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Best Scan For Prostate Cancer

Psma Pet Scanning For Prostate Cancer Care

New Prostate Cancer Scan âIs Going To Be Life-Saving,â Doctor Says

PSMA PET scans are now FDA-approved and ongoing studies continue to suggest that it will be an even more valuable imaging tool used for both staging and restaging prostate cancer in the near future. The specifics of PSMA will hopefully allow for even more accurate imaging and the earliest possible detection when performing PET scans for prostate cancer.

When Is A PSMA PET Scan Used For Prostate Cancer?

Now FDA approved, we are currently performing PSMA PET Scans at our facility for the following purposes.

  • Staging: Patients with a first-time diagnosis of prostate cancer benefit from using a PSMA PET scan because of its superior ability to detect cancer spread offering the best possible future treatment options.
  • Restaging: Patients with suspected biochemically recurrent prostate cancer, meaning patients with elevated PSA levels after definitive therapy, benefit from using PSMA PET scans because of its ability to precisely locate recurrent prostate cancer and detect cancer spread. For both of these reasons, PSMA PET scans offer the best treatment options for recurrent prostate cancer.

How Do PSMA PET Scans Work?

Overall Accuracy Of Mp

Although the individual sequences are useful, T2WI in combination with two functional sequences has been shown to provide better characterization of tumor in the prostate. In a diagnostic meta-analysis of seven studies, de Rooij et al. revealed a high overall sensitivity and specificity on accuracy of mp-MRI using T2WI, DWI and DCE MRI. Pooled sensitivity and specificity were 0.74 and 0.88, respectively, with negative predictive value ranging from 0.65 to 0.94. In another study, mp-MRI showed good performance at detecting and ruling out clinically significant cancer, following at least one previous biopsy, with a NPV of 95% using transperineal template systemic biopsy as the gold standard. The authors concluded that mp-MRI can therefore be used as a triage test following a negative biopsy and thereby identify patients who can avoid further biopsies. A recently published study reported clinical NPV of mp-MRI at 89.6% for significant cancer over a longitudinal follow-up period of 5 years. Shakir et al. demonstrated that the benefit of MRI and targeted biopsy increases with increasing PSA levels and that the diagnostic usefulness and upgrading to clinically significant disease on biopsy occurred above a PSA threshold of 5.2 ng/mL.

Axumin Scan And Medicare Advantage Plans

Posted: Mar 29, 2017 · Six months ago the doctor at Moffit Cancer Center ordered a Axumin PET scan for BCR. I spoke with scheduling and was told they would get pre approval from BCBS and set up the scan. Well, I had the scan and BCBS denied the payment of $18,000. Since Moffitt has a whole dept. that deals only with denials, I figured I’d hear something soon.

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Biopsy During Surgery To Treat Prostate Cancer

If there is more than a very small chance that the cancer might have spread , the surgeon may remove lymph nodes in the pelvis during the same operation as the removal of the prostate, which is known as a radical prostatectomy .

The lymph nodes and the prostate are then sent to the lab to be looked at. The lab results are usually available several days after surgery.

Preparing For Your Mri Scan

New kind of MRI scan could bypass the need for a prostate ...

Before you go to your appointment, or when you arrive, you fill in a safety checklist. This asks about:

  • any operations youve had
  • whether you have any metal implants or other metals in your body

An MRI scan uses strong magnetism which could affect any metal in your body. This includes:

  • pacemakers or an implantable defibrillator
  • surgical clips, pins or plates
  • cochlear implants
  • metal fragments anywhere in your body for example from an injury, dental fillings and bridges

You can still have an MRI scan if you have some metals in your body, but your doctor and radiographer decide if its safe for you. Tell the scanner staff about any metals in your body.

Some people feel claustrophobic or closed in when theyre having an MRI scan. Contact the department before your test if youre likely to feel like this. The hospital staff can take extra care to make sure youre comfortable and that you understand whats going on. Your doctor can give you medicine to help you relax if you need to.

The radiographers let you know whether you need to empty your bowels of any poo or gas before having the scan. In some departments you might be given an enema. An enema is a liquid filled pouch that has a nozzle that you can put into your back passage and it helps to empty your bowels.

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Why Should I Choose Uchicago Medicine For Psma Pet Imaging

Our physicians are highly knowledgeable in PSMA PET technology and interpreting the scans.

  • UChicago Medicine was the only institution in Chicago to participate in both the CONDOR and OSPREY clinical trials required for the FDA approval of Pylarify. Our urologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and radiation oncologists collaborate closely to provide therapies based on the entirety of a patients diagnostic information.
  • We offer a specialized clinic, the University of Chicago Medicine High-Risk and Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic , for patients at high risk for prostate cancer and those diagnosed with advanced disease.
  • UChicago Medicine uses state-of-the art PET imaging equipment and is increasing the number of PET machines it operates so you wont have to wait long for an appointment.
  • UChicago Medicine researchers conduct joint studies with theUniversity of Chicagos Argonne National Laboratory, the only academic cyclotron in Chicagoland that allows us to develop and manufacture novel radiotracers like the ones used in PSMA PET.

Which Method Is Best

To return to Craigs situation, his direct question to the urologist is warranted. Both scanning methods are game-changers for early detection of biochemical recurrence, because they facilitate treatment plans with the greatest chances for success. However, if his doctor has been following the research, he would be likely to prescribe Gallium 68 PSMA-11 rather than Axumin.

As of this writing, the use of Gallium 68 PSMA-11 appears to offer more accuracy than Axumin, with the possible exception of localized recurrence near the bladder. The timing is right for Craig. As of Dec. 1, 2020, Gallium 68 PSMA-11 is FD-approved for PET imaging of post-treatment prostate cancer patients whose PSA is rising . It is also approved for untreated patients who are suspected of having advanced or metastatic prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis.

With luck, Craigs scan will pinpoint one or two lesions that can be well managed by a urological oncologist, possible with curative effect. We join patients like our fictitious Craig whose advanced or recurrent prostate cancer can now be detected very early, thanks to Gallium 68 PSMA-11.

NOTE: This content is solely for purposes of information and does not substitute for diagnostic or medical advice. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing pelvic pain, or have any other health concerns or questions of a personal medical nature.

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When You Arrive At The Scan Department

The radiographer might ask you to change into a hospital gown. You might not have to undress if your clothing doesnt have any metal, such as zips or clips.

You have to:

  • remove any jewellery, including body piercings and your watch
  • remove your hair clips
  • empty your pockets of coins and keys

Its safe to take a relative or friend into the scanning room with you. But check with the department staff first. Your friend or relative will also need to remove any metal they have on them.

Which Pet Scans Work Best For Prostate Cancer And When Should They Be Considered

Bone Metastasis: Treatments, Scans & Side Effects | Ask a Prostate Expert, Mark Scholz, MD

Numerous studies have compared Choline radiotracers with PSMA and Axumin showing better imaging in men with biochemical recurrence from PSMA and Auximin compared to choline radiotracers.

At this point the types of PET scans I recommend after prostate cancer recurrence is either PSMA or Axumin. PSMA PET is not yet commercially available in the United States but it is throughout Europe.

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What Is A Pet Scan And Why Is It Used For Prostate Cancer

New GE Discovery IQ PET Scanner

  • What is a PET scan? A PET Scan, short for Positron Emission Tomography Scan, is an imaging technique that uses radioactive tracers to clearly image targeted areas in the body. It is primarily used in the diagnosis, initial staging and treatment strategy, to assess the effectiveness of therapy and for restaging, or the evaluation for recurrent disease after treatment.
  • Why is a PET scan used for prostate cancer? PET scanning is used for prostate cancer because of its superior ability to target and capture images of prostate cancer on a cellular level. This allows for more accurate staging and restaging in the overall prostate cancer treatment strategy. With new radiotracers being developed and studied, PET scanning continues to lead the way in what will be possible for imaging during treatment of prostate cancer.

PET scanning has revolutionized the way prostate cancer is imaged because of its ability to target cancer on a cellular and molecular level. PET Scanning uses a radioactive tracer that is absorbed and visualized in cancerous cells related to the prostate. This makes a PET scan a better choice than more conventional imaging modalities that only evaluate an anatomical snapshot of abnormalities rather than the functional aspects of a PET scan.

What Do My Scan Results Mean

Your TNM stage is used to work out if your cancer is localised, locally advanced or advanced. This can help your doctor see how far it has spread and which treatment might be suitable for you.

Cancer that’s contained inside the prostate. Sometimes called early prostate cancer. Possible TNM stages are:

  • T stage: T1 or T2
  • N stage: N0 or NX
  • M stage: M0 or MX.

Cancer that’s started to break out of the prostate, or has spread to the area just outside it. Possible TNM stages are:

  • T stage: T1 or T2
  • N stage: N1
  • T stage: T3 or T4
  • N stage: N0 or N1
  • M stage: M0.

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Why Are Breakthroughs Occurring More Frequently

The reason for the acceleration in the frequency of breakthroughs is the culmination of extensive basic research leading to a deeper understanding of cellular biology of prostate cancer. More specifically, the specific genetic mutations that cause uncontrolled cellular growth have been elucidated.

Mutated genes are what makes cancer cells different from normal cells. Now that these mutations can be identified, new medications can be designed to compensate for the abnormally functioning genes. Think of how a software patch might be written by a computer programmer to fix a computer glitch.

In prior years, before our arrival at our present-day understanding of cell biology, new medicines were the result of an arduous, trial and error developmental process. A randomly selected chemical would be administered to cancer cells growing in Petri dishes. If the chemical caused the cancer cells to die, it would be administered to animals with cancer. If the cancer regressed and the animal lived, it would be tested in humans. Successful human trials would then lead to FDA approval and the commercial availability of a new treatment.

Unlike the rationally-designed medications of recent times, the way that these medications discovered by trial and error function was often unknown.

Pet/ct At Oregon Imaging


Posted: The majority of PET/CT scans are performed for oncologic applications. Physicians utilize PET/CT scans for diagnosing, staging, re-staging and evaluating treatments for their patients. The scan helps distinguish between benign and malignant disorders by assessing tissues at a cellular level. A PET/CT scan can also show the extent of disease.

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New Prostate Cancer Blood Test

If you have an abnormal PSA score, your doctor may recommend another newertest that gives a better sense of yourprostate cancer risk. The prostate health index is one such test that is a more accurateblood test and measures your risk for having prostate cancer. Its approvedby the FDA for men who have PSA scores between 4 and 10.

What are the benefits of the PHI test?

  • Fewer unnecessary biopsies: Some men who have elevated PSA scores are unsure about getting an invasive biopsy. This tool can be used to better determine whether your risk is high enough to warrant a biopsy.
  • More accurate: This test is better at detecting prostate cancer. It can also detect whether you have a more aggressive type of cancer. This information can guide doctors to a more targeted treatment plan for you.

If you score low on the PHI test, your doctor may recommend monitoring youover time to see if your levels rise enough to cause concern.

Schedule An Imaging Appointment At Envision Imaging Or Colorado Springs Imaging

If you or a loved one needs an imaging test for diagnosing prostate cancer, book the appointment with a reliable radiology center like Envision Imaging or Colorado Springs Imaging. We put the needs of our patients first by providing the highest-quality imaging tests along with compassionate care. We offer exceedingly responsive and flexible scheduling options and immediate turnaround times for procedure results to meet patients needs.

To book your prostate cancer imaging test in Louisiana, Texas or Oklahoma, find the Envision Imaging office nearest you today. For patients in or around Colorado Springs, feel free to schedule your imaging appointment quickly and efficiently by contacting Colorado Springs Imaging.

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Further Testing For Advanced Cancer

If there’s a significant chance the cancer has spread from your prostate to other parts of the body, further tests may be recommended.

These include:

  • an MRI scan, CT scan or PET scan these scans build a detailed picture of the inside of your body
  • an isotope bone scan, which can tell if the cancer has spread to your bones a small amount of radiation dye is injected into the vein and then collects in parts of the bone where there are any abnormalities

Anyone With Experience With Axumin Pet Scan

Bone Scan for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Posted: Jan 15, 2020 · The recommended PSA level is above 0.70 ng/ml for the PSMA-PET and 1.50 ng/ml for the Axumin-PET. The Choline C11 scan is known to provide false negatives in low PSA levels of less than 1.50 ng/ml. The short period of the ttrace’s half-life also contribute to false negatives in these scans.

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What Happens During The Test

Depending on the type of scan you need, a dye may be injected into your vein so the radiologist can better see the body structures on the image.

After the dye is injected, you may feel flushed or you may have a metallic taste in your mouth. These are common reactions. If you notice shortness of breath or any unusual symptoms, tell the technician.

The technician will help you lie in the correct position on the examining table. The table will then automatically move into place for imaging. Lie as still as possible during the entire procedure. Movement could blur the images. You may be asked to hold your breath briefly while each X-ray image is taken.

How To Tell If Your Cancer Has Metastasized

Prostate cancer metastasis may be suspected if you have specific symptoms such as new lower back pain or elevated liver enzymes. These may be signs your cancer has spread to your spine or your liver, respectively. If your prostate-specific antigen levels continue to rise despite treatment, especially if they are rising particularly fast, this may be a sign that cancer is metastasizing somewhere in your body.

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Additional Pet Scanning Faq

Is PET scanning safe?

While PET scanning does involve the use of radioactive tracers, these are diagnostic levels of radiation that are completely safe and have no known side effects.

How long does it take to get the results after a PET Scan?

Images are captured and created during the PET scan procedure, and afterward, a radiologist will utilize their training and experience to interpret the scan and produce a written report of findings and conclusions. This report is then transmitted to your referring physician who would then review those results with you and discuss any further treatment if needed.

What is it like for a patient to have a PET Scan?

Please watch this video we created that clearly walks one through the experience of having a PET scan and answers all common questions about PET scanning.

The Future Of Psma Pet

Scan for Prostate Cancer

This is a solid study and reflects the real-world experience with PSMA PET-CT in other countries, Dr. Pomper said. Because there are several PSMA-targeted tracers, a next step will be to have them approved for use in the United States outside of clinical trials, he added.

He predicted that, eventually, the different PSMA tracers will be tested head to head.

The Australian trial adds to a growing body of research on improving the detection of metastatic tumors in men with prostate cancer. One imaging agent, fluciclovine F18 which targets prostate cancer cells in a different way than PSMA-targeted tracersis already approved in the United States for use in men with previously treated prostate cancer that appears to be progressing .

PSMA PET-CT is also being studied in this group of men, Dr. Shankar said. One small clinical trial that directly compared PSMA PET-CT with fluciclovine F18 PET-CT showed that the PSMA-targeted scan found more metastatic tumors, regardless of their location. NCI is funding a similar but larger clinical trial.

Dr. Pomper noted that PSMA also is found at relatively high levels in the vasculature of a number of other cancersincluding kidney, thyroid, and breastso hes hopeful that PSMA PET-CT might be useful beyond prostate cancer.

Urologists and radiation oncologists in many places are already ordering this scan as the standard of care, he said.

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