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How To Stimulate Prostate Gland

How To Do A Prostate Massage

A Urologist answers: Does prostate massage have any health benefits?

If performing prostate massage for sexual purposes, it often helps to achieve a state of arousal first. Doing so moves the gland into a slightly upward and backward position as the penis becomes erect.

At that point:

  • Apply lube liberally around the anus.
  • Insert an index finger slowly to the first knuckle and start masturbating.
  • Pull the finger out and re-apply lube.
  • As you continue to masturbate, replace your finger back into the anus, this time to the second knuckle.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the third knuckle.
  • Once the finger is fully inserted, search for a rounded lump roughly 4 inches inside the rectum and up towards the root of the penis. This is the prostate.
  • Gently massage the prostate in a circular or back-and-forth motion using the pad of a finger. You can also apply gentle pressure for seven to 10 seconds, again with the pad of a finger rather than the tip.
  • Theres Also A Huge Variety Of Sizes

    Internal vibrators can vary anywhere from one- to five-fingers size. External vibrators can range from three inch bullets to large magic wands.

    Anal vibrators tend to be a bit smaller or have multiple sizes as the anus takes a bit longer and more lubricant to open up. Penis-focused vibrators often stretch to accommodate different shaft sizes.

    What Is A Prostate Massage

    Prostate massage is a technique used to alleviate symptoms of an enlarged or inflamed prostate. Its also being explored for use in medical settings to treat certain health conditions, although more research is needed.

    A prostate massage involves inserting a finger into the rectum to stimulate the prostate gland. This roughly walnut-sized gland sits between the bladder and penis just in front of the rectum. The prostates main function is producing semen, a fluid that nourishes sperm and helps it travel.

    Massaging the prostate encourages the prostate ducts to empty seminal fluid, which may have certain health benefits. Prostate massages can also be performed for sexual stimulation, resulting in a prostate orgasm .

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    Lelo Loki Wave Best Come Hither Prostate Massage


    • Feels like a partner fingering you


    • Very pricey

    Price $219

    Lelo com has several editions of prostate massager, but this one is definitely the most unique. Designed to produce an erotic come hither motion, this device makes it feel like someone is giving you a sexy internal massage with their fingers.

    100% waterproof, you can take this into the bath or shower for some wet fun, whether youre flying solo or with a partner. My only complaint? The come hither motion can make the Loki Wave slide out your butt if youre not careful ironically making it go away.

    Are There Any Risks And Side Effects To Prostate Massages

    Is Milking the Prostate Gland Painful?

    The anal mucosa and the anus itself are very sensitive,” Hong explains. Although the anus is built to stretch to a certain extent, it doesnt self-lubricate, meaning without proper precautions anal stimulation can cause pain and tearing . This means that its super important for everyone involved to prepare for giving and receiving a prostate massage . Its also worth mentioning that this might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. As SELF previously reported, making sure youre getting in sufficient amounts of foreplay is a big part of lowering the odds that youll deal with things like pain and tearing.

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    Prostate Massage And All You Need To Know About It

    Before we discuss prostate massage lets look at the prostate itself and its functions. The prostate is a muscular gland found in men. It produces the prostatic fluid in which sperm is carried it is located beneath the bladder and urethra. This important masculine gland contains several bundles of smooth muscles that help in expelling semen during ejaculation. The function of Prostate is to secrete a slightly alkaline fluid, milky in appearance , that composites roughly 20% 30% of the volume of the semen. This explains low libido and several other sexual impairments are some of the most significant prostatitis and BPH symptoms. But thankfully, such men can benefit from prostate massage therapy to remedy their situation and promote their sexual health in a remarkable way.

    You can learn more about prostate position in the body as well as its function in the video below

    Experiment With Various Types Of Touch

    You should play with what feels good once youve found the prostate. Applying a lubricant to your fingers or anal vibrator is much simpler and more convenient.

    Some men prefer the sensation of constant pressure or pressing on the prostate, while others prefer stimulation or on-off pressure.

    You should also try squeezing your PC muscle to see how the sensation of prostate stimulation shifts.

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    What Is A Prostate Orgasm

    A prostate orgasm is an orgasm achieved by massaging the prostate gland with direct stimulation from a finger, penis, or sex toy. Prostate orgasms are typically more intense than penile orgasms and may even trigger muscle contractions caused by a euphoric full-body orgasm. This pleasurable sensation is partially attributable to the fact that the prostate gland is surrounded by thousands of sensitive nerve endings that normally go untouched.

    Take Your Time To Find The Spot & Get Used To The New Sensation

    Prostate Stimulation || Why and How to Please Your Partner [Educational Video]

    The amount of pressure and the speed of your movements can vary according to your personal preferences, so you have to be patient and keep an open mind while you experiment and get used to all the new, different sensations

    It may take a while until you identify just the kind movements that you enjoy the most.

    Expanding your awareness of pleasure to the inner regions of your penis will not only increase the intensity of your orgasms but also its duration since activating the nerve endings that surround the prostate will make the natural contractions of the gland go on for longer.

    Health-wise, some of the potential benefits of increasing the strength and frequency of prostate stimulation can also be obtained through this indirect form of massage, but the more advanced practitioners of prostate stimulation still recommend the direct stimulation of the gland to see clearer effects in the treatment of prostatitis.

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    Why People Do It

    The prostate is one of the male erogenous zones. An erogenous zone is a highly sensitive area of the body that may generate a sexual response when stimulated.

    Prostate milking may be very pleasurable. Because the prostate plays a role in producing semen, stimulating it may produce a more intense orgasm during ejaculation.

    Some people practice prostate milking because of its purported health benefits, rather than for sexual stimulation.

    The primary benefit of prostate milking is that it feels good. It may make sex more pleasurable and enhance closeness between partners.

    There is also limited evidence that prostate massage may improve prostate health. A 2009 preliminary trial of a home prostate massage device found that men with chronic prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia experienced a reduction in symptoms following home prostate massage.

    Prostate milking is not usually dangerous. However, a very aggressive technique could, in theory, cause minor injury to the skin or rectum.

    Also, prostate massage, especially when it is intense or forceful, could be painful.

    Prostate massage also presents a small risk of prostate infection. If a person massages the prostate with dirty hands, this could introduce bacteria into the area. Similarly, bacteria from the rectum can travel elsewhere if a person does not wash their hands thoroughly after a prostate massage.

    What Happens During A Prostate Massage

    Finding a trained prostate massage therapist may be challenging because this therapy is not commonly accepted by the medical community. Doctors typically dont do prostate massages, but the doctor may be able to recommend a professional.

    A prostate massage resembles a digital rectal examination . DREs are commonly used by doctors to assess the prostate for tumors, rectal abnormalities, etc. DRE may be used by the doctor to obtain an expressed prostatic secretion that can be analyzed for evidence of prostatitis, infection, or other problems.

    The individual doing the massage will insert a gloved finger with lube inside the rectum during the massage treatment. For a few minutes, they will softly push on or massage the prostate and ensure it is not painful, although it may be uncomfortable for some.

    It is up to the individual and the doctor or treatment professional as to how often a prostate massage should be done. For at least a month, the individual can plan to attend many sessions per week and then reduce the number of visits.

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    Is Prostate Massage Connected To Tantra

    A lot of the men who happened to learn Tantra or train themselves in the Tantric arts to experience whole-body, non-ejaculatory orgasms, have a really hard time at first taking the focus of pleasure off from the penis to extend it to the rest of the body. So its no surprise that some of them are convinced that giving prostate massage a try was the turning point to develop their ability to experience inner, deeper, non-ejaculatory orgasms.

    Some men are lucky enough to experience a non-ejaculatory orgasm the very first time they try prostate massage. Most guys, however, will find that the intensity of a prostate massage will also trigger a regular ejaculation .

    Tips For Prostate Milking

    Patent US7437194

    Dont worry if youre struggling with these prostate toys at first a lot of men just arent used to this internal pleasure.

    Here are some tips to maximize your experience and have an amazing orgasm:

  • Weed Smoke weed if its legal. Youll naturally be more relaxed and aroused!
  • Poppers Sniff poppers if theyre legal. Poppers are great for relaxing your anal muscles, which you might be clenching subconsciously
  • Breathing Take slow, deep breaths. Treat it like mindfulness meditation.
  • Positions Try different positions Some men find that one position works better than the others for hitting that sweet spot
  • Environment Make sure youre in a relaxed environment where you wont be disturbed or interrupted
  • Nipples Play with your nipples to help keep yourself aroused during your session.
  • Relax Anal pleasure is all about relaxation, which is hard to do with a foreign object shoved up your butt. Take it slow, breathe deeply, and try meditation techniques to fully relax. Some people find that listening to Binaural Beats or sexy recordings likeGoneWildAudio helps too.
  • Use other toys Add in some of the best male sex toys that will masturbate you hands free as you stimulate your prostate.
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    What About Prostate Massagers

    We’re so glad you asked! If you’re operating a solo, a prostate massager can help you hit the right spot. The Lelo Loki Wave provides both prostate and perineum stimulation the Aneros Stimulator is another great option for self-administered prostate massage.

    Carol Queen, Ph.D., Good Vibrations staff sexologist and author of The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone recommends any Aneros product. The size and shape differences aren’t important in terms of their qualitythese are terrific prostate toys. Most of them are non-silicone, which means silicone lube is fine to use with them.

    Queen also recommends Svakom’s Vick and FunFactory’s Duke. And OhMiBod’s Clube Vibe 3.OH Hero is probably the most unique prostate toy on the market because it can pulse to the rhythm of your tunes, says Queen. She adds that you should use water-based lubes with these, since they are silicone.

    However you choose to massage your prostate, you can rest assured that you’re doing something good for yourself. Prostate stimulation allows people to achieve an incredibly powerful orgasmone that most people will not access due to the stigma associated with anal play, says Goldstein. For most, the ass is the final frontier in sexual exploration and continuing to normalize this part of our body and get rid of the taboo will hopefully allow each of us with a prostate to experience heightened sexual encounters.

    Its Not All About Stress Release There Is More To Explore In The Bedroom

    If you think about it, most men talk about masturbation as a means to release stress, rather than to explore different ways of enhancing their capacity for pleasure. Prostate massage thus represents a door to breaking the pattern of shallow, quick orgasms, and incorporate new, whole-body sensations to the map of pleasure possibilities in your body.

    The value of erotic prostate massage is that you learn to interpret different forms of pleasure.

    Those involve different nerves of your body and take the focus away from the traditional penis-only stimulation.

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    Prostate Massage: The Ultimate Guide To Please The Male G

    Did you ever come across the so-called prostate massage? Have you ever had the feeling that there are different types of orgasms in a male body? Or have you as a woman ever heard about giving a prostate massage to let your partner experience deeper full-body orgasms without ejaculation?

    If so, youve come to the right article to learn more about prostate stimulation, prostate massage, or prostate milking.

    How Should I Take Finasteride

    How to do prostate massage on yourself
    • Take finasteride exactly as your healthcare provider tells you to take it.
    • You may take finasteride with or without food.
    • If you forget to take finasteride, do not take an extra tablet. Just take the next tablet as usual.
    • Finasteride will not work faster or better if you take it more than once a day.

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    Rounding Up: Is Prostate Massage For Me

    The decision to open up to the experience of prostate stimulation is a very personal one, of course, but from our perspective, it is something every man should be willing to consider for the sake of their ultimate erotic fulfillment.

    In addition to the health benefits that are associated with it, so many folks have found that it is one of the most fun variations they can add to their sexual repertoire, either by themselves or with a partner.

    The practice, if performed safely and in a moderated frequency, is completely safe, and it, of course, has nothing to do with sexual orientation as both heterosexual and homosexual men report that it has enhanced their sex lives next to either a female or male partner.

    So dont let any resistance get in the way of your discovery of new sexual sensations.

    After all, weve shown you that you have three very different options to incorporate prostate sensitivity into your erotic possibilities and skills.

    So just give the inner or outer prostate massage a try, and if you feel thats not your calling, you can always explore the benefits of prostate stimulation, both for therapy and pleasure purposes, via the more subtle way of cultivating Tantric skills to revolutionize your whole potential as a lover.

    Why Are Some Prostate Orgasms More Powerful Than The Ones I Have With My Penis

    Its hard to say for sure! To date, no credible, peer-reviewed studies have been done on this specific matter. Most of the information about this pleasurable function comes from anecdotal sources, as R.J. Levin wrote in a 2017 paper in Clinical Anatomy. That said, there is a lot of that anecdotal evidence floating around. Websites, blogs, and community forums abound on prostate orgasms and techniques, from subreddits with 47,000 members to mainstream magazine articles to virtual and IRL groups of enthusiasts. One of the most prominent communities is supported by the sex toy manufacturer Aneros, which makes prostate-stimulating toys and hosts a private chat, wiki, blog, and forum where its 50,000 members share their experiences, advice, and insights on prostate pleasure.

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    Okay Im Ready To Look For My P

    Great, but there are a few things that you might want to do before engaging in any kind of butt play.

    We also just want to take a moment to remind you ladies that were about to talk about doing butt stuff, which can be an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people. It only gets weirder from here, so keep that in mind!

    First, you want to make sure the area is clean as possible. You are least likely to come in contact with any feces if youve already gone to the bathroom that day .

    So, take a shower or better yet, a warm bath, because that can relax the muscles in the rectum as well.

    If youre doing this alone, also check on your fingers. You want your nails to be short and not at all sharp because the skin inside the anus is very delicate. Wash your hands to make sure youre not introducing any germs to the anus.

    And, check for any cuts on your fingers. Even after a nice soak in the tub there will be some germs in the rectum.

    If you or your partner are still feeling a little squeamish, you can use latex gloves that health care providers use, or try finger cots . Both of these should be available at most drug stores.

    You should also invest in some high-quality lube. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not lubricate itself when you get aroused and the skin is super-sensitive, so you really do need some help getting anything to slip in easily.

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    How To Start The External Prostate Massage

    How to Massage One

    It consists of applying pressure to different points of your perineum, the area of skin and muscular tissue between your testicles and your anus, as well as the area above your pubic bone. Both areas are in contact with internal tissue that will indirectly stimulate your prostate gland, and thus expand your erotic sensibility from just the shaft of your penis to your whole complex of inner sex organs.

    Although you can do a relaxing massage without any further goals, an erotic component to it will add more depth the experience. Combining prostate stimulation with stroking the penis can be a good form to enhance the sensations for this external variety of the massage.

    The pressure you apply to your perineum or just above your pubic bone can take the form of circle massaging, rubbing back and forth, or even just pinpointing specific areas that feel good to you as you press.

    You may want to practice the external prostate massage while youre lying on your bed, either on your back or your side, keeping your legs flexed towards your butt, since its the position that allows a better relaxation of the pelvic area, and it also gives you space to work around your perineum.

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