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Wife Gives Husband Prostate Massage

If Youre The Giving Partner

Wife helps husband in prostate cancer treatment – Dr David Samadi reviews

Cleanliness and safety are a must, even for the giver.

Cut and file your nails smooth to help avoid scratching or tearing the delicate skin in and around the anus.

Wash your hands thoroughly, even if youre planning to use a condom over your finger to penetrate your partner. For extra comfort, stuff cotton balls inside the condom or glove.

You can also get the party started in the shower together, which serves as foreplay and gets you both all nice and clean for the big show.

Youll probably need to try a few different moves and experiment with speed and pressure to find what feels best.

Here are some techniques to try, whether youre using fingers or toys.

How To Prepare For Prostate Milking

Excited to learn how to milk a prostate? Great! But first thing first. Milking the prostate takes a lot of practice so if this is your first time, you need to prepare properly. You dont want to ruin the whole experience just because you hurt your anus during the process. Good thing is there are a lot you can do before prostate masturbation to ensure youre doing it right and safely.

Side Effects And Risks

The tissues lining the prostate and rectum are delicate and vulnerable to cuts, tears, and abrasions. Massaging the prostate too intensely can easily lead to soreness. In the study described above, for example, 8.3% of participants reported discomfort after prostate massage.

Overly aggressive prostate massage can also cause rectal bleeding, creating a risk of bacterial infection or aggravating hemorrhoids.

Furthermore, manual prostate massage is discouraged for men with acute bacterial prostatitis. The massage increases inflammation and may promote the spread of bacteria to the urethra, other parts of the urinary tract, and the bloodstream.

That said, a few small studies of the effects of prostate massage performed by a physician have shown it to be beneficial as a therapy for chronic prostatitis when paired with antibiotics.

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When To Stimulate His Prostate

Handjob or Fellatio

Stroke his perineum and massage his prostate while giving him a handjob or fellatio. It works best when hes laying on his back with his knees bent and feet resting on the bed with his pelvis tilted forward a little to allow easier access to his perineum. Place a wedge or pillow under his butt to lift it and give you easier access to his perineum.

During Intercourse

Stroke and massage his perineum during intercourse and apply more pressure as hes about to ejaculate. The best sex position to be in is the missionary position. Reach around your thigh and butt to reach his perineum. Another sex position to try is doggy style. In the doggy style sex position reach between your legs and stroke his perineum.

Try these techniques in your marriage bed and if he enjoys them, add them to your repertoire of fun things to do.

How Do You Find It

Massager Hand Made In Japan

Youll need to head south along the back road to find it in a magical place called the anal region.

Although entering through the anus is the most direct way, you can also stimulate the prostate indirectly through the perineum, or taint.

This is the skin that runs underneath the scrotum to the anus.

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If Youre The Receiving Partner

Youll want to be as relaxed and aroused as possible, because itll make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

The whole poop-comes-out-of-the-butt thing gives some people a case of the heebie-jeebies even when its their own butt.

Remedy this by taking a shower and paying a little extra attention back there to get it squeaky clean. Some people like to use an enema before engaging in butt play, but it isnt necessary.

Use the bathroom before getting started. Prostate stimulation can make you feel like you need to pee, and anal penetration can cause the sensation of needing to poop.

Even though you wont actually do either, worrying that you might can interfere with your ability to let go and enjoy yourself. Knowing your bladder and bowels are empty can help.

Getting used to the sensation of having your prostate touched can help, too. Practice with an anal sex toy, like a butt plug, or your fingers.

Be sure to set the mood so that youre turned on and primed for action. Light candles, watch porn, or engage in some good old-fashioned masturbation or foreplay to get there.

Finally, be sure to lube up real good. Applying a water-based lubricant will allow for easier penetration and make for some easy gliding if stimulating your prostate externally.

Techniques To Try With A Finger

Come here Insert the index finger into the anal sphincter with the palm side facing upwards. Start by curling the index finger upward towards the belly as if you were asking somebody to come closer. Try to use as much of the surface of the tip of your finger as you do this. Explore around the cavity this way until you start hitting his prostate . When you find it, try slowly increasing the speed and force of the motion.

Circles With the palm facing downwards, run the tip of your index finger around the perimeter of the prostate gland. You can use both the knuckle joint and the wrist to allow your finger to move around while switching the contact surface between the pad of the finger and the nail. As the pleasure builds, you can increase the speed of the motion and change the path of stimulation

Doorbells With the palm facing downwards, use the tip of the index finger to press on the prostate like you would on a doorbell. Even the slightest touch is enough to provide a lot of stimulation. Try changing the intervals between touches as the pleasure builds up.

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Risks With Prostate Massage

First and foremost, prostate massages shouldnt be painful. Doing it too vigorously can cause some discomfort, and pain is a sign that you should slow things down.

The most common side effect of prostate massages is soreness in the rectum. This happens especially often for beginners who are still testing things out. While you should see this as a sign that youre doing it too roughly, you shouldnt worry about it too much. If you do the necessary preparations, you can reduce the risks of pain in the anus and the rectum. More on that later.

In the same vein, another significant risk for beginners is getting the prostate or rectum linings cut or torn. The tissues that line the rectum and the prostate are very delicate. Massaging these areas too much can lead to soreness at the least and bleeding at worst. Getting a wound along the rectum or the prostate is extremely dangerous and it can lead to a bacterial infection in an awkward part of the body and may worsen hemorrhoids.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of prostatitis or have any kind of prostate condition, you should consult your physician first. Those who suffer from epididymitis should avoid getting a prostate massage altogether.

In the case of chronic prostatitis, there have been some studies that show that getting a male anal massage together with antibiotics can help in treatment. More studies need to be done on the subject though.

Diagnosing A Prostate Condition

Queen Darleen Co-Wife Sabra Flaunts Their Husband Giving Her Massage During Pregnancy Days.

As men grow old, theyre more prone to ailments related to their prostate. And many men know of the prostate exam. For the few who are uninitiated, a prostate exam involves a doctor inserting a tool or their finger in the anus and performing a prostate massage. By examining the prostate fluid, doctors can diagnose different prostate conditions. This may be the first time for many men to experience a prostate orgasm.

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Wife Gives Deep Prostate Massage With Huge Cumshot ~dirtyfamily~

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Is A Prostate Massage The Same Thing As Trying For A Prostate Orgasm

Yes. If you massage the prostate in a way that feels good, youre probably going to have an orgasm if you keep at it.

Some doctors recommend prostate massage therapy to help relieve the symptoms of certain conditions, such as painful ejaculation prostatitis.

Yep! Though evidence on the efficacy of prostate massage for certain conditions is somewhat limited, it does appear to have some benefits.

Dont Forget To Bring A Towel

Cant orgasm with prostate massage Sex pictures HD.

Prostate orgasms are a lot messier than your average penis orgasm. I didnt have a towel the first time I tried it and we ended up needing to get the entire mattress washed. It was really messy, but I didnt want to kill the mood by stopping suddenly to ask Sandra to get me a towel. I did what I had to do to keep going. Was the mess worth the pleasure? Definitely yes.

With A Massager Strap

If youre playing with sex toys, you can really mix it up by playing with the different vibration settings, as well as pressure and depth.

  • Pressure. Controlling pressure when using a toy is easier, especially when youre playing solo. Try pressing the toy against the prostate using more or less pressure till you find your sweet spot.
  • Depth. Depth is another area where toys win out since reaching can make it hard to go deep, if thats what you crave. Try different sized anal toys or get a longer one that you can insert as deep as your bottom desires.
  • Vibrations. You can buy prostate massagers that offer up multiple speed and pulse settings. Play with the different settings to find your preference. Up the vibes as you get closer to orgasm.
  • Sensation. Some prostate massagers have an attached external stimulator to give your perineum some sweet lovin while the other end penetrates. Who doesnt love a hard worker?

Want a little more?

If your partner has a penis, you can kick things up a notch with penis-in-anus penetration. Prostate stimulation for you, penile stimulation for them and a happy ending for you both.

Different positions can make reaching and pleasuring the prostate easier. These positions work for external and internal prostate stimulation, alone and with a partner.

External Prostate Massage Technique


This external prostate massage technique allows you to stimulate his prostate externally instead of through his rectum. Use this technique to add stimulation during foreplay or intercourse.

Its fairly well known that massaging your husbands prostate during oral sex or intercourse can intensify his orgasm. Sexual researchers have compared his prostate to a womans g-spot. Most people also assume the only way to massage his prostate is through his anus and rectum. Massaging his prostate through his anus is the most direct form of stimulation, but were not going that route. Theres another, much safer and cleaner way to massage your husbands prostate and escalate his orgasm!

Unlock whats holding you back, open the floodgates to arousal, & learn how to go over the edge!

How To Milk A Prostate

Prostate massages can be done internally or externally. First off, internal prostate massages involve anal penetration and this is the most direct route since the prostate isnt very hard to find this way. Why you may ask? You see, the prostate swells up when youre aroused and feels very different compared to everything around it.

If youre using a finger to milk your prostate, youll know when you find it. In addition, there are toys that you can find in most sex shops that are specifically designed to hit the prostate too.

You cant just go through the anus without the proper preparations though. The anus isnt designed to expand for a longer period of time, and forcing it may cause the anus to tear, causing wounds that are uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. Well discuss the preparations you need to do before you penetrate the anus later.

Doing it externally is a little harder, but still possible. For this you’ll want to go through a specific spot in the skin between the balls and the anus. Well go through the specifics in a bit.

Our First Prostate Massage Story

How To Give Your Boyfriend The Massage of A Lifetime

I will never forget the first time that Sandra and I tried prostate milking. I think it was one of the best sexual experimentations we ever had as a couple.

Ive always been aware of how sensitive the prostate is because Sandra can be very naughty at times. She has this habit of pressing her finger in my perineum whenever we have sex. And that tingling sensation caused by her action actually made my orgasms more pleasurable at times.

One day I read this article about prostate milking and I shared it with her. She actually felt excited about it and suggested we do it without any toys. We have a collection of vibrators and dildos but I thought that time that I wanted to take things slow. Hence I told her that her finger or mine will do.

Well I dont want our milking session to be messy so I told her we will do it on a weekend. To prepare, I ate less and made sure I cleaned my anus properly. I didnt really do douching that time because unlike Sandra, Im not that adventurous. There are times when I still feel scared of trying some kinky things.

She was giving me a deep throat blow job and I almost came when she didnt stop. Sandra was such a tease! She told me to roll over so she was right behind me while I was in a doggy position. I was ready and I knew she was more excited than I was.

Prostate massage is one thing you should definitely try whether solo or with a partner. Try it now to know exactly what I mean!


Is It Easy To Orgasm This Way

Lets say it may take some practice and patience.

Actual clinical research on prostate-induced orgasms is seriously lacking, so we dont know how common it is or if its possible for everyone with a prostate to have this type of orgasm.

Every body is different, so some experimenting to see what feels good is in order. If you do manage to have one, reproducing it will be easy.

What Is Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is exactly what it sounds like. If you stimulate your prostate enough, it will secrete the fluid that its making, just like if you were masturbating. However, the fluid that comes out may not have sperm in it, so the color and consistency can be a little different.

Prostate milking is the best way for anyone with a prostate to orgasm. Nothing else comes close. It can even get you to orgasm multiple times in a matter of minutes. Trust me because my wife helped me achieve just that. And it was unforgettable.

Aside from its sexually pleasurable benefits, did you know that prostate milking is also beneficial to ones health? There are limited studies that show the benefits of prostate milking for specific conditions like prostatitis and urine flow problems. These studies would call it prostate massaging, but its essentially the same thing.

What Is A Prostate Orgasm

Long before Sandra and I experimented with prostate milking, I never thought prostate orgasm was possible. I was used to having regular male orgasms through the stimulation of the penis. But believe me, this is a whole new kind of sensation. And there are times that I really crave for it.

A prostate orgasm is an orgasm that you can get while your prostate is being massaged. It feels very similar to a regular orgasm from the penis, except it feels like it affects the entire body. First-timers might be surprised at how good it can feel. I know I was. It left my body shaking and I couldnt move much for a couple of minutes. I was just lying on the bed exhausted from the pleasure.

It was the kind of climax that I never really expected that I would totally enjoy.

Moreover, I used to think that men always release semen during a prostate massage orgasm, but this isn’t always the case. You see, prostate orgasms can happen without any cum coming out. In addition, it can sometimes produce a clear liquid. This is the fluid that makes up regular semen without sperm in it. This is perfectly normal, so dont be surprised if thats happening to you. I experienced it several times myself so you have nothing to worry about.

Sandra and I have done a lot of experimenting and will share with you our story later on so you can also learn how to have a prostate orgasm!


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