing Your Prostate

When it comes to treating prostate problems, natural is the way to go. Yet, getting all of these components into your diet can be difficult at times, especially in the right dosage.

Thats why Bens Total Health doesnt only include all 7 of the herbal remedies discussed above but 16 extra prostate healing ingredients.

Yes, thats right that means 23 powerful herbal ingredients combined in one supplement designed to supercharge your prostate treatment.

Prostate cancer rates are higher than ever before, and sadly, many men are unknowingly relying on dangerous prostate drugs with life-wrecking side effects. With natural prostate remedies, you can treat your prostate naturally, safely and with no nasty side effects.

There are natural prostate remedies that can help. Along with these, you should have a healthy diet and decrease your consumption of red meat and processed foods. These will increase your hormone levels and reduce the effect of natural remedies.

RememberSurgery is not always the best option. As a natural approach can heal and shrink your prostate without surgery.

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Now Saturdays Are Fun Days With Grandpa

I take them to the park, the movies, wherever we feel like.

I empty my bladder before leaving, and I dont have to worry for hours.

I dont count the sips of beer during the game just to make it to halftime anymore.

Or map out pitstops before taking a road trip .

And I can visit friends and family without the embarrassment of getting stuck in the bathroom when my bladder just wont let go.

How To Take Terazosin

Natural Remedy for Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

This dosage information is for terazosin oral capsule. All possible dosages may not be included here. Your doctor will tell you what dosage is right for you. Your dosage, drug form, and how often you take the drug will depend on:

  • how severe your condition is
  • other medical conditions you have
  • how you react to the first dose

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What Are The Post

Work that puts a lot of stress on your back is not recommended after following such home remedies. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated at all times. Use a natural laxative like a banana or papaya, so that they can curb any constipation you might experience. Also, try to sit as comfortably as possible when you take a rest. Avoid the same posture for a long duration.

Summary: Follow the guidelines. Drink plenty of water, eat banana or papaya, avoid work that puts stress on your back.

The Most Common Supplements

The best-studied, most commonly used supplements to treat BPH are:

  • Beta-sitosterol

Beta-sitosterol: This is a substance found in many plants. It doesnât affect the size of the prostate, but it may help your bladder empty and give you a stronger urine flow. It may improve other BPH symptoms as well.

Studies with Harzol and Azuprostat, two supplements that contain beta-sitosterol from South African stargrass, have shown particular promise.

Pygeum: This comes from the bark of the African plum tree. It seems to help some men with BPH wake up less at night to pee, go fewer times during the day, have a stronger urine stream, and empty their bladders better.

Rye pollen extract: This substance may improve a number of BPH symptoms, such as:

  • Dribbling after you finish peeing
  • Having to pee often throughout the day
  • Having a weak urine stream
  • Having an urgent need to pee

Some research shows that it may also shrink the prostate, give you a better flow, and help you empty your bladder.

Saw palmetto: This is a short tree that grows in North America. Some small studies have shown a benefit. However, several large studies do not show that saw palmetto reduces the size of the prostate or eases urinary symptoms. Men may try it hoping to relieve common BPH symptoms such as:

  • You have a hard time getting pee to start
  • You must go often throughout the day
  • Having a weak stream
  • Having an urgent need to urinate

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Natural Remedies Reduce Prostate Swelling Naturally

These days, natural remedies or supplements are becoming preferable, as they are plant-based. They have fewer side effects. Some natural remedies to reduce prostate swelling are:

Saw palmetto is derived from a particular type of palm tree. Its been used as a traditional medication for centuries to relieve urinary symptoms, even those caused by enlarged prostate.

A few small studies have also suggested that saw palmetto is effective for reducing the enlarged prostate symptoms. But, some researchers repeated the studies and didnt find any effective results. Saw Palmetto doesnt have any adverse side effects.

More Common Side Effects

How to Lower PSA Levels Naturally | Reduce Prostate INFLAMMATION Naturally

The more common side effects that can occur with terazosin include:

  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Intraoperative floppy iris syndrome . This condition can occur during cataract surgery. It causes problems with the iris of your eye. If you are going to have cataract surgery, tell your doctor that you are taking an alpha-blocker.
  • Disclaimer: Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and current information. However, because drugs affect each person differently, we cannot guarantee that this information includes all possible side effects. This information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always discuss possible side effects with a healthcare provider who knows your medical history.

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    Vitamin D Deficiency: Health Complications

    Additionally, vitamin D deficiency can increase cardiovascular risk factors. Some of them increases the risk of BPH. These parameters are inversely related to prostate volume. In other words, as obesity or hypertension becomes worse, the prostate gland tends to increase.

    Another vitamin D deficiency risk that causes prostate enlargement is oxidative stress. In an environment with excess free radicals, the structures of the molecules start to change. The prostate tissue undergoes changes as well and starts to grow in response.

    Thats why a recent study evaluated all of these associations, and the authors gave their opinion. They suggest that vitamin D deficiency counts as an independent risk factor for BPH. In other words, you can have normal health, but vitamin D deficiency alone will cause BPH. The authors of this study published in the journal Urology recommend vitamin D as a therapeutic target and a potential marker of BPH .

    Similarly, other studies have evaluated the effect of vitamin D levels in the incidence of prostate cancer. The authors report that vitamin D levels are lower in patients with BPH. However, they are still lower in patients with prostate cancer. As vitamin D levels were reduced, the Gleason score and the aggressiveness of cancer increased .

    Once I Changed What I Ate A Positive Chain Reaction Took Place

    Without any further effort on my part, my prostate receptors became healthier and stronger.

    The receptors began regulating how much testosterone my prostate received.

    Once my prostate stopped overconsuming testosterone, it shrunk and stopped pressing on my bladder and urine tract.

    My urine flow returned to normal, my bladder emptied normally, and I stopped having to go to the toilet every ten minutes.

    And once my bladder wasnt under constant pressure anymore, the infection cleared up, and I stopped pissing blood.

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    Why Are Pumpkin Sides Good For An Enlarged Prostate

    For anyone with BPH, pumpkin seeds are a good food to snack on because they contain both zinc and essential fatty acids .

    Zinc deficiency is thought to increase the chance of developing BPH3, plus it has anti-inflammatory properties that could help ease symptoms that are already present.4 EFAs are also anti-inflammatory, thus encouraging a more normal sized prostate gland.


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