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How To Use A Prostate Massager

Touching Your Prostate With Your Finger

Prostate Massage turned me into a Whale (NOT SO CLICKBAIT)
  • 1See a trained professional if you want your prostate medically examined. Medical professionals do not recommend prostate self-exams. An untrained finger is unlikely to accurately recognize signs of problems, and there is a small but not inconsequential risk of damage to the rectum or prostate.XResearch source
  • Talk to your primary care doctor to determine if you should have a DRE to check your prostate.
  • Check your prostate if youre older than 40, have a high risk for prostate cancer, or if you have symptoms of an enlarged or infected prostates.
  • If you want to access your prostate for sexual pleasure, take all the precautions described in this article and work very slowly and gently.
  • 2Take a shower and clean between the cheeks thoroughly. Use soap, water, and a soft washcloth to clean the area as best you can, then rinse it out thoroughly with clean water from the shower. The cleaner you feel “up there,” the less self-conscious you’re likely to be when the time comes to insert your finger.
  • Dont use a rough washcloth or brush, scrub too vigorously, or try to clean deep into your rectum. You may damage the sensitive tissue in the area. Just accept that its not possible to get this area 100% clean.
  • Even when youre accessing your own rectum, its best to play it safe and wear a glove.
  • If you wear a ring on the index finger youll be using, remove it.
  • Your entire index finger should be fully coated from the tip down to at least the middle knuckle.
  • Using Aneros Solo Or With A Partner

    One of the great things about the Aneros massagers is how many ways you can use them. A lot of men enjoy having their partners massage their prostates, but its difficult to combine prostate massage with other kinds of sex. Fortunately, the Aneros makes it easy to combine them.

    You can use your Aneros during almost any kind of partnered sex, including oral sex and intercourse. Some men say its easier to tune into the prostate sensations if theyre in a less active role. For example, intercourse while you lie on your back with your partner astride you may work better than missionary position because the larger motions of thrusting can make it difficult to tune into the prostate pleasure. But other guys say they enjoy using their Aneros while in a more active role during intercourse, so its worth trying it to see what works for you.

    Using the Aneros when youre solo is one of the best ways to enjoy prostate massage. It can be difficult to manually massage your own prostate, though men with longer arms and more flexible wrists often enjoy it. Using the Aneros makes self-massage easy. Your Aneros is a great add-on during masturbation. In fact, your PC muscle may involuntarily contract as you get turned on, so you can get prostate pleasure even if youre not trying to control your Aneros.

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    What To Do If You Experience Pain

    Discomfort may happen. Pain should not. Pain may be the result of hemorrhoids or tears in the rectal lining.

    If you experience pain when inserting the enema tube or pushing the fluid into your colon, stop the enema immediately and call your healthcare provider or local medical services.

    If you know that you have hemorrhoids, tears, or other sores, wait for them to heal before administering an enema.

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    What Does A Prostate Orgasm Feel Like

    U Shape Shocking Prostate G Massager Vibrator Waterproof ...

    P-spot orgasms are said to feel similar to penile orgasms, only way more intense and felt through the entire body.

    There are reports of people having super orgasms, which are a stream of fast, continuous orgasms that cause the body to shudder.

    Not everyone ejaculates during a prostate orgasm, but some release a dribble of milky fluid from the urethra.

    A little bit of prep can help make the experience a good one whether youre flying solo, or on the giving or receiving end of things.

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    Sohow Do You Find The Prostate

    Finding the prostate is easier than you might thinkno map required, bb. “The prostate is a small gland located at the base of the rectum and penis below the bladder,” says Dr. Donna Oriowo, LICSW, M.ED, owner and lead therapist at AnnodRight. “Before you experiment with prostate massagers, it is important that you know where the prostate is and make sure that you have consent before you grab the massager to engage.”

    Also, make sure you get lots of lube, as the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, and you don’t want to hurt your partner, cause any tears, or make the experience anything but as pleasurable as possible. “Always read your ingredients list, and never put anything in any hole that isn’t safe to go in your mouth,” Francis suggests. “As a tip for your lube choice, think about what you might like to do in your butt play session. Silicone lube is long-lasting but can be hard to clean and can’t be used with silicone toys. Water-based lube is friendly for everyone, but you will need to reapply. Oil-based lubes give a lot of slip but, depending on the ingredients, can contain allergens and will absolutely stain your bedsheets.”

    Prostate Stimulation And Massage For Impotence

    Prostate stimulation has great benefits regarding sexual life, including impotence and erectile dysfunction. It helps men suffering from ED by clearing the prostatic duct during the milking process.

    Men who experience ED symptoms have seen improvements in their situation after some sessions of prostate massage.

    Although it is not a mainstream line of treatment for ED, prostate stimulation may bring great benefits. Combined with oral medication or other medication, the prostate stimulation turned out to be effective.

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    What Prostate Orgasms Feel Like

    Prostate stimulation can be amazingly fun, whether on its own or combined with penis stimulation. An orgasm that occurs with prostate play can feel quite different from an orgasm without it. A lot of men say that prostate orgasms feel larger, or bigger. They might describe them as happening throughout their entire bodies, or theyre stronger or more intense.

    Some men are able to orgasm from prostate stimulation alone, and their orgasms might not include ejaculation. Most people think of ejaculation and orgasm as the some thing since they usually happen together. But theyre actually separate processes and with a little training, its possible to separate them.

    One of the most common reasons for learning to orgasm without ejaculation is that the refractory period doesnt happen with a non-ejaculatory orgasm. This means you can keep going, again and again. This kind of orgasm might feel very different from an orgasm that includes ejaculation. With practice you can teach yourself to stack these orgasms on top of each into a truly other-wordly experience Aneros users call the Super-O.

    If you ejaculate during a prostate massage, you might notice semen flows out rather than shooting out. While many men dont care, some do. If you want to have a more dramatic ejaculation, try a face down position like being on your hands and knees to give you a gravity assist.

    Calexotics Rollerball Vibrating Anal Probe Rollerball Anus Probe

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    PALOQUETH are great at making cheap sex toys, even if theyre not always the highest quality. Whats more, theyre also available on Amazon, which is convenient when you want your adult products delivered pronto on that sweet Prime membership.

    This cheap anus vibrator has 3 motors 2 which vibrate, and 1 which taps your sweet spot, creating a new kind of sensation. This can lead to a very intense orgasm, as vibrations tend to numb the P-spot after a while in more conventional vibrators like the Lelo Billy or Loki.

    Just make sure you dont tap out! Get it? Youre welcome.

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    Can I Use Sex Toys On My Prostate

    Hell yes you can! Mihalko and Gravaris both recommended prostate-stimulating sex toyswith lube, always lube, and lots of it! Toys are especially useful if you have mobility issues or its difficult to reach your prostate with your fingers.

    If youre using a toy for penetration, make sure to choose one for anal play , because if it doesnt, it might slip all the way inside, and thats an emergency room visit you probably dont want to have.

    Beginners should look for prostate toys that have smaller heads for easier insertion, especially if youre new to penetration tapered bodies that arent too wide or long, since the prostate is not that far inside the body and, again, flared bases, so your toy wont get lost up there.

    While sex toys can be costly, its an investment in your body and your pleasure. Professional tools create professional results, as Mihalko put it. Popular beginner toys recommended by the experts VICE spoke to for this article include the Aneros Helix Syn Trident, We-Vibes Vector, and the njoy Pure Wand, which works on both G-spots and P-spots.

    What Is The Prostate

    The prostate is a gland that’s part of the reproductive system in people with penises, located between the penis and the bladder. According to urologist and men’s sexual health specialist Paul Turek, M.D., the organ is about the size of a walnut and wraps around the urethra, the tube through which urine travels. “Its sole purpose is to secrete an enzyme called prostate-specific antigen, which liquefies the semen after ejaculation. This is important for semen to be normally fertile,” he explains.

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    Enlarged And Inflamed Prostate

    Studies have tested massage as a treatment for an enlarged prostate and prostatitis.

    One very small study examined five men with urinary retention and prostatitis. All received frequent prostate massages, in addition to treatment with antibiotics, and medications like finasteride . The five participantswho were wearing catheters at the beginning of the studyregained the ability to urinate and were able to have their tubes removed. The researchers also mentioned that repetitive prostate massage could drain the inflamed and infected prostate of pus .

    Why A Prostate Orgasm Is Unique

    Prostate Massage

    There are different types of orgasms, and each of them can feel totally unique. While most people with penises are used to reaching orgasm through the stimulation of their dicks, they’re usually not so acquainted with the sensation of coming thanks to internal stimulation.

    “The prostate-induced orgasm hits differently because it is initiated from inside the body. It feels like you’re being jacked off from the inside,” explains sexologist Goody Howard, MSW, MPH.

    The feeling of a prostate orgasm can be described as having more depth and intensity than a regular orgasm. “It’s a slow trip back to reality from such a rich climax,” says Jason, a 50-year-old man, about his experience of prostate orgasms.

    Especially for straight men who might never have explored the sexual possibilities of their asses, a prostate orgasm can give new and exciting feelings that reveal the sexual opportunities that lie within our bodies.

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    How To Try Prostate Vibrators Safely

    If youâre curious about prostate vibrators, itâs best to try them on your own before using one with a partner. This gives you plenty of time to adjust and decide whether you find prostate stimulation enjoyable.

    If you do decide to try using a prostate vibrator with a partner, discuss it before you begin. Itâs important that you communicate with your partner when engaging in anal penetration. It takes time to fully relax the anal sphincter, so both you and your partner should be patient and ready to stop if anything hurts.

    With any kind of anal penetration, itâs important to take a few precautions before beginning. First, take the time to have a bowel movement before beginning. You may also want to clean around your genitals and anus to avoid spreading fecal material.

    Possible Health Benefits Of Prostate Massage

    Although there hasnt been a lot of research devoted to the positive effects of prostate massage , there are many men who have reported benefits and many doctors believe that it can improve health.

    Massage of any part of the body increases blood flow, bringing oxygen to cells and removing waste products like carbon dioxide. Thats especially true when massaging the prostate since pleasure combined with arousal creates additional blood flow. The prostate is made of millions of microscopic fluid-producing glands and some doctors believe they can get backed up and trap bacteria. Massage may help release such blockages. The fluid can even form into prostate stones, which are similar to kidney stones. By squeezing more fluid out, regular massage may help keep bacteria at bay.

    Bacteria that grow in the prostate may form a protective layer called a biofilm. Plaque on teeth is another example of a biofilm, which is why brushing your teeth is important. Massaging the prostate may disrupt biofilms if they exist, thereby weakening the bacterias protection. If have prostatitis and youre taking antibiotics to resolve it, getting rid of any biofilm may increase the effectiveness of your medication by making it easier for the medication to get to the infection. Some men with BPH report that their symptoms improve when they make prostate massage part of their regular routine. While each man may have different results, its certainly worth exploring to see how it works for you.

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    How To Perform A Prostate Massage At Home

    The prostate has gotten a lot of press for being an underrated source of sexual pleasure for men, similar to the G-spot in women.

    If youre investigating prostate play for pleasure, heres how to do it. The prostate may be stimulated by putting a finger or massager inside the rectum.

    Some men enjoy doing this with a partner, and have reported that stimulating the area with a finger or sex toy resulted in more pleasurable orgasms. Studies have also found that prostate-induced orgasms produce more intense and satisfying stimulation than penile stimulation .

    Fun Factory Duke Stays In Most Easily

    How to Use the Dual Percussive Massager


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    To be clear, this isnt a kidney stimulator its a large butt plug that looks like a kidney bean. Why would you choose a kidney bean to model your sex toy from? I have no idea. It looks awful.

    Aesthetics aside, this large butt plug for men packs quite a punch, with 6 inches of insertable length and 2.22 inches of width! It might not look sexy, but its one of the best mens butt plugs Ive ever seen.

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    What Is Prostate Milking And How Does It Work

    “Prostate milking is the activity of stimulating the prostate gland by applying direct pressure against it with a finger through the rectum,” says Megan Harrison, LMFT, founder of Couples Candy, a sex and relationship advice hub. “It feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue on the front wall of the rectal lining. ‘Milking’ the prostate refers to the act of massaging the prostate until prostate fluid comes out . You can also use sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, and plugs to .”

    Anyone with a prostate who is looking to experience new and pleasurable sensations could benefit from prostate milking. “In addition to achieving orgasm, there are several possible health benefits of prostate milking,” Harrison says. “Prostate massage can ease the symptoms of painful ejaculation as it eases fluid blockages in the reproductive system. Prostate massage is also believed to treat erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow. After all, strong erections are a result of good blood flow!”

    There is also some limited evidence that prostate milking can relieve the symptoms of chronic prostatitis . So if you’re looking to feel good and possibly boost your health at the same time, it could be time to start exploring this miraculous little walnut.

    Remote Control Prostate Massagers

    Perfect for couples, a remote-control prostate massager works the same way as a vibrating prostate massager but can be controlled by a partner so you experience an extra thrill. This type of vibrator is perfect for those experimenting with power play because your partner takes control of your orgasm.

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    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Prostate Toy

    Prostate toys are designed to stimulate the prostate, i.e. the walnut-sized, semen-storing gland that sits between the bladder and the rectum in men.

    Stagnant semen is released when it is massaged which cleanses the prostate. If it is ignored, which it often is, it leaves semen stagnant in the prostate which leaves it susceptible to the buildup of bacteria and can cause swelling.

    You can access the prostate through the rectum it sits 1-2 inches up on the stomach side of the rectal wall. Like the G-spot in women, the prostate contains a lot of nerve endings. This means it is an area that is extremely sensitive to stimulation and can lead to climax within men. Compared to stimulating the penis, stimulating the prostate can lead to more intense and full body orgasms. It can also result in the guy experiencing multiple orgasms. Therefore, using a prostate toy is the perfect way to receive more intense and exciting climaxes.

    Prostate toys are not only able to be used for masturbation, but they are perfect for gay and straight couples. As you can use them without hands, they are perfect to use during foreplay or sex and are a low-effort way to pleasure your partner.


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