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What Is The Best Food For Prostate

Low In Red And Processed Meat Saturated Fat And Salt

5 Best Foods For Prostate Health
  • Avoid or reduce processed meats in your diet such as ham, bacon, sausages, salami and pepperoni.
  • Limit the amount of red and processed meat to between 700 to 750 grams raw meat per week, this is the same as 500 grams of cooked meat per week or about 70 grams of cooked meat per day.
  • For example, 2 sausages are about 60 grams of cooked meat.
  • Choose chicken or fish instead.
  • Choose lean meat.
  • Limit saturated fats found in foods such as fatty meat, biscuits, crisps, cheese, cream and butter.
  • Use healthier unsaturated fats like vegetable, olive and sunflower oil and use small amounts.

About Dr Dan Sperling

Dan Sperling, MD, DABR, is a board certified radiologist who is globally recognized as a leader in multiparametric MRI for the detection and diagnosis of a range of disease conditions. As Medical Director of the Sperling Prostate Center, Sperling Medical Group and Sperling Neurosurgery Associates, he and his team are on the leading edge of significant change in medical practice. He is the co-author of the new patient book Redefining Prostate Cancer, and is a contributing author on over 25 published studies. For more information, contact the Sperling Prostate Center.

Side Effects And Nutrition

Cancer treatment often causes side effects, such as nausea, mouth sores, and taste changes that may make it difficult to eat or drink. Follow these tips to help you get the nutrition you need:

  • If water tastes unpleasant to you, take in more liquid though items such as soup, tea, milk or milk substitutes such as almond milk, or a sports drink. Or, flavor your water by adding fresh cut fruit.
  • If food tastes bland, try seasoning it with flavorful spices such as garlic, cayenne, dill, and rosemary.
  • Eat several small meals throughout the day instead of trying to eat large amounts of food at one time.
  • Enhance your protein intake with protein from foods such as fish, egg whites, cheese, beans, or high protein smoothies.
  • Suck on mints, chew on gum, or try fresh citrus fruits if you have a metallic taste in your mouth. Brushing your teeth before eating, using plastic utensils, and cooking in glassware can also help.
  • If you have mouth sores or a gum infection, use a blender to make vegetables and meats smooth. Try juicing or making smoothies.Some side effects are often treated with medication, so talk with your doctor or another member of your health care team for more information.

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What Foods Are Good For Your Prostate Eat Your Veggies

Growing up, our parents always forced us to eat our veggies lest we miss out on delicious desserts .

It turns out our parents werent just telling us a fairytale at the dinner table. A diet rich in plants and vegetables has shown to be most beneficial not just for everyday life, but for aiding and preventing against different types of cancer as well. This is also true when it comes to foods that are good for your prostate.

In fact, reports from the American Institute of Cancer Research show that healthy diet and lifestyle behaviors, with a focus on a plant-based diet, can help prevent 40% of cancer cases.

Making sure to eat your colors has long since been a healthy way to approach a lifestyle, but recent scientific breakthroughs have shined more light on a particular combination of veggies that could prove to be especially powerful against prostate cancer.

A Scientific Breakthrough In Foods Good For Your Prostrate

Elegant and Miraculous Foods for Promoting Prostate Health ...

Tomatoes and broccoli have been praised for as long as anyone can remember for their high nutrient content and multiple benefits .

However, a study completed at the University of Illinois shows that broccoli and tomatoes are better at shrinking prostate tumors when both are a part of your daily diet, rather than being eaten separately.

This is HUGE news, and particularly interesting considering that these two super-veggies have to be eaten together to feel all their effects. The study elaborates further on this idea:

When tomatoes and broccoli are eaten together, we see an additive effect. We think its because different bioactive compounds in each food work on different anti-cancer pathways, said University of Illinois food science and human nutrition professor John Erdman.

Meanwhile, a U.K. study yielded similar results, stating that men who ate more than 10 servings of tomatoes each week reduced their risk of developing prostate cancer by approximately 20 percent.

The U.K. study analyzed the lifestyles and diets of about 20,000 men, aged between 50 and 69. Their findings not only supported the cancer-fighting properties of tomatoes but also validated that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is a must for optimal health cancer risk was reduced by nearly 24 percent when eating the recommended servings of fruits and veggies daily. This is reason enough to add these foods to your diet because they are good for your prostate.

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Can It Be Prevented

Cancer-survivor Barry Young, president of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, recommends a few basic steps to lower the risk of prostate cancer. He says having a healthy diet, not over-indulging in any particular thing, and not smoking are the best things men can do. It seems sensible to follow a diet low in meat and to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, says Mr Young, but there is no magic preventive ingredient or dietary cure for prostate cancer.

Still, the major report of the World Cancer Research Fund in 2007 shows the medical world now takes diet very seriously in cancer. The report confirms the importance for preventing cancer of exercise, normal weight and plant foods. It also cautions on the amounts of meat, fat, sugar and alcohol we consume.

The report also places a question-mark over processed meat and says there is a limited suggestion here of increased risk of prostate cancer.

Christchurch-based dietitian Julie Beadel has a special interest in nutrition and cancer. She puts it this way: A balanced diet every day, based on the four food groups is your best bet for reducing cancer risk. She says the best sources of nutrients for cancer prevention are nutrient-rich whole foods and healthful beverages.

Healthy Eating For Prostate Cancer Sufferers

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the same healthy diet advice applies. It is also important to let your GP and dietitian know if youre using or planning to use supplements. In the case of prostate cancer, the urologist should also be informed.

There is research suggesting too much of some vitamins may increase risk of advanced prostate cancer, and some therapies and products are known to adversely affect conventional cancer treatments, so get individual guidance.

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Reduce Animal Protein Intake

Meat, poultry, and dairy foods are typically high in protein and also trigger the release of a substance called insulin-like growth factor-1 . When you consume a considerable amount of these high-protein foods, the body makes a lot of IGF-I and can use some of it to promote cancer growth, including prostate cancer.

A study in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention reported that IGF-I levels were elevated among animal protein eaters but not among plant protein consumers. In fact, eating plant protein seemed to reduce IGF-1 levels. If you do eat animal protein, be sure to choose organic products that have not been raised with antibiotics or any other hormones.

How Does Prostate Supplements Work

Best Foods to Eat with Enlarged Prostate | Reduce Risk of Symptoms, Enlargement & Cancer

Prostate supplements usually contain a blend of natural ingredients which include herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins.

The prostate gland contains several components that help it function properly and whose levels tend to decline with age.

A good example would be zinc which is a mineral whose levels are highest in the prostate gland and whose levels drop significantly in men experiencing BPH and prostate cancer.

Prostate supplements also contain antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals which may be causing damage to prostate cells.

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Is There A Prostate Cancer Diet

WebMD expert and urologist Sheldon Marks, MD, shares his thought on how men can help prevent prostate cancer through nutrition.

When you’re being treated for cancer, it’s more important than ever to eat right and get adequate nutrition — but it can also be more difficult than ever to adhere to a balanced cancer diet. Your body is working overtime to fight the cancer, while it’s also doing extra duty to repair healthy cells that may have been damaged as a side effect of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. At the same time, many cancer treatments — especially chemotherapy — come with side effects that drain your strength and sap your appetite. So how can you make sure you’re getting all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need to keep a balanced cancer diet?

  • Participate in regular exercise. Walking is best.
  • Limit your calorie intake. Excess calories are bad for cancer growth. Eat what you need to get to the next meal, not the usual American style of eating all you can as if you are never going to eat again.
  • Get sunshine daily. Darker-skinned people need more sunshine.
  • Don’t follow these or any guidelines to excess. Moderation is the key.
  • Heart healthy is prostate healthy.Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer, even in men with prostate cancer.
  • Variety in the foods you eat is important. Increase the diversity.
  • See a doctor regularly for early detection and preventative care. Be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Ways To Lower Your Psa Levels

    Men, Prostate

    Men are usually told they should have their PSA level measured beginning between ages 40 and 50, depending on their ethnicity and family history.

    Why is it recommended you have your PSA checked? An elevated PSA can be an early indication that something is not quite right with the prostate, such as the possibility of prostatitis, an enlarged prostate, or prostate cancer, while a lower PSA is a strong indication of good prostate health. However, an elevated PSA can be associated with other situations that dont directly involve prostate health, such as a reaction to medication, a urinary tract infection, recent catheterization or ejaculation, or inflammation of the prostate associated with a sports injury or age.

    In any event, its best to get a PSA test so you and your doctor can decide whether any action is necessary. As a general course of action, you can help ensure a healthy prostate by following certain lifestyle guidelines.

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    Diet And Prostate Cancer

    We are what we eat this is a phrase that has become quite popular, yet many people fail to realize how true it is. While many references to the phrase relate to evolution, the foods we eat ultimately contribute to good or bad health.

    Certain foods can contribute to low-grade inflammation, obesity, and even the development of cancer. Some experts believe that a poor diet is behind some of the most common chronic diseases.

    With this in mind, we should consider a possible relationship between diet and prostate cancer. With the right diet, the body gains access to the nutrients it needs to function properly. This type of diet would also reduce exposure to chemicals that may lead to the growth of cancerous cells.

    Drink Less And Quit Smoking

    Top 10 Best Foods For Prostate Health

    Cut down on booze, and start early : Guys who drank at least seven drinks per week between ages 15 to 49 years had a more than threefold greater likelihood of developing fast-growing prostate cancer than guys who did not drink, according to a cancer prevention research. The good news is that its never too late to start a good habit and avoid hangovers.

    Quit smoking: The Prostate Cancer Canada charitable organization, which is always an excellent source for info on the topic, points to preliminary research showing that smoking may be a risk factor for prostate cancer. Kicking the habit is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Why not do it anyway? Were here to help.

    What good foods do you eat to protect your prostate and improve your sex drive? Share your tips in the below.

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    Can Certain Foods Lower The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

    Sundried Tomatoes

  • Lycopene-rich foods: Lycopene is a phytochemical that contributes to the reddish color of certain vegetables. Tomatoes, Watermelon, Guava, Red Peppers, Grape Fruit, and Carrots are a few examples of lycopene-rich foods. If you desperately wishing to find more information about lycopene, check out this review article.
  • Cruciferous Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages.
  • Allium veggies such as onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, and shallots.
  • Green Tea.
  • Beans and lentils.
  • Raisins and Dates .
  • Again, no food can eliminate the risk of prostate cancer entirely, but these foods may offer some protection. You should talk to your doctor about prostate cancer screening, but I can give you the green light to eat more tomatoes.

    Follow The Prostate Diet

    Men who want to help keep PSA levels low, support overall prostate health, and fight inflammation are encouraged to follow The Prostate Diet. The diet has 10 foundations which, if you follow them consistently, should reward you with a healthy prostate and overall health as well. Post them where you can refer to them until they become a habit.

    • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, organic whenever possible
    • Consume healthy fats monounsaturated, omega-3 fatty acids
    • Choose plant protein over animal protein
    • Drink green tea often
    • Choose whole, natural foods over refined, processed foods
    • Include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids
    • Avoid or significantly limit certain foods and supplements
    • Choose prostate cancer-killing foods and supplements, such as tomatoes, green tea, and vitamin D
    • Stay well hydrated with pure water
    • Consider taking natural supplements that support prostate health
  • Algotar AM et al. Effect of aspirin, other NSAIDs, and statins on PSA and PSA velocity. Prostate 2010 Jun 1 70: 883-88
  • Allen NE et al. The associations of diet with serum insulin-like growth factor 1 and its main binding proteins in 292 women meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention 2002 Nov 11: 1441-48
  • Gallo L. The effect of a pure anti-inflammatory therapy on reducing prostate-specific antigen levels in patients diagnosed with a histologic prostatitis. Urology 2016 Aug 94:198-203
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    Here Is A List Of The Foods They Mention In The Video:

  • Berries .High in Anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Anti-oxidants contribute to the fight against Prostate Disease by Protecting Prostate Cells. Vitamin C aids in Prostate Health by Reducing Prostate Swelling and Helping with Urination.
  • Green Tea. Its listed in most Prostate Supplements for better Urine Flow and Decreased Swelling . However, I find even the DeCaffeinated ones Persistenly cause me Issues.
  • Fish especially Wild Salmon.There is also Mackerel, Trout, Herrin, and Sardines. Packed with Omega 3 and 6 fatty Acids. They hinder the development of Prostate Diseases and Lower High Blood Pressure reducing the risk of Heart Attacks.
  • Avocados Contain Beta-Sitosterol .It helps Urinary Flow and decreases Inflammation . It helps Urinary Flow and decreases Inflammation .
  • Bell Peppers Contains more Vitamin C than any other Vegetable known to us.Vitamin C greatly inhibits Prostate Cancer. May reduce Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH . Other Vegetables rich in Vitamin C are Kale, Cauliflower, and Brussel Sprouts.
  • Sesame Seeds and Wheat Germ are the Highest Seed concentration of Phytosterols.Phytosterols Reduces Prostate Enlargement, close second Pistachios and Sunflowers followed by my favorite Pumpkin Seeds. Zinc especially essential. Also, contains Zinc essential for Prostate Health.
  • BroccoliAlso high in Phytosterols such as Sulforaphane Targets and Eliminates damaged prostate cells without hurting good ones.
  • Does Sex Prevent Prostate Cancer

    7 Best Foods For Prostate Health (2021)

    Not that guys need any encouragement to show themselves some loveif you catch our driftbut researchers are looking into the correlation between ejaculation and reducing guys chances of contracting prostate cancer. No, really!

    Whether its through masturbation or sex, some research alludes that it may help flush out your system, clearing away harmful chemicals that might build up in semen. That being said, to see any difference, you will be looking at boppin the baloney around 21 times a month. So have fun with it.

    Toby Hargrave riding his bike and running the dog at the same time

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    Get A Prostate Exam Each Year

    As part of your annual mens health exam at Mens T Clinic®, our physicians check the health of your prostate. Every man receives a digital rectal exam . Yup, thats the awful test where a doctor sticks a gloved finger up your anus and you cough. But the awful test could save your life.

    If youre between ages 55-69 or at high risk for prostate cancer, we may also recommend a prostate-specific antigen blood test to determine if your levels of PSA are within normal ranges. We may also advise you to get your first test at age 40 or so, to help establish a baseline normal value unique to you.

    Show your prostate you care by contacting our Mens T Clinic®office that’s nearest you — in Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Houston, Cypress, Pearland, Pasadena, Grapevine, and Spring, Texas. You can phone us or use the online booking form to set up a mens health consultation today.

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    How To Add More Tomatoes To Your Diet

    Incorporating more tomato-based recipes into your diet is simple.

    There are many nutritious tomato dishes to try. For example, adding some sun-dried or fresh tomatoes to salads, eating your eggs with sliced tomatoes or salsa, and enjoying tomato-based soups are excellent ways to boost your lycopene intake.

    In the summer months, you can buy fresh, local tomatoes to add to sandwiches and chop into salads.

    Drinking plain tomato juice each morning is another good option. Just make sure to pick a low sodium variety.


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