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Lifestyle Changes For Prostate Cancer

Things You Can Change: Diet And Lifestyle

Prostate Cancer and Lifestyle

Men in western countries have much higher rates of prostate cancer than men in Asia. While no one can definitively explain this phenomenon, experts suspect differences in eastern and western diets are to blame. Poor eating habits and diets that heavily rely on fats and animal proteins can cause DNA damage and lead to cancer.

Even men who are already at greater risk due to age, race or genetics can reduce their chances of developing prostate cancer by adopting healthy diets and lifestyles.

Foods To Eat And Avoid

If you would like to replicate the plant-based MEAL diet on your own, foods to eat include:

  • Two servings daily of tomatoes and tomato products. Tomatoes are high in lycopene, an antioxidant which may have a protective effect on prostate health.
  • Two servings daily of cruciferous vegetables. Vegetables in this group include broccoli, bok choy, Brussel sprouts, horseradish, cauliflower, kale, and turnips. These vegetables are high in isothiocyanates, which may help protect against cancer.
  • At least one serving daily of vegetables and fruits high in carotenoids. Carotenoids are a family of antioxidants found in orange and dark green vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, winter squash, and dark green, leafy vegetables.
  • One to two servings daily of whole grains. High-fiber, whole-grain foods include oatmeal, quinoa, barley, millet, buckwheat, and brown rice.
  • At least one serving daily of beans or legumes. High in protein and low in fat, beans and legumes include soybeans and soybean products, lentils, peanuts, chickpeas, and carob.

Its not only what you eat, but what you dont eat that counts. The study allows for only one serving a day of any of the following:

  • 2 to 3 ounces of red meat
  • 2 ounces of processed meat
  • other sources of saturated animal fat, such as 1 tablespoon butter, 1 cup whole milk, or 2 egg yolks

Its important to note that

Can Diet Cure Prostate Cancer

Not even the healthiest diet should be used as the sole treatment for prostate cancer.

A diet low in animal fats and high in vegetables appears to have a positive effect on tumor growth. However, medical treatment is still needed in order to effectively treat the disease, and to eliminate or reduce recurrence.

Its important to remember that the men enrolled in the MEAL study are monitored closely for disease progression. If you decide to replicate their meal plans on your own, you must also remain vigilant about prescribed treatments and keep all of your medical appointments.

Prostate cancer treatment may include:

  • watchful waiting
  • other forms of treatment

Some of these treatments may have side effects, such as fatigue, nausea, or loss of appetite.

Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle during treatment may sometimes be challenging. But it is achievable and may help to avoid recurrence of the disease.

Diet is only part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few other action items to keep in mind:

  • Keep active by maintaining a social calendar or attending a support group.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity has been linked to adverse outcomes in men with prostate cancer.
  • Find an exercise you enjoy and make it part of your regular routine. Walking, swimming, and lifting weights are all good choices.
  • Eliminate or reduce use of tobacco products, such as cigarettes.
  • Eliminate or reduce alcohol consumption.

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Lifestyle Therapy For Prostate Cancer: Does It Work

Prostate cancer is the most common internal malignancy in American men it’s second only to lung cancer among the leading causes of male cancer deaths. That makes it an urgent problem, and it is finally getting the scientific respect it deserves. Still, despite thorough investigations that have yielded major advances, many aspects of the disease remain unknown.

One area of uncertainty is the cause of prostate cancer. Genetics certainly play an important role, but heredity cannot explain most cases. Lifestyle factors have also been implicated the leading candidate is diet. A high consumption of saturated fat from animal sources is linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer, while whole grains, tomatoes, some vegetables, fish, and soy appear protective. Although the data are less complete, red wine may be protective, while a very high consumption of calcium may be harmful. Some studies also implicate alpha-linolenic acid, the omega-3 fat in flaxseeds and canola oil, as a risk factor. Other lifestyle elements that have been linked to the disease include obesity, lack of exercise, and heavy smoking and drinking.

Faced with these uncertainties, it is not surprising that up to 73% of men with prostate cancer take nonprescription supplements, and smaller numbers use diet, exercise, or both in the hope of improving their outcome. Most of these men also receive conventional therapy, but a few depend on lifestyle alone.

Can Ejaculating More Prevent Prostate Cancer

Common Questions About Prostate Cancer Treatment

The prostate stagnation hypothesis theorizes that one mechanism for the development of prostate cancer is the buildup of carcinogenic secretions in the prostate gland over time. This led to the theory that ejaculating more frequently may decrease the risk of prostate cancer by eliminating these secretions from the prostate regularly. A large study of over 31,000 men with 18 years of follow-up and found that men who ejaculated 21 or more times per month in their 20s and 40s had an approximate 20% decreased the risk of prostate cancer compared to those who ejaculated 47 times per month. We cannot say whether the reduced risk was due to more frequent ejaculation, but ejaculating more frequently may be an enjoyable way to decrease the risk of prostate cancer.

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Can Lifestyle Changes Help Treat Prostate Cancer

Up to 73% of men with prostate cancer take nonprescription supplements, and smaller numbers use diet, exercise, or both in the hope of improving their outcome. Most of these men also receive conventional therapy, but a few depend on lifestyle alone. The appeal of lifestyle therapy is obviousbut does it work? Experts don’t know, though research raises hope that it may have a beneficial impact, reports the July 2007 issue of Harvard Men’s Health Watch.

All of the 93 men who signed up for the trial had newly diagnosed low- to moderate-grade cancers that were localized to the prostate gland. Half were randomly assigned to a lifestyle program, and half got no advice on lifestyle changes. The program that researchers created included four elements: An ultra-low-fat vegan diet supplements, including soy, fish oil, vitamins E and C, and selenium an exercise program of walking 30 minutes six days a week and stress reduction that included yoga-based stretching, breathing, and meditation for an hour a day.

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Surgery Surgery Is Used To Treat Bph When Drug Therapy Stops Workingor To Treat Those Who Can’t Urinate At All It Can Also Be Used To Relievesevere Symptoms

Transurethral resection of the prostate

Transurethral resection of the prostate removesprostate tissue through the urethra. It is the surgery most commonly used totreat BPH. While TURP relieves urinary symptoms in most men, urinary problemscan come back over time if the prostate starts to grow again. This is why youngermen may need to have this surgery more than once.

This surgery is done in an operating room. The doctor passes a resectoscope through the urethra to reach the prostate. A resectoscope is a type of endoscope . It has a thin wire that carries an electric current. The doctor uses the electric current to cut away prostate tissue around the urethra. The doctor then removes this tissue through the resectoscope.

The most common side effects of TURP include:

  • bleeding
  • infection
  • semen flowing into the bladder instead of out the end of the penis

In rare cases, you may develop erectile dysfunction orincontinence after TURP. But this surgery has a lower risk of these sideeffects than surgery to remove the prostate .

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How Will Treatment Affect My Ability To Orgasm Or My Fertility

Surgery for prostate cancer can affect both your orgasms and your ability to have children. The prostate gland normally adds a fluid called semen to sperm to nourish and protect it. Youll no longer make semen after surgery, which means your orgasms will be dry. Radiation therapy can also reduce the amount of fluid you ejaculate. Without semen, you wont be able to father children. If youre concerned about fertility, you can bank your sperm before your surgery.

After surgery, orgasms will also feel different. You wont have that normal buildup of sensation before you have an orgasm. Youll still be able to feel pleasure, though.

Lifestyle Changes To Control The Symptoms Of Prostate Enlargement

Prostate Health: Lifestyle Changes To Help Boost Men’s Health

Prostate enlargement, or benign prostate hyperplasia , is a common, non-cancerous condition affecting nearly 14 million men over the age of 50.

The symptoms of prostate gland enlargement include a decrease in the force and caliber of the urinary stream, frequency of urination, urgency, a feeling of not emptying the bladder despite urination and nocturia, or the need to get up at night to urinate. Although lifestyle changes will not cure the problem, they can alleviate some of the symptoms.

Making some lifestyle changes can often help you control the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and prevent your condition from worsening.

Remember what goes in must come out. Therefore, dont drink anything several hours before you go to sleep. Especially avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea,as the caffeine acts as a diuretic and causes increased urine output that may result in getting up at night to empty your bladder.

Limit your alcohol consumption, especially at the dinner meal. Again, alcohol acts as a diuretic, causing increased production of urine and causing your bladder to fill up sooner than you would like.Avoid spicy foods. These appear to irritate the bladder and can result in urinary frequency and nighttime voiding.

Avoid antihistamines and decongestants, as these cause the bladder to decrease the force of contraction and result in the bladder not emptying as well. If you have to take antihistamines, use them earlier in the day.

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Diet Exercise May Slow Early Prostate Cancer

Study: No Men Required Prostate Cancer Treatment After Following Intensive Program for 1 Year

A new study shows that diet may play a significant role in stopping, or even reversing, early prostate cancer. Exercising more frequently, even in moderation, may also go a long way in retarding the disease.

The study findings apply only to men with early prostate cancer. This means that under a microscope the cancer cells do not appear aggressive. It also means that the prostate cancer had not spread outside the prostate.

No man should ever rely on lifestyle changes alone to treat prostate cancer without first talking to their doctor.

How Will Treatment Affect My Libido

Prostate cancer may dampen your sex drive. Knowing that you have cancer and going through treatment can both cause you to feel too anxious to have sex.

Hormone therapy used to treat prostate cancer can also affect your libido. This treatment slows prostate cancer growth by lowering testosterone levels in your body. You need testosterone to have a healthy sex drive. Hormone therapy can also affect your self-esteem and sex drive by making you gain weight or causing your breast tissue to enlarge. If your hormone levels are low, your doctor may be able to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to bring them back up to normal. This depends on your overall cancer treatment plan.

2013 study , about 3 percent of participants reported that they had a reduced penis size after radical prostatectomy or radiation plus hormone therapy. The men said their smaller penis affected their relationships and their satisfaction with life.

For men who do experience this, the change in size is generally half an inch or less. This decrease in size may be due to tissues shrinking in the penis. These tissues may shrink because of nerve and blood vessel damage.

If youre concerned about this side effect, ask your doctor about taking a drug for an erectile dysfunction , such as Cialis or Viagra. The increased blood flow from these drugs may help prevent your penis from getting smaller. Theyll also help with acquiring and maintaining an erection.

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Managing Prostate Cancer Risks With Lifestyle Changes

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Prostate cancer is the second most commonly occurring cancer in men. It usually affects men in the age of 60s but now its commonly seen in the younger age as well. The risk factors include older age, obesity, and family history. Treating and managing prostate cancer requires a team of radiation, medical staff, and uro-oncologist.

Prostate cancer treatment in India includes radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy.

Symptoms of prostate cancer:

  • Discomfort in the pelvic area

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are the two most important things to stay healthy and maintain ideal body weight. If you have prostate cancer then maintaining an ideal weight is of utmost priority for you as being overweight may lead to the spread of cancer-causing advanced prostate cancer.

Maintaining a healthy diet and physical activity can help keep side effects at bay while undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. You need to possess certain lifestyle changes to manage prostate cancer risks.

Robotic surgery is advanced surgery that involves a very small cut on the abdomen. The cost of robotic surgery for prostate cancer in India is about 2-2.5 lakh.

Bianca Plant Discusses Mental Health Lifestyle Changes And Prostate Cancer

Taking prostate cancer to heart

LAFAYETTE, La. Nearly half of American men will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

About 233,000 will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with the other top cancers being Skin & Colorectal Cancer.

Prostate cancer death rates are decreasing annually, regular check-ups can detect cancer early, and lifestyle changes are your best defense to decreasing cancer risk.

Taking 10,000 steps daily to reduce cardiovascular disease, 7-8 hours of sleep per night, replace animal-based fats with plant based , check your mental health regularly, quit smoking, include 40g fiber like brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain bread, fruit & vegetables , & include isoflavones that reduce risk of prostate cancer.

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Increase Your Vitamin D

Most people dont get enough vitamin D. It can help protect against prostate cancer and many other conditions. Vitamin D-rich foods include cod liver oil, wild salmon and dried shitake mushrooms. Since the sun is a better, more readily available source of vitamin D, many experts recommend getting 10 minutes of sun exposure every day. Doctors often recommend vitamin D supplements. However, you should talk to your doctor before taking any vitamin or supplement.

Tips For Talking With Your Partner

Feeling less of a desire to have sex or having trouble getting an erection may affect your relationship. Try to be as open with your partner as you can. Here are some tips:

  • Bring your partner with you to doctors visits. Being part of the conversation may help them understand what youre experiencing.
  • Listen to your partners concerns, too. Remember that this issue affects both of you.
  • See a therapist or a sex therapist to help you work out any issues that are affecting your sex life.
  • If sex is a problem right now, its possible to fulfill each other sexually in other ways. Cuddling, kissing, and caressing can also be pleasurable.

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What Types Of Lifestyle Changes Should I Make After A Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Or Treatment

For some individuals, a diagnosis of prostate cancer can help them to focus on aspects of their health in ways they may have never considered in the past. Following their treatment many prostate cancer survivors worry about the possibility of their cancer returning, and place an emphasis on reducing their risk of recurrence. This presents an opportunity to re-evaluate your current lifestyle to start making choice towards improving your diet and increasing your physical activity. Making these changes now can help you to live a happier and healthier life.

Procedures And Data Collection

Dietary and Lifestyle Changes For Prostate Health

Interviews were conducted by either LHM or ES . Participants were interviewed individually, except where men and their partners chose to be interviewed together . The majority were conducted at the participants home, or within a private location at the urology clinic. However, some took place via telephone at the participants request. Interviews lasted from between 26 and 95 min .

Following a general introduction, an example 6 month lifestyle intervention was described by the researcher, where men would be asked to walk briskly for an additional 30 min, 5 days a week, alongside either taking a daily lycopene supplement or increasing fruit and vegetable intake and reducing dairy milk intake. The semi-structured interviews included the following topics: previous experience of nutritional and physical activity interventions, lifestyle behaviours that the men would and would not be happy to change, expected gains and costs of participating in an intervention, and perceived barriers and facilitators to change. An interview schedule, developed through reviewing previously discussed existing literature, acted as a guide, but allowed the researcher flexibility to examine the participants perspectives and gain an insight in to their thoughts and feelings. Additionally, all participants provided a range of demographic data.

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What You Can Do Now

Sexual side effects from prostate cancer treatment are often temporary, especially if your doctor used nerve-sparing surgery. While your body recovers, you can try a few things to maintain your sex life:

  • Let your doctor know about any sexual problems youre having right away. Although it can be hard to talk about sex, being open and honest will help you get the treatment you need.
  • See a therapist. Couples therapy can help you and your partner understand and deal with sexual issues.
  • Take care of yourself by exercising, eating a well-balanced diet, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep. Looking and feeling your best will give your self-esteem and mood a boost.


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