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Early Warnings Of Prostate Cancer

Diagnosing And Treating Prostate Cancer

Are There Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

Several tests may be used to diagnose prostate cancer. Once a diagnosis is determined, an array of treatment options may be available to treat the disease. Tools and procedures used to diagnose prostate cancer include:

Digital rectal examination : This typically is one of the first tests to determine the presence of prostate cancer. During a DRE, which is often performed as part of a regular physical examination, a doctor feels the prostate for lumps or unusual growths.

Biopsy: During this procedure, a tissue sample is removed and examined for the presence of cancer cells.

Imaging tests: Ultrasound, MRI, CT scan and prostascint scan may be used to help determine the size and stage of the cancer.

Advanced genomic testing: This test looks for abnormalities in the cancers DNA.

Learn more about diagnostic procedures for prostate cancer

How Does The Doctor Know If Its Cancer

If you have symptoms that might be caused by colorectal cancer or if a screening test shows something not normal, your doctor will want to do more testing to find the cause.

Your doctor will ask about your medical history to learn about possible risk factors, including check for symptoms and. It’s important to know your family history. You will also be asked if youre having any symptoms and, if so, when they started and how long youve had them.

You might be able to have a virtual visit to talk with your doctor about symptoms or risk factors that might be worrying you. But, depending on your symptoms, your doctor might want you to schedule an in-person visit so you can be examined. As part of a physical exam, your doctor will carefully feel your abdomen for masses or enlarged organs, and also examine the rest of your body. You may also have a digital rectal exam . During this test, the doctor inserts a lubricated, gloved finger into your rectum to feel for any abnormal areas.

Your doctor may also want you to get more tests such as:

Other tests, such as MRI scans, x-rays and blood tests may also be done to look at how big the cancer is and whether it has spread.

Prognosis For Prostate Cancer

It is not possible for a doctor to predict the exact course of a disease, as it will depend on each person’s individual circumstances. However, your doctor may give you a prognosis, the likely outcome of the disease, based on the type of prostate cancer you have, the test results, the rate of tumour growth, as well as your age, fitness and medical history.

Prostate cancer often grows slowly and even more aggressive types tend to grow more slowly than other types of cancer. If diagnosed early, prostate cancer has one of the highest five year survival rates.

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Fight Prostate Cancer With Rcca

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the expertise you need can be found at Regional Cancer Care Associates. Your treatment plan will entail the latest and most advanced treatment methods and techniques available. For more information, contact one of our locations or call our headquarters at 844-346-7222.

Blood In Semen Or Urine

Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

Blood in both the urine and seminal fluid is key to look for.As a tumor develops in the prostate gland, it can grow, causing it to press on the urethra, surrounding glands, and blood vessels. As this happens 2, structures can become irritated , which leads to bloody urine or semen. Down the line, blood in the semen or urine can also happen as a result of common prostate treatment options.

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Whats The Main Reason Men Get Prostate Cancer

Researchers believe that a combination of factors are usually involved with the development of prostate cancer. In 10% of diagnoses, men have inherited a genetic disposition to the disease. Other things then increase their risk, including:

  • Age: 65 years of age or older
  • Ethnicity: Black men are at the greatest risk
  • Lifestyle: Diet, physical activity, and smoking

Important Symptoms That Your Urine Can Show

Apparently, prostate cancer is a relatively common disease amongst men generally. Its one of the major causes of death for men. Sadly, only a very small part of them develop a treatment in a significant way. Using other words, most of the prostate cancers stay perpetually hidden from view and totally harmless. Very few become a form which causes serious problems with health. In order to avoid the second one, it is very important to educate yourself well about the most commonplace symptoms in men, associated with the developing of prostate tumors.

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What Are The 5 Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer

Each year, almost 250,000 men in the United States are diagnosed with prostate cancer. As with other forms of cancer, this is a dangerous disease that is more easily treated if detected early. Let’s discuss what may cause prostate cancer, the 5 common warning signs associated with it, and what to do if you suspect that you have it.

Prostate Cancer Risk Groups

Five Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer, What should I do?

In addition to stage, doctors may use other prognostic factors to help plan the best treatment and predict how successful treatment will be. Examples of these include the National Comprehensive Cancer Network risk group categories and the Cancer of the Prostate Risk Assessment risk score from University of California, San Francisco.

Information about the cancers stage and other prognostic factors will help the doctor recommend a specific treatment plan. The next section in this guide is Types of Treatment. Use the menu to choose a different section to read in this guide.

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Yellowing Of The Skin And Eyes

Noticing your skin and eyes turning yellow is something you should never ignore. Jaundice can be due to conditions like liver disease and hepatitis, but Matthew Walsh, MD, a surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio, said on a Cleveland Clinic podcast that it can also go hand-in-hand with pancreatic cancer. “You can have a relatively small tumor in the very end of the pancreas that can cause jaundice,” he said. ” one of the symptoms and that can occur relatively early.”

Is Psa Testing A Valid Risk Indicator For Prostate Cancer

Getting your prostate-specific antigen levels tested on a routine basis is what the medical system says is the best way to catch prostate cancer early and eradicate it with minimal intervention. High PSA levels are suggestive of prostate cancer onset, the public has long been told. Men who fall into this category are often encouraged to get biopsied and undergo invasive treatment like surgery and radiation.

The problem is that a biopsy or the prostate removal operation can cause a dormant cancer to spread through the rest of the body. The PSA test is known as the gold standard for detecting prostate cancer. But is it really? Does a high PSA equal prostate cancer? This is an important question, because a high PSA leads most men straight to biopsies, then to the knife, and then straight to incontinence and impotence. Of course, lets not forget that these procedures will guarantee billions of dollars for your doctor and the medical industrial complex.

According to recent articles in the New York Times and Washington Post, the PSA test is essentially worthless. You see, the PSA test simply reveals how much of the prostate antigen a man has in his blood, which is a marker of inflammation and can indicate cancer, but not necessarily. You see, infections, benign swelling of the prostate, and over-the-counter drugs can all elevate a mans PSA level.

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Talk With Your Doctor

Prostate cancer is a risk for all men as they age, but if its caught and treated early, the outlook is generally very good. So as you get older, be sure to have open conversations with your doctor about your risk.

If you have any symptoms you think might be prostate cancer, talk to your doctor right away. And even if you dont have symptoms, consider adopting a healthy lifestyle to decrease your risk.

Early Warnings Of Prostate Cancer That Many People Ignore

12 Early Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer That Every Guy ...

The statistics show that men have a 1/7 chance of developing prostate cancer at some points in their life. According to research made in 2012, there were nearly 3 million American men who suffered from this disease. It is true that the condition is highly treatable, however, most of the men are living with it unnecessarily, because they were not taught what the signs are or how to treat it before the disease gets advanced, or they have no idea about its causes, neither about ways to avoid it.

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What Is The Survival Rate For Prostate Cancer

Most of the men diagnosed with prostate cancer will not die from it. Other medical conditions along with prostate cancer can cause death.

Survival rates for men with prostate cancer have increased over the years due to increased screening and treatment options. Ninety-nine percent of men with prostate cancer will survive for a minimum of five years after diagnosis.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer might not cause symptoms right away. In fact, many of the symptoms of colorectal cancer can also be caused by other problems, such as infection, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, or inflammatory bowel disease.

It’s important to get checked if you have any of following problems. In many cases, people who have these symptoms do not have cancer. But you should talk to your doctor if you have any of them so the cause can be found and treated.

  • A change in bowel habits, such as diarrhea, constipation, or narrowing of the stool, that lasts for more than a few days
  • A feeling that you need to have a bowel movement that is not relieved by having one
  • Rectal bleeding with bright red blood
  • Blood in the stool, which might make it look dark brown or black
  • Cramping or abdominal pain
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Losing weight without trying

Often colorectal cancer doesnt cause symptoms until it has grown or spread. Thats why its best to be tested for colorectal cancer before ever having any symptoms. Colorectal cancer thats found early through screening, before you have symptoms, might be easier to treat. Screening can even prevent some colorectal cancers by finding and removing pre-cancerous growths called polyps.

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How Do You Know If You Have Prostate Cancer

Because so many men dont experience any symptoms of prostate cancer, its even more important you see your doctor and regularly have your prostate checked.

You cant check your prostate yourself, it must be done by a doctor.

Prostate Cancer UK says you are at increased risk of developing prostate cancer if youre over the age of 50, if you have a family history of prostate cancer or if you are black.

You can use their risk checker online tool here.

Pain And Discomfort In The Pelvic Area Lower Back Or Upper Thighs


Symptoms associated with prostate cancer can also be caused by other non-cancerous diseases, such as a urinary tract infection or benign prostatic hyperplasia . The latter is often confused with prostate cancer. Your doctor can help to diagnose your exact condition and address any of the issues listed above with treatment.

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How Is Prostate Cancer Treated

A PSA test of the blood is a prostate specific method of testing for prostate cancer. The prostate produces the antigens used in the tests naturally, and elevated levels can indicate if cancer is present. A DRE may also be necessary to confirm a diagnosis. Once those are done, biopsies, imaging tests and advanced genomic testing are done to detect the presence of cancer cells, the stage of cancer and for abnormalities in the DNA.

Treatment options vary depending on the stage of cancer and how aggressive it is. A healthy diet, healthy weight, and exercise are simple ways to help in fighting the cancer. Slower growing cancers that show minimal symptoms may be treated using monitoring methods like active surveillance and watchful waiting. These methods observe any changes in the cancers progression and treatment would only change if the cancer gets worse. Aggressive cancers are treated with radiation therapy to kill or slow the growth of cancer cells or prostatectomy surgery to remove the gland completely.

Finding the right treatment for prostate cancer can prevent far worse complications if caught early enough. If you think you may have the early stages of prostate cancer, make an appointment with Dr Herman, Dr. Kester and the Urology Center of Florida to get expert treatment right away.

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Early Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer Every Guy Should Know

In most cases, prostate cancer symptoms are not apparent in the early stages of the disease. The symptoms of prostate cancer may be different for each man, and any one of these symptoms may be caused by other conditions. As a result, routine screenings in the form of digital rectal exams and prostate-specific androgen tests are important.

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Finding Out If The Cancer Has Spread

To find out if cancer has spread outside of the prostate, doctors may perform the imaging tests listed below. Doctors are able to estimate the risk of spread, called metastasis, based on PSA levels, tumor grade, and other factors, but an imaging test can confirm and provide information about the cancers location.

Imaging tests may not always be needed. A CT scan or bone scan may not be necessary for those with no symptoms and low-risk, early-stage prostate cancer, as determined with information from the PSA test and biopsy. Learn more about when these tests are recommended to find out if the cancer has spread.

For people with advanced prostate cancer, ASCO recommends that 1 or more of the imaging tests below be done to provide more information about the disease and help plan the best treatment. This includes when there is a newly diagnosed, high-risk cancer if metastasis is suspected or confirmed if the cancer has returned following treatment or when the cancer grows during the treatment period. Learn more about this guideline on the ASCO website.

Magnetic resonance imaging . An MRI scan uses magnetic fields, not x-rays, to produce detailed images of the body. An MRI can be used to measure the tumors size, and a scan can focus specifically on the area of the prostate or on the whole body. A special dye called contrast medium is given before the scan to create a clearer picture, which is injected into a patients vein.

These Symptoms Not To Ignore

12 Early Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer That Every Guy ...

The majority of tumors arise on the posterior side of the prostate gland, i.e. in the portion of the prostate that faces the rectum, write the experts at the German cancer research center in a message. If complaints arise in connection with prostate cancer, the cancer is often already so large that it presses on other organs. If the following symptoms show, should not be pushed, therefore, a visit to the doctor on the long Bank.

  • Voiding dysfunction: If the carcinoma in the urethra, it can discomfort when urinating come. This can manifest itself in, for example, went through start-up difficulty, weak urinary stream, pain or frequent urinary.
  • Discoloration of the urine or semen: blood in the urine or blood in semen are considered as a warning sign for prostate cancer. These signs can indicate inflammation or infection, should be medically investigated.
  • Problems during sexual intercourse: diving in connection with the intercourse pain, or erectile dysfunction, can this of changes in the prostate point.
  • Defecation pain: If the enlarge prostate to the bowel, it can cause pain during bowel movements come.

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Early Warning Signs Of Prostate Cancer

As the prostate gland resides near the bladder and the urethra, you may experience a variety of urinary symptoms that signal prostate cancers developmental stage. For some people, the first signs may be absent, and the disease may remain silent for many years. The list below provides the early warning signs of prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, it is rare to find out any visible indication of prostate cancer in the early stages. But, some common signs alert of any problem in the prostate.

You may experience and display single or multiple signs among these as a result of the cancer growth. It is crucial to understand that while these warning signs can ultimately lead to prostate cancer diagnosis, several other less-serious conditions also share these signs. Even benign prostate condition or urinary tract infection can display some of these signs. Hence, before drawing any conclusion, you should reach out to the health care providers for a professional diagnosis. However, learning about the early warning signs of prostate cancer helps you understand when to see your doctor for an immediate check-up.

Can Women Get Prostate Cancer

Women do not have a prostate gland, therefore, they cannot develop the prostate cancer that affects men. However, some people refer to a womans Skenes glands as the female prostate.

Maslow emphasizes, Women do not have a prostate. They do not need to worry about prostate cancer. We do appropriate screenings for female patients.

The Skenes glands are the two small ducts located in front of the vaginal wall and along both sides of the urethra. These glands are not the same as prostate glands in men, though they function similarly in how they drain fluids into the urethra.

Cancer in the Skenes glands is extremely rare and accounts for an estimated 0.003% of female cancers that originate in the urinary tract and genitals. The primary symptom of this cancer is bleeding out of the urethra. Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible if you are female and experience abnormal bleeding from your vagina or urethra.

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