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Cost Of Prostate Cancer Treatment In Usa

Who Can Have Hifu

Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment

HIFU will provide literally thousands of men with the opportunity to receive less invasive treatment and retain maximum functionality ongoing.

The advantages of HIFU treatment for prostate cancer are superior to most current alternatives as it is usually a day stay procedure with a short recovery time of one to two weeks.

HIFU is minimally invasive with no surgical requirement . It can also be repeated should your cancer recur, and it does not exclude other treatments if required such as radiotherapy or surgery.

Unfortunately, HIFU is available in very few NHS hospitals right now but you can talk to your GP, consultant or nurse to see if it is available in your area.

Making HIFU available to men across the UK is the main driving force of Prost8 as a charity and our aim is to raise funds and campaign to deploy at least one unit in each of the 14 UK NHS regions.

Our ambition is high as each unit costs in the region of £500,000 but, if successful, our plan will achieve this within the next five years.

However, it is unlikely that HIFU will be offered as an alternative if the cancer has spread outside of the prostate to other parts of the body although HIFU can be used in cases where the cancer has reoccurred after other treatments such as radiotherapy and is offered in these cases .

How Things Function At Forerunners Healthcare Consultants

  • Only the best: Forerunners Healthcare Consultants works with only the best surgeons and doctors, a prerequisite in treating any medical condition home or abroad.
  • Primary care: We assist patients in arranging medical visa, accommodation for the patient and family, meals, appointment with surgeon.
  • Budget-efficient: Financial aspects affect medical treatments in a huge way, and our budget friendly packages at the best hospitals for HIFU prostate cancer treatment in India is within your budget.
  • Professionalism : The benefit of HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India through the Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is that the team ensures utmost care to maintain ethics in meeting patients medical needs.
  • Our other services: We also take care of quick visa letter, health diet as advised by your attending surgeon, to and fro airport travel, vacation tour, etc.

What Types Of Hormone Therapy Are Used For Prostate Cancer

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer can block the production or use of androgens . Currently available treatments can do so in several ways:

  • reducing androgen production by the testicles
  • blocking the action of androgens throughout the body
  • block androgen production throughout the body

Androgen production in men. Drawing shows that testosterone production is regulated by luteinizing hormone and luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone . The hypothalamus releases LHRH, which stimulates the release of LH from the pituitary gland. LH acts on specific cells in the testes to produce the majority of testosterone in the body. Most of the remaining androgens are produced by the adrenal glands. Androgens are taken up by prostate cells, where they either bind to the androgen receptor directly or are converted to dihydrotestosterone , which has a greater binding affinity for the androgen receptor than testosterone.

Treatments that reduce androgen production by the testicles are the most commonly used hormone therapies for prostate cancer and the first type of hormone therapy that most men with prostate cancer receive. This form of hormone therapy includes:

Treatments that block the action of androgens in the body are typically used when ADT stops working. Such treatments include:

Treatments that block the production of androgens throughout the body include:

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Economic Analysis Of Adjuvant Therapy With Radiotherapy

Konski et al. investigated the cost-effectiveness by means of a Markov model of the addition of total androgen suppression in men with locally advanced prostate cancer treated on Radiation Therapy Oncology Group trial 8610. This trial treated men with conformal radiotherapy with half receiving total androgen suppression consisting of 4 months of goserelin every 4 weeks and flutamide 2 months prior to and during the radiotherapy and the other half to radiotherapy alone. The analysis was from a payers perspective, i.e., Medicare. The ICER for the use of radiotherapy and total androgen suppression was well within the range of cost-effectiveness of $2,153/QALY with a > 80% probability of cost-effectiveness on the cost-effectiveness acceptability curve .

Neymark and colleagues performed an economic analysis of a very similar EORTC trial, EORTC 22863 which compared radiotherapy to radiotherapy plus adjuvant hormonal therapy. This study differed to the one published by Konski et al. in that the authors collected costs for the 90 patients randomized and treated at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of Grenoble, France. Resource use was abstracted from radiotherapy, urology and other hospital charts and the analysis performed from the French health insurance perspective. The addition of hormone therapy increased the mean survival time by about 1 year while reducing the cost per patient for the French health insurance by 12,700 FF .

Highly Rated Cyberknife For Prostate Cancer Clinics By Real Patients

Enzalutamide Generic Prostate Cancer Drug Nearly 70% Less Cost in India

The hospitals ranking is based on 4773 requests, 696 patient reviews, prices, and information from 17 clinics

Spizhenko Clinic is a Ukrainian medical facility located in Kyiv. The clinic is focused on a full cycle of diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer, precancerous conditions, clinical trials, and palliative care.

The medical team provides treatments according to the NCCN international protocols. Over 70,000 patients from 32 countries have chosen the hospital to get medical cancer care.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System


ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

Joint Commission International

Joint Commission International identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety in the world.

European Society for Medical Oncology

The European Society for Medical Oncology is the leading professional organisation for medical oncology.

ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking

Worldâs Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek

The authoritative list of The Worldâs Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek magazine honors medical centers according to key medical performance indicators, patient satisfaction data, and recommendations from global medical experts.The ranking is composed in partnership with data research company Statista.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System


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What Are The Side Effects Or Complications Of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Even though high-intensity focused ultrasound is generally associated with less side effects than radiation or chemotherapy, it is not free from potential side effects and complications. These include:

  • Urinary tract infections, incontinence, frequency, burning sensation, urinary retention.
  • Rectal wall injury, rectal incontinence, burning and bleeding from the probe.
  • Prostate infection.

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Prostate Cancer What Is It

In the later stages, most frequently seen symptoms are discomfort when urinating, finding blood in urine and sudden need to urinate. It is possible to cure the disease with proper prostate cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, prostatectomy , cryotherapy, radiation therapy, robotic or laparoscopic prostatectomy, proton therapy, and hormone therapy.

The cost of prostate cancer treatment may greatly vary depending on the stage of the disease, the location of the hospital, surgeon’s fees, hospital’s fees, transportation, and hospitalization expenses.

We have prepared a list that includes different costs from different countries in the world for ones to consider to travel abroad for prostate cancer treatment.

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Nanoknife Certified In Usa & Europe Since 2007

Every week we get emails from cancer patients living in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, and Europe interested in Nanoknife therapy. They all look pretty much the same, so you are not alone:

I have prostate carcinoma. I had major surgery in 2017 but unfortunately it came back. My PSA level is 20 ng/ml. I heard about Nanoknife for prostate cancer but not sure if itâll help. Iâm afraid.

My husband has prostate cancer stage 3 but has not started chemotherapy yet. Does not want to do radiation either. Gleason score 4+3=7, no perineural invasion or extraprostatic extension identified, ISUP grade 3. We are interested in getting the treatment for his prostate cancer.

We bet youve already taken a look at conventional ways of fighting cancer:

  • Combined therapy, that includes both radiation and surgery.

The significant drawback of the first one in the list lies in affecting all the body, especially healthy cells, while surgery leads to impotence in 70% of cases and incontinence in 2050% of cases. And here comes NanoKnife® for prostate cancer. Technique has been certified by the FDA in 2007 in the USA and by CE since 2006 in Europe.


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Hifu For Prostate Cancer Now Available At North Carolina Specialty Hospital In Durham North Carolina

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Cost
Posted on:

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 13, 2017 HIFU Prostate Services, LLC, the leading provider of HIFU technology to physician practices in the United States, has partnered with North Carolina Specialty Hospital to offer HIFU for prostate cancer at their state-of-the-art hospital in Durham, N.C.

At North Carolina Specialty Hospital, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient care while exceeding our patients expectations for quality and satisfaction. We are excited to partner with HIFU Prostate Services to provide prostate cancer patients minimally-invasive options in our patient-centered facility, said Joy Boyd, director of surgical services, North Carolina Specialty Hospital.

Frank Tortora, MD, treated the first prostate cancer patients with HIFU this week at North Carolina Specialty Hospital. Michael Wolff, MD will begin treating patients next month.

HIFU uses ultrasound energy that is precisely focused to rapidly heat and destroy tissue in the prostate. Due to its accuracy and precision, areas around the prostate are undamaged which greatly reduces the risk of side effects. Earlier this summer, a Medicare code was issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that may help some patients cover part of the cost of the HIFU procedure.

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Main Side Effects Of Total Hifu Treatment :

  • Urinary incontinence, above one change per day : 1,5 à 3,1 % of patients
  • Temporary urinary retention : 0 9 % of patients
  • Preservation of sexual potency : 42,3 85 % of patients

Crouzet, S., et al., Whole-gland ablation of localized prostate cancer with high-intensity focused ultrasound: oncologic outcomes and morbidity in 1002 patients. Eur Urol, 2014. 65: p. 907-14. Thuroff, S. and C. Chaussy, Evolution and outcomes of 3 MHz high intensity focused ultrasound therapy for localized prostate cancer during 15 years. J Urol, 2013. 190: p. 702-10. Ganzer R, Fritsche HM, Brandtner A, Bründl J, Koch D, Wieland WF, et al. Fourteen-year oncological and functional outcomes of high-intensity focused ultrasound in localized prostate cancer. Rischmann P, Gelet A, Riche B, Villers A, Pasticier G, Bondil P, et al. Focal High Intensity Focused Ultrasound of Unilateral Localized Prostate Cancer: A Prospective Multicentric Hemiablation Study of 111 Patients. Eur Urol.2017 71:267-73. Albisinni S, Aoun F, Bellucci S, Biaou l, Limani K, Hawaux E, Peltier A, Van Velthoven R. Comparing HIFU Hemi ablation to Radical Prostatectomy in the Management of Unilateral Prostate Cancer: a matched pair analysis. J Endourol. 2016 Oct 31 Crouzet S. et al. Locally recurrent prostate cancer after initial radiation therapy: Early salvage high-intensity focused ultrasound improves oncologic outcomes. Radiotherapy and Oncology 2012 Nov 105:198-202

Medicare Elite Access Hifu Program

The Scionti Prostate Center welcomes Medicare patients who chose HIFU for prostate cancer treatment. CPT Code, 55880, enables Medicare reimbursement of hospital outpatient facility costs.

Elite Access Program Overview:

  • HIFU procedure is performed at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center in Lakewood Ranch, The Florida Medicare carrier has paid the hospital charges in every single case over the past year. This program is the most successful Medicare HIFU program in the USA with well over hundreds of Medicare patients treated.
  • Consultation with Dr. Scionti to develop a personalized treatment pathway for your prostate cancer that provides effective cancer treatment while maintaining your quality of life
  • Personal access to Dr. Scionti and his HIFU care team as you undergo treatment.
  • Our staff can assist you with Financing non-covered costs.
  • Precision MRI Fusion Guided HIFU treatment personalized for your prostate cancer characteristics performed by the most experienced HIFU physician in the United States.
  • Personalized Post HIFU care plan detailing follow-up, PSA testing, MRI monitoring, diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplement recommendations.

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What Are The Various Treatment Options For Prostate Cancer

There are different ways to treat prostate cancer. Depending on the cancer stage, a combination of therapies is provided to a prostate cancer patient. This combination of therapies majorly influences your cancer treatment cost in India. The therapies primarily used in India to cure prostate cancer are:

What is the most accurate test for prostate cancer done in India?

A prostate biopsy is the most accurate diagnostic for detecting prostate cancer. It is a procedure to remove samples of suspicious tissue from the prostate. Three out of four prostate biopsies are negative for cancer.

Here is a list of common tests done to know how abnormal the cancer is and what prostate biopsy tests cost in India:

Biopsy Tests

Prostate Cancer Therapy Cost: What Does It Depend On

New Chapter Prostate Take Care reducing Prostate Cancer

As you see, the cheapest prostate cancer treatment costs are in Turkey and the Czech Republic. The 20-30% higher in Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, and Thailand. Note that the final prostate cancer treatment cost depends on such factors as:

  • doctors experience
  • the applied prostate cancer treatment option
  • stage of the disease and the patients general health condition
  • duration of the hospitalization
  • the price policy in a particular country and hospital.

The last factor significantly influences the prostate cancer cost. But the high price does not always mean the best quality.

Only a doctor can determine what prostate cancer treatment options are adequate in your particular case. The exact prostate cancer treatment price can be calculated only individually.

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Common And Costly Chemotherapy Drugs

Chemotherapy is one of the most common cancer treatments. Depending on the drug and type of cancer it treats, the average monthly cost of chemo drugs can range from $1,000 to $12,000.

If a cancer patient requires four chemo sessions a year, it could cost them up to $48,000 total, which is beyond the average annual income. Even after premiums and deductibles of health insurance are met, this person could be responsible for more than $10,000 a year in out-of-pocket costs with coinsurance.

How Is The Recovery After Hifu Procedure For Prostate Cancer Treatment

Immediately after HIFU procedure for the treatment of prostate cancer there is a one to two hour recovery period at the hospitals and then you are discharged. Recovery is minimal. A suprapubic tube is inserted during the procedure that is usually worn for two to five weeks. People usually are up and walking around within hours after HIFU and can return to a normal lifestyle within a couple of days. Some HIFU patients experience frequency, urgency, mild discomfort or discharge in urinary stream. During your recovery time at home, a staff member is always available to guide you with any questions.

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What Are Your Treatment Options

When it comes to the treatment methods used for hormone replacement therapy for men, you have several treatment options. These treatment options include:

Intramuscular Injections

Testosterone is injected into the buttocks every few weeks, usually about once or twice a month. Intramuscular injections are ideal for patients who prefer a quicker absorption, or who have more severe symptoms that benefit from a quicker treatment.


Pellets are generally a long-term treatment with a slow, consistent release of testosterone into the body. Testosterone pellets, which are about the same size as a grain of rice, are injected into the buttocks once about every three or four months. Pellets are a good option for patients who are searching for a steady treatment of multiple symptoms.

Topical Gels or Creams

Topical gels or creams are loaded with a certain percentage of testosterone and are applied daily to various parts of the body, such as the arms or the abdomen. Topical treatments might be good choices for men who have minor symptoms or who are using testosterone to target a specific issue.


Patches are another topical treatment in which a small patch of testosterone is applied to the body each day, typically in a rotating pattern to get the best results. Patches are ideal for patients who seek consistent levels of testosterone but who do not want injections.

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Most Accurate Imaging Technique For Prostate Cancer Detection

Treatment decisions for prostate cancer in 2021.

Contrary to other imaging techniques MRI provides multiple mutually independent parameters for the assessment of the prostate:

  • T1- and T2-relaxation time
  • Tissue perfusion and
  • Spectroscopic information about metabolism.

Due to this, MRI is superior to other imaging techniques such as ultrasound and also when compared to elastography.

The four pillars of multi-modal MRI diagnostics of prostate cancer: Imaging, diffusion, perfusion and spectroscopy.

Also the analysis of the chemical composition of prostatic tissue makes the diagnostic with MSR so precise and valuable.

Prostate spectroscopy depicts the chemical make-up of prostatic cells. Healthy cells contain large amounts of citrate and little cholin. Cancer cells contain less citrate, which is metabolised for the generation of energy, and more cholin, which is needed for the assembly of the cell membranes in the tumour cells.

Our Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Specifying the Target with Transperineal 3D-Biopsy of the Prostate: Pain-free Safe Precise

Pain-Free and Safe

Transperineal biopsy is carried out pain-free in full anaesthesia, and steril under operation room conditions such that the risk of a post biopsy infection of the prostate is negligible.


The highest accuracy is achieved with transperineal 3D-biopsy, which affords a detection rate for prostate cancer between 75 and 100 %.

A 3D biopsy is carried out ultrasound-guided with the aid of a stepper and grid.

Step 2:

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