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Does Prostate Cancer Make You Tired

What Can I Do To Combat Fatigue

Why do cancer patients often feel tired and weak? | Norton Cancer Institute

The best way to combat fatigue is to treat the underlying medical cause. Unfortunately, the exact cause is often unknown, or there may be multiple causes.

Some treatments may help improve fatigue caused by an underactive thyroid or anemia. Other causes of fatigue must be managed on an individual basis. You can use the following to help combat fatigue:

Assessment. Evaluate your level of energy. Think of your personal energy stores as a “bank.” Deposits and withdrawals have to be made over the course of the day or the week to balance the amount of energy you store and the amount you need each day. Keep a diary for one week to identify the time of day when you are either most fatigued or have the most energy. Note what you think may be contributing factors. Be alert to your personal warning signs of fatigue. These may include tired eyes, tired legs, whole-body tiredness, stiff shoulders, decreased energy or a lack of energy, inability to concentrate, weakness or malaise, boredom or lack of motivation, sleepiness, increased irritability, nervousness, anxiety, or impatience.

Energy conservation. You can conserve your energy in several ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • Plan ahead and organize your work. Change storage of items to reduce trips or reaching. Delegate tasks when needed.

Other ways to combat fatigue include:

If Youre Getting Radiation Therapy To The Breast

If you have radiation to the breast, it can affect your heart or lungs as well causing other side effects.

Short-term side effects

Radiation to the breast can cause:

  • Skin irritation, dryness, and color changes
  • Breast soreness
  • Breast swelling from fluid build-up

To avoid irritating the skin around the breast, women should try to go without wearing a bra whenever they can. If this isnt possible, wear a soft cotton bra without underwires.

If your shoulders feel stiff, ask your cancer care team about exercises to keep your shoulder moving freely.

Breast soreness, color changes, and fluid build-up will most likely go away a month or 2 after you finish radiation therapy. If fluid build-up continues to be a problem, ask your cancer care team what steps you can take. See Lymphedema for more information.

Long-term changes to the breast

Radiation therapy may cause long-term changes in the breast. Your skin may be slightly darker, and pores may be larger and more noticeable. The skin may be more or less sensitive and feel thicker and firmer than it was before treatment. Sometimes the size of your breast changes it may become larger because of fluid build-up or smaller because of scar tissue. These side effects may last long after treatment.

After about a year, you shouldnt have any new changes. If you do see changes in breast size, shape, appearance, or texture after this time, tell your cancer care team about them right away.

Less common side effects in nearby areas

How You Feel Emotionally

Being diagnosed with cancer can be hard to accept. Youre likely to go through a range of emotions before, during and after your treatment. This is very normal.

You might have a lot of worries, some of these might include:

  • will my treatment work?
  • will I be able to deal with side effects?
  • how will my family and friends cope?
  • will I have enough support?
  • will I be able to keep working?
  • how will I get to the hospital for my treatment?
  • will the treatment be painful?
  • what if I lose my hair?

All these worries can make you feel anxious or down. Anxiety and depression are common in people with cancer. Theyre often very draining emotions.

Fatigue can be worse if you are taking a combination of these drugs.

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Losing Control Of Your Bladder

Urinary incontinence can range from uncontrolled release of a full bladder to slower leakage. Leaking urine can also present in varying ways, from leaking a few drops after coughing, exercising, or bending, to leaking large quantities or leaking during sex. This usually improves over time if its a result of prostate cancer treatment, however, it can be longer-lasting if its from spinal cord compression. The good news is, there are some ways to manage losing control of your bladder, if needed, including:

  • Absorbent pads or pants
  • Bed protectors
  • Urinary sheaths

If urine incontinence continues for longer periods of time, or becomes a serious impairment to quality of life, there are other additional options including:

  • Artificial urinary sphincter
  • Internal male sling
  • Anti-cholinergic medications

All of these options for serious impairment require surgery with the exception of medications. Your doctor will help you determine the side effects and potential benefits for your specific case. Additional lifestyle changes may also be beneficial to help fight urinary incontinence, including eating a well-balanced diet with fiber , exercising , avoiding alcoholic, fizzy, or caffeinated drinks, quitting smoking, and retraining your bladder by creating and maintaining a urination schedule.1-4

Early And Late Effects Of Radiation Therapy

Prostate cancer
  • Early side effects happen during or shortly after treatment. These side effects tend to be short-term, mild, and treatable. Theyre usually gone within a few weeks after treatment ends. The most common early side effects are fatigue and skin changes. Other early side effects usually are related to the area being treated, such as hair loss and mouth problems when radiation treatment is given to this area.
  • Late side effects can take months or even years to develop. They can occur in any normal tissue in the body that has received radiation. The risk of late side effects depends on the area treated as well as the radiation dose that was used. Careful treatment planning can help avoid serious long-term side effects. Its always best to talk to your radiation oncologist about the risk of long-term side effects.

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Cancer Signals In Both Men And Women

Appetite loss. Many conditions, from depression to the flu, can make you feel less hungry. Cancer can have this effect by changing your metabolism, the way your body turns food into energy.

Stomach, pancreatic, colon, and ovarian cancers also can put pressure on your stomach and make you feel too full to eat.

Blood in the stool. Cancers can bleed, but so can a bunch of other things, like ulcers, hemorrhoids, infections, or a sore. When you see red in your poop, the blood is often from somewhere in your GI tract, meaning your esophagus, stomach, or intestines.

One way to tell where the blood is coming from is by how light or dark it looks. Bright red could mean the bleeding is in your rectum or the end of your intestines. A darker color means it may be from higher up, like a stomach ulcer.

No matter what the cause, blood in your stool needs to be checked out. You may need a colonoscopy or other tests to find the problem.

Blood in the urine. When it shows up in your pee, blood could be a warning sign of a problem in your urinary tract. Kidney or bladder cancer can cause this symptom, but it could also be due to an infection, kidney stones, or kidney disease.

Cough that doesn’t go away. A cold or the flu can make you hack away, but it’s also a potential symptom of lung cancer, along with red flags like chest pain, weight loss, hoarseness, fatigue, and shortness of breath. See your doctor if you can’t seem to shake it, especially if you’re a smoker.


Provincetown Seafood Cookbook Paperback

Does Sugar Feed Prostate Cancer? Does Fatty/Adipose Tissue Attract Cancer? | Mark Moyad, MD, MPH

This is a New England seafood cookbook written by Provincetowns best-known chef. It collects classic recipes, folk history, and original drawings of the author. Recipes include Cape Cod Gumbo, Provincetown Paella, Portuguese Clam Chowder, Lobster Fra Diavolo, and Zarzuela, among others.

Many of the recipes focus on clams, mussels, the storied Wellfleet oysters, snails, and familiar Cape Cod fishes but theres a list of fresh and frozen substitutes so that anyone can use the recipes anywhere in the country. This book will also teach you the right way to eat broiled crab and the safe way to open oysters.

Readers enjoyed the book for its colorful look at Provincetown history and culture. One found its menu planning section useful. Another said that the food tips and advice are spot-on. Those who tried the recipes said that it turned out well. Recommended for experienced cooks, lovers of Provincetown cuisine and fans of Chef Howard Mitcham.

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What About Tiredness That Becomes A Severe Burden

A final aspect of the cancer fatigue conversation comes up when those receiving treatment begin to experience dramatic changes in the severity and frequency of fatigue. When fatigue becomes persistent and interferes with your ability to perform basic daily function, tell your doctor. More importantly, if fatigue reaches an extreme point and causes confusion, dizziness, loss of balance, severe shortness of breath or leaves you bedridden for more than 24 hours, contact your care team immediately. While it is normal to sleep more than typical after a radiotherapy session, these symptoms greatly increase your risk of injury and could lead to the worsening of your overall health.

Why An Institutional Cookbook

The importance of local food sources in maintaining food security throughout international tariffs and pandemics has recently been highlighted, even magnified. Direct producer to consumer sales have ensured that fresh, safe, healthy protein continues to make it onto the plates of many households. However, the most vulnerable people- the homeless, low-income families, and seniors- have faced worsening food insecurity with no access or means to afford direct food sources. At the front lines of food insecurity are institutional meal services- struggling to connect masses of the food insecure to healthy, fresh, local foods. Our hope is to offer this cookbook free of charge to institutional kitchens to help bridge that gap through increased awareness of local seafood and fishermen, guidance from professionals like you for the acquisition, safe handling and preparation of local seafood, and strengthened connections within our community.

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Fresh Fish: A Fearless Guide To Grilling Shucking Searing Poaching And Roasting Seafood Hardcover

Another entry-level seafood cookbook, this one features 175 recipes that focus on fish fillets and whole fish to shrimp, mussels, lobster, clams, calamari, and more. It also includes step-by-step instructions of the important techniques for cooking seafood, as well as an index for choosing specific recipes for the type of fish you have on hand.

The recipes are divided by course and ingredients, with handy tips on how to prep them for cooking. The directions are very detailed and are accompanied with color photos. Samples of the featured dishes include Roasted Cod with Basil and Tomatoes on Garlic Toasts, Seaweed Sushi Roll, Wood-Roasted Native Striped Bass, Cedar Planked Salmon, and Pan Fried Bay Scallops.

Readers liked that the recipes are accessible and flavorful. One noted that the books selection of salad and vegetable recipes were delicious. Another said that this has become her go-to cookbook for reliable and practical recipes. Recommended for beginner cooks.

Maine Coast Fishing Family Seafood Cookbook

Why does depression make you feel tired?

More information about the cookbook below. Please email us your recipes by June 24.

We are not currently accepting pre-orders but you can sign up to be notified by joining our e-mail list HERE and click the top right corner that says “Join our e-mail list.”

Two fishermens wives, Monique Coombs and Rebecca Spear, are working together to collect seafood recipes, photos, and stories, to create the Maine Coast Fishing Families Seafood Cookbook. Together they will share the flavor of opportunities that Maines seafood has to offer and proceeds will benefit the Maine Coast Fishermens Association .

Similar cookbooks have been done in the past in Maine. One such cookbook was The Maine Fishermens Wives Association Seafood Cookbook, which benefitted the wives efforts to promote the importance of the fishing industry. Their reasoning for the effort is noted in the cookbook and it states, A small group of wives decided they could increase their awareness of the industry by combining efforts They were then able to supply current information to their husbands, represent them at meetings, keep in touch with their government representatives, and help conduct the land-side of the business as efficiently as possible. The group also conducted efforts to increase recognition of the Maine fishing industry by starting the Portland Blessing of the Fleet, and a large part of their efforts were to promote seafood, especially the under-utilized species.

93 Pleasant Street

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Elegant New Seafood Cookbook Is From Louisiana Cookin’

  • Judy Walker

A New Orleans home cook shared her recipe for Smoked Sweet Potato Soup — topped with crab — with Louisiana Cookin’ magazine. It’s included in “Louisiana de Mer: Seasonal Seafood Recipes” cookbook.

Shrimp Ya-Ya from the “Louisiana de Mer: Seasonal Seafood Recipes” cookbook.

Louisiana Cookin’ editor Daniel Schumacher edited the Hoffman Publishing cookbook “Louisiana de Mer: Seasonal Seafood Recipes.”

Cover image

One of Daniel Schumacher’s favorite recipes in the new “Louisiana de Mer: Seasonal Seafood Recipes” cookbook is Shrimp Ya-Ya, because it’s a “heartwarming, crowd-pleasing dish,” he says. It’s from chef Chris Hayes of New Orleans.

It’s one of the many recipes contributed by chefs and home cooks to the book. And each of the 75 recipes in this elegant new cookbook came from Louisiana Cookin’, the national magazine of statewide food that Schumacher has edited for the past four years.

Schumacher also edited the cookbook, the magazine’s first. Both are published by Hoffman Media, based in Birmingham, Ala., which owns the magazine and several other titles, including Taste of the South, Cooking with Paula Deen, Southern Lady and Cottage Journal.

The fact that the recipes came from the magazine also explains the gorgeous photos that accompany each dish. The photos are the work of Louisiana Cookin’ photographers John O’Hagan, Marcy Black Simpson, Jim Bathie, William Dickey and Stephanie Welbourne.

Makes 4 servings

1/4 cup heavy whipping cream


Questions About Fatigue To Ask Your Doctor Or Nurse

You may find it helpful to keep a note of any questions you have to take to your next appointment.

  • Is my prostate cancer treatment likely to cause fatigue?
  • How long might my fatigue last?
  • What can I do to improve or manage my fatigue?
  • What physical activity is suitable for me?
  • Is there a local support group for men with prostate cancer-related fatigue?
  • How can I access a local exercise programme?
  • What other support is available to me?
  • Who can I speak to for advice about work?

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Good Fish: 100 Sustainable Seafood Recipes From The Pacific Coast

Becky Selengut 2018 Paperback & Kindle 336 pages 100 recipes ISBN: 1632171074

If you want to cook sustainable seafood but worry that what youre buying down the market is harming the planet and the environment then this book would make a great addition to your collection.

Divided up into 3 sections, shellfish, finfish, and small fish. Becky explains how to shop for and prepare each type of fish, there then follows about 5 or 6 recipes for each.

Theres a total of 15 sustainable species covered including mussels, squid, halibut, salmon, arctic char, trout, and crab.

Many of the recipes are designed to appeal to the home cook with the focus on handy weeknight dinners as well as some more advanced dishes for special occasions.

So you could try your hand at a classic hang town fry, crab mac and cheese, or coffee and spiced rubbed salmon tacos with charred cabbage, mango salsa, and avocado cream.

All the recipes are rated based on their difficulty from one being easy and quick , to being more difficult with harder to find ingredients and a longer prep time.

About The Author

Becky Selengut is a chef, cookery teacher, and seafood advocate living in Seattle. Her recipes and writing has been featured in Seattle Homes and Lifestyles and Edible Seattle magazines. Good Fish is her 3rd book. Shes also the author of How to Taste and Shroom: Mind-Bendingly Good Recipes for Cultivated and Wild Mushrooms.

Radioprotective Drugs For Reducing Side Effects

How Does Prostate Cancer Work?

One way to reduce side effects is by using radioprotective drugs, but these are only used for certain types of radiation given to certain parts of the body. These drugs are given before radiation treatment to protect certain normal tissues in the treatment area. The one most commonly used today is amifostine. This drug may be used in people with head and neck cancer to reduce the mouth problems caused by radiation therapy.

Not all doctors agree on how these drugs should be used in radiation therapy. These drugs have their own side effects, too, so be sure you understand what to look for.

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