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Life Insurance For Prostate Cancer Survivors

No Exam Life Insurance For Prostate Cancer

How Radiation Affects The Prostate | Mark Scholz, MD

For some, especially after going through a host of medical procedures, another needle or nurse is just something they are not interested in.

Enter no exam life insurance. Simply put, no exam is life insurance issued without the applicant participating in a physical exam.

Non-med policies exist for term life insurance, whole life insurance, and guaranteed issue life insurance.

Prosate cancer survivors regularly qualify.

Familiarize yourself with the best no physical life insurance companies before making a purchase.

Can I Get Critical Illness Cover After Cancer

Yes, it can be possible to secure critical illness cover after youve had cancer.

However, as with life insurance, whether youre offered cover will depend on the severity of your condition, type of cancer, what treatment you had and when you last experienced symptoms.

Insurers may also only offer cover once a certain recovery period has been reached.

As cancer is commonly an illness covered within critical illness cover, insurers will need to mitigate the increased risk of a claim being made.

This typically involves exclusions for cancer being added to the policy and/or inflations to the premium youll pay.

An exclusion means you wont be able to make a claim for this condition and, sometimes, other associated conditions.

In rare occasions, some insurers may decline you for critical illness cover.

Cancer Survivors Facing Medical Financial Hardship Have

Apr 20, 2022 Further adjustment for health insurance coverage reduced the magnitude of association of hardship and mortality among survivors younger than 65

Dec 18, 2021 Best life insurance for cancer survivors? Here at, our top-rated A+ burial life insurance carriers can approve burial

Fox Chase Cancer Center prostate cancer survivors personal stories. of other retirees, my wife Janice and I were updating our health insurance.

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Prostate Cancer Critical Illness Cover

Most Cancers are similar when it comes to applying for critical illness cover and it will depend on how long you have been in remission and any issues since end of treatment. Prostate Cancer critical illness cover is available in certain circumstances where the Cancer has been treated or removed several years ago and there have been no further problems. Generally there would be a requirement to provide some additional medical evidence for Prostate Cancer critical illness cover such as a GP Report or information from a specialist.

Certain circumstances where there has been a period of several years since treatment has ended with no further issues, Prostate Cancer critical illness cover can be accepted at standard rates with no exclusions. The majority of applications that we see for Prostate Cancer critical illness cover have a loading to the premium and/or an exclusion for Cancer on the policy.

If you have applied for Prostate Cancer critical illness cover in the past and had either special terms or a premium loading applied, or if you have been declined cover altogether previously then it will generally be worth reviewing cover based on your current circumstances.

Can You Get Life Insurance If Youve Had Cancer

Life Insurance For Cancer Survivors : Getting Burial Insurance for ...

Yes. No matter where you are in your cancer treatment, many people have options for life insurance. If youre currently undergoing cancer treatment or if you havent been in remission very long, your options will be more limitedyou may only qualify for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, which comes with lower coverage limits and higher premiums.

However, if youve been cancer-free for at least a couple of years, you may qualify for simplified or traditional underwriting. This will allow you to access a term, whole, or universal life insurance policy with higher limits. Just bear in mind that your previous cancer diagnosis may still raise your rates.

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Term Life Insurance After Prostate Cancer

Acquiring term life insurance after prostate cancer treatment may be challenging but it is obtainable. However, it will be difficult acquiring term life insurance WITH prostate cancer.

When it comes to underwriting for a term policy there will be a paramedical exam, APS or medical records with the pathology report. The underwriter will want to see the entire picture to access risk appropriately.

In underwriting, prostate cancer will be assessed by stage and grade of the tumor. The stage is the tumor size. The Gleason score graded the aggressiveness of the tumor. The Gleason score ranges from 2-10. The higher the Gleason score the more likely it will spread.

Here are some examples of treatment and how it will impact a prostate cancer life insurance quote and company rates.

Example 1,

John is 51 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had a radical prostatectomy. More than one year later with a Gleason score under 5 and PSA at undetectable levels, John had got a standard rate.

Example 2,

Steven was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 56 and undergone radiation treatment. The cancer was confined to the prostate and after one year of radiation treatment with Gleason score under 6 and PSA under .02 with no rise over the year, he would be approved at a standard rate.

Example 3,

Is Cheap Life Insurance After Prostate Cancer A Myth

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer which will typically affect older males who are in the age range of 65 and over, though it can occur at any age. This form of cancer will begin in the tissues of the prostate, which is a gland located in the male reproductive system, just below the bladder.

Second only to skin cancer currently, prostate cancer is the next most common type of cancer diagnosed in men in the U.S., and it is the second leading cause of death from cancer for males. Unfortunately, because this type of cancer does not have any early warning symptoms, it can be difficult to prevent. It also tends to grow fairly slowly, and taking notice of the symptoms over time is harder, as well.

Once it has been diagnosed, the staging of prostate cancer is a way for a patients cancer care team to indicate just how far the disease has spread. In doing so, a system is used which is based on various information, including:

  • T Category This represents the extent of the primary tumor
  • N Category This represents whether or not the prostate cancer has spread to other areas of the body, such as the individuals nearby lymph nodes
  • M Category This represents the presence or the absence of distant metastasis. Some of the most common sites of prostate cancer spreading can include to the bones and to more distant lymph nodes. It can, however, also spread to other bodily organs, including the liver and the lungs.

T Categories

N Category

NX The lymph nodes have not yet been assessed.

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Insurance Companies Separate Applicants Into One Of Four Categories

This helps them decide what rates to offer. The four categories are:

  • Preferred plus – the “lowest risk” group. People in this group have the lowest premiums.
  • Preferred – the second-lowest risk group.
  • Standard plus – the second-highest risk group.
  • Standard – the “highest risk”. Standard insurance policies still offer coverage but require higher premiums.
  • These categories aren’t specific to those with a history of cancer. All life insurance applicants are reviewed this way. Classification is a matter of risk factors and demographic factors. Cancer is just a part of the equation. If you’re young and otherwise healthy, a few years of remission may be enough for preferred plus.

    If it hasn’t been very long since remission things may be different. Anyone can apply for life insurance, of course. But the type of cancer you’ve had to deal with will definitely affect your rate. Don’t be discouraged by this. Many cancer survivors have received excellent policies.

    Life Insurance For Prostate Cancer Survivors 101

    Stories of Advanced Prostate Cancer Survivors | Ask a Prostate Expert, Mark Scholz, MD

    by Ed Hinerman | Jul 16, 2007 | cancer, Independent agent, insurance, life insurance, prostate cancer, PSA |

    The very thought of trying to find life insurance for someone who has had prostate cancer would send 98% of life insurance agents screaming into the dark. Most would just tell you, without asking any questions, that you are uninsurable.

    About 80% of prostate cancer cases are not only insurable, but insurable at rates that someone with no cancer history would be happy with. If you want to win the prize there are three things that your agent should ask for and you need to be able to provide. If the agent doesnt ask for these things, get another agent.

    1. You need to know what the doctor found when you were diagnosed! Their first indication was probably an elevated PSA . You need to know what that was at the time of diagnosis. From there they would have done a biopsy. From the biopsy they would have determined a stage and grade of the cancer. The stage would be somewhere between A-D. It could be like A2. The grade, also known as the Gleason score would be two numbers added together, such as Gleason 3+3=6. Keep a copy of your pathology report. These numbers become fuzzy with age, but will mean just as much to an underwriter 5 or 10 years down the road as they do 1 year after the cancer has been stopped.

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    Do Certain Types Of Cancer Make It Harder To Get Life Insurance

    Life insurance is an industry that doesn’t focus much on what makes their customers unique. Adjusters look at complicated tables and make judgments based on data alone. Different types of cancer have different survival rates.

    Life insurance companies will offer policies accordingly. When they consider cancer patients or survivors for life insurance policies, companies consult the National Cancer Institute’s SEER database. SEER stands for “Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results”.

    The SEER Expected Survival Life Tables give companies an idea of life expectancy based on their diagnosis and stage. Life expectancy doesn’t change much for some cancers that are detected early and treated. A stage 1 skin cancer survivor in remission will likely have similar premiums to a similar healthy individual. But less treatable forms of cancer like pancreatic can have significantly higher premiums for eligible patients.

    Prostate Cancer With An Existing Life Insurance Policy

    If you already have a life insurance policy in place, theres no need to worry that the insurance company will deny paying your benefit should you die, increase your premium, or cancel your policy.

    Traditional life insurance is set up in such a way that you qualify for the policy based on your health at the time of application. Even if your health situation changes for the worse after the policy is approved, the policy will be unaffected by the changing status of your health.

    The policy will continue in force, and cannot be canceled for any reason other than nonpayment of premiums. You can rest assured that even if you do get a prostate cancer diagnosis, any existing life insurance policies you have in place will remain effective.

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    Finding Life Insurance With Prostate Cancer

    A prostate cancer diagnosis can be devastating for a man and his family. In addition to all the worries and complications that arise with any cancer diagnosis, prostate cancer can make obtaining life insurance seem like an impossible task.

    There is still hope. Most men assume that if they have prostate cancer or a similarly serious high risk condition, they will either not qualify for life insurance at all, or the rates will be far too expensive to handle.

    The truth is that you can still qualify for life insurance even if you have or have had prostate cancer. In fact, it is a common policy that is offered by many life insurance companies. It is still possible to find good quality life insurance coverage with a highly rated insurer.

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    Finding The Right Life Insurance For You

    Life Insurance For Cancer Survivors / Life Insurance for Cancer ...

    If you have a prior medical issue such as prostate cancer and wish to purchase life insurance at the lowest possible rate, you will require the assistance of a professional, who can assist you in obtaining coverage so that your application is not denied. Protect Your Wealth will help you identify and find the coverage you need to create financial stability for you and your family should you require time off work or pass away.

    If youre not sure of whats the best insurance plan or company for you, working with a life insurance specialist can help you find the best solution to fit your particular situation. At Protect Your Wealth, weve been providing expert advice for all types of life insurance since 2007. As your trusted Life Insurance broker and financial planner, we work with you to create a plan for your family or business that covers and meets your needs.

    Contact Protect Your Wealth or call us at 1-877-654-6119 to talk to an advisor today. Were proudly based out of Hamilton, and service clients anywhere in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, including areas such as , Kamloops, and Lethbridge.

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    Cancer Stage And Grade

    Early detection is extremely important when it comes to cancer. The sooner the cancer is found and diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. In addition, early detection treatments tend to be more successful.

    People that treated their prostate cancer while it was in stage one or two will receive the most favorable rate class and price. If your cancer was in stage three when it was detected, getting an approval becomes more challenging, but theres a chance that you may still qualify after a probationary period.

    Unfortunately, if youre cancer was diagnosed as stage 4, we are unable to help you with purchasing a term life insurance policy however, you may be eligible for Guaranteed Issue life insurance depending on your age.

    Life Insurance With A Family History Of Cancer

    Having a family history of cancer will increase your rates, but how much it does depends on your family’s medical history. Insurers typically want to know:

    • The type of cancer.
    • The number of relatives diagnosed and how you were related.
    • The age at which your relative was diagnosed. If they were a senior, this will likely have a lower impact on your rates than if they were young.

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    How To Get Life Insurance For Prostate Cancer Survivors

    This is another prevalent form of Cancer in the US. A life insurance company will want to look at the two main issues, including your levels. As well as your Gleason score too. The Gleason score determines how likely it is for Cancer to spread.

    If the level is low, the cancer spreading is much less, excellent news. The most essential issue life insurance companies will be looking at is how long youve been cancer-free, especially since your most recent surgery or other medical treatment.

    If youve undergone regular testing and you are under the care of a doctor. If you also have a clean bill of health, you may be eligible for life insurance at very affordable rates.

    Keeping Health Insurance And Copies Of Your Medical Records

    Life Expectancy with Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

    Even after treatment, its very important to keep health insurance. Tests and doctor visits cost a lot, and although no one wants to think of their cancer coming back, this could happen.

    At some point after your cancer treatment, you might find yourself seeing a new doctor who doesnt know your medical history. Its important to keep copies of your medical records to give your new doctor the details of your diagnosis and treatment.

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    How To Apply For Life Insurance With Prostate Cancer

    Getting informed about the state of your health and the condition of your cancer is important. This helps you get the best rate possible and also gives you a reasonable idea of how insurance companies view your condition.

    Now that you know that it is possible to obtain a reasonablelife insurance policy after a prostate cancer diagnosis, you should activelyseek out the best policy for your needs. Decide what you want out of yourpolicy and do not just jump on the first quote you are offered.

    Prostate cancer keeps many people from getting the lifeinsurance coverage their families deserve. Everyone deserves to have qualitylife insurance and the peace of mind it offers.

    It is important to keep in mind that the less an insurance company knows about your situation, the more likely they are to assume you are a high-risk case. Decrease your chances of being denied coverage and learn everything you can about your particular case. You can also learn more in our guide about life insurance for cancer patients.

    Contact one of our independent life insurance agents by calling us today.

    Can You Get Life Insurance If You Have Cancer

    Yes, its possible to qualify for life insurance, even if you have a past cancer diagnosis. Generally, insurance companies will look at these factors when considering life insurance for cancer patients and survivors:

    • When you were diagnosed: Many insurers consider five years the cutoff point for a cancer diagnosis when deciding if you qualify for traditional life insurance. If youve been cancer-free for five years or more, you can often qualify for a term or permanent life insurance policy. With some types of diagnoses, like certain skin cancers or prostate cancer, your life insurance company may approve you even sooner.
    • The type of cancer: Insurers are more likely to approve you if you had a type of cancer with a higher survival rate, like some forms of skin cancer.
    • Treatment and health status: Insurers will want to know about your treatment plan, the types of treatment youve received, the date of your last treatment, and how it has affected your overall health.
    • Age and overall health: If youre young and relatively healthy, youre more likely to qualify for lower rates. Lifestyle habits, like smoking and drinking, may also factor in.

    Each insurance company has its own guidelines, so you should make sure to consult a life insurance agent about which one is the best fit for you, based on your health history.

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