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How Can I Improve My Prostate Health

Ways To Improve Your Prostate Health

How Can I Improve My Prostate Health

Quit Smoking Smoking is one of the main causes of male death. Carbon monoxide found in tobacco attaches to your red blood cells until the cell dies. This can cause many diseases and prostate disease. If you smoke you should immediately quit, if you find it hard to quit talk to your medical provider about the best way to quit smoking.

Drink Water Hydrate your body daily. Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to start caring for your overall health and more specifically your prostate health. You should be drinking a minimum of eight cups of water daily. Ensure you drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning as well as before and after exercising.

Dont Stress Prolonged stress has been proven to cause major health issues including weakening your immune system, alters your hormonal balance, and makes it more likely that you will develop a disease. There are so many ways to manage stress, you will need to find the method that works for you. Some common ways men manage stress is by exercising, meditating, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Exercise Daily Exercise is one of the best ways you can prevent so many medical conditions including prostate diseases. Exercise helps to support and maintain your prostate health. You may not think it could be as easy as a brisk 30-minute walk but it can be that simple. Maybe even a quick jog can have some long-lasting health benefits.

S To Improve Your Prostate Health Naturally

Men, Prostate

Even though the symptoms of an enlarged prostate are not life-threatening, they can put a significant cramp in your lifestyle. And who needs that?

Typical BPH symptoms, including a weak urine stream, inability to empty your bladder completely, getting up multiple times a night to urinate, and urinary hesitation, can also place unhealthy stress on your prostate and urinary tract.

And its important to know that even if youve not been diagnosed with BPH, you can experience the symptoms of an enlarged prostate even though the gland is of normal size.

Fortunately, the following suggestions on how to shrink the prostate can help put an end to your sleepless nights, improve and support your prostate health and help prevent possible future prostate health issues.

Managing And Balancing Hormone Levels Is One Of The Best Ways To Restore Prostate Health

Because hormone production changes as you age, it is important to maintain a healthy balance in an effort to support prostate health and, therefore, help ward off conditions such as an enlarged prostate. One hormone level that declines with age is testosterone, and can occur when the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone .

The result is a drop in T levels and an imbalance in the ratio of T to estrogen, leading to an enlarged prostate. Fortunately, you can help restore balance to your hormone levels by exercising regularly, dropping excess pounds, maintaining a healthy body weight, and using natural supplements that promote prostate health and healthful testosterone levels. Using a natural supplement for testosterone health can also help.

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Tips For A Healthy Prostate

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among American men, and the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 180,000 new cases are diagnosed in the United States each year. Beyond the threat of prostate cancer, an enlarged or infected prostate can also lead to complications. King Scott Coffield, MD, urologist and professor of surgery at the Texas A& M College of Medicine, offers these tips to keep your prostate healthy.

What does the prostate do, and what problems can develop?

The prostate is a glandabout the size of a walnutlocated below the bladder. Its primary function is to produce fluid that nourishes and protects sperm. Its a specialized muscle that works automatically, Coffield said. It also provides a hospitable fluid vehicle for sperm cells to gain access to fertilize the egg in the female.

The prostate houses the urethra, which runs from the bladder to the penis and lets urine flow out of the body. An enlarged prostate, called a benign prostatic hypertrophy , could press on the urethra and obstruct urine flow. Eight out of 10 men are at risk for this benign prostate enlargement that comes with aging. Some of these risk factors cant be prevented, but there are changes that can be done to reduce the risk of prostate enlargement and prostate disease.

Watch your weightand do it early
Be more sexually active
Stop smoking
Add these to your diet
When should you be screened?

Risk Factors For Prostate Cancer

How Can I Improve My Prostate Health

Some risk factors have been linked to prostate cancer. A risk factor is something that can raise your chance of developing a disease. Having one or more risk factors doesn’t mean that you will get prostate cancer. It just means that your risk of the disease is greater.

  • Age. Men who are 50 or older have a higher risk of prostate cancer.
  • Race. African-American men have the highest risk of prostate cancerâthe disease tends to start at younger ages and grows faster than in men of other races. After African-American men, prostate cancer is most common among white men, followed by Hispanic and Native American men. Asian-American men have the lowest rates of prostate cancer.
  • Family history. Men whose fathers or brothers have had prostate cancer have a 2 to 3 times higher risk of prostate cancer than men who do not have a family history of the disease. A man who has 3 immediate family members with prostate cancer has about 10 times the risk of a man who does not have a family history of prostate cancer. The younger a man’s relatives are when they have prostate cancer, the greater his risk for developing the disease. Prostate cancer risk also appears to be slightly higher for men from families with a history of breast cancer.
  • Diet. The risk of prostate cancer may be higher for men who eat high-fat diets.

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How Your Diet Promotes A Healthy Prostate

The Mediterranean Diet has a strong association between lowering cancer risk and preventing heart disease. This is attributed to the fact that this diet is focused on whole foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans while also focusing on healthy unsaturated fats from plants. With this style of eating, theres also an emphasis on decreasing processed or refined foods along with lowering intake of red meat or processed red meats. It allows alcohol in moderation and its focus on whole foods supports adequate fiber intake. It also allows for a wide range of foods, which means its more of a lifestyle rather than just a fad diet.

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Since this style of eating has a positive impact on cancer prevention, adopting healthy eating habits now could help prevent prostate problems down the road. Some nutrients and vitamins can have a very positive effect on the health of your prostate. Making sure youre getting the right nutrients as part of a balanced diet can play an important role in the health of your prostate.

How Does The Prostate Work

Playing an essential role in reproduction, the prostate produces a fluid that, combined with sperm cells from the testicles and other glandular fluids, makes up semen. Prostate fluid contains elements that make semen an ideal substance for sperm cells to live in, including enzymes, zinc and citric acid. One key enzyme is the prostate-specific antigen , making the semen more fluid. The prostate muscles also help the semen forcefully press into the urethra and expel outwards during ejaculation, preventing fluids from heading up to the bladder. The prostate also plays a role in hormone metabolism and helps regulate urine flow.

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Natural Ways To Keep Your Prostate Happy And Healthy

  • 6 Natural Ways to Keep Your Prostate Happy and Healthy

Every person is in charge of maintaining their own good health. Following a balanced diet, having adequate amounts of exercise, and letting go of unhealthy habits are necessary to help ensure a long and happy life.While lifestyle choices may be the catalyst for diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, certain conditions are of higher risk to people as they get older. For this reason, staying health conscious is a must.

Tips To Prevent Prostate Cancer

How to Lower PSA Levels Naturally | Reduce Prostate INFLAMMATION Naturally

cancer among men in the United States. About 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

The risk of developing prostate cancer progressively increases with age. About 60 percent of all prostate cancers in the United States are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older. It is rare for men to develop prostate cancer before age 40.

Theres no absolute prostate cancer prevention, but evidence suggests diet plays a key role. Keep reading for diet tips and more information.

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Tips For Prostate Health

It makes sense that a man’s diet and exercise habits have an impact on his prostate health. While there are no proven miracle foods to reduce prostate cancer risk, we do know a focus on healthy living supports your whole body and combats disease. Start by making small, consistent changes in your diet and activity level with the following tips:

1. Make healthy food a priority.

  • Reach for whole grains for bread, pasta and cereals instead of refined
  • Our bodies need healthy fats. Choose avocados, olive oil and nuts over trans fats commonly found in packaged foods
  • Limit red and processed meats. Instead, choose lean proteins like fish and chicken
  • Aim for five servings per day of brightly colored vegetables and fruits
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, which is especially important for prostate health. Other healthy options include caffeine-free teas with antioxidants

2. Get active, stay active.

3. Curb unhealthy habits.

Superfoods For A Healthy Prostate

A balanced diet may reduce your risk for prostate problems.

The prostate, which is part of the male reproductive system, is a gland that surrounds the bladder and urethra. It is about the size of a walnut and grows throughout a mans life. As you age, its important to maintain a healthy prostate. The gland can become enlarged, and prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men.

Theres no definitive evidence that good nutrition can prevent prostate problems, but eating a healthy balanced diet may reduce your risk. Building a meal and snack around veggies and fruit is a smart idea for health in general, and particularly a healthy prostate, says Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, nutrition expert for New York Times bestseller LL Cool Js Platinum Workout and advisory board member for Mens Fitness magazine.

Here are six foods you can eat to boost your prostate health.

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Issues Concerning The Prostate Gland

Due to its location the prostate can affect urination and sexual functions.

  • Prostatitis is an inflammation or infection which causes burning and pain during urination, the urgent need to urinate, and painful ejaculation.
  • BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia is the enlargement of the prostate. Men find it difficult to urinate because the prostate is pressing on the urethra. It is believed 75% of men over 60 suffer with this condition.

Choose The Mediterranean Diet

How To Improve Prostate Health [2021]

A healthy diet for everyone, the Mediterranean diet is especially beneficial for prostate health.

Fresh vegetables, fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil, and fresh fruits, along with whole grains are all heart healthy and prostate healthy. Nuts and avocados are better than carbs and fatty foods, therefore reduce the amount of red meat and processed foods.

One tablespoon of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or Italian dressings reduce insulin levels and inflammations.

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Tests Used To Check The Prostate

This first step lets your doctor hear and understand the “story” of your prostate concerns. You’ll be asked whether you have symptoms, how long you’ve had them, and how much they affect your lifestyle. Your personal medical history also includes any risk factors, pain, fever, or trouble passing urine. You may be asked to give a urine sample for testing.

How Do I Do A Prostate Massage

If you’re performing a prostate massage for sexual purposes, here’s what to do.

Take a deep breath. You want to be calm and relaxed. Dim the lights. Put on some relaxing music. Do what you need to do to get into the mood.

Goldstein says to start with one or two well-manicured fingers that are slippery with lots of lube.

Lube is your friend during prostate play. Goldstein recommends silicone lube, because it lasts longer and is slicker than water-based.

Always start small and work your way up. Whether you’re using fingers or a toy, if you are new to prostate play, do not go big out of the gate.

Slowly insert a lubed finger into your anus. The P-spot can be found 2-4 inches inside the anal canal, on the front or anterior wall of the pelvis. You’ll know you’ve found it when you feel a raised, walnut-sized gland. Use a “come hither” motion to massage the prostate, while applying moderate pressure.

If you’re exploring with a partner, the receiver can try masturbating while the other person stimulates their prostate to intensify the sensations.

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Eat More Fruits Vegetables And Nuts

Although several hormones have an impact on the prostate, one in particular DHT, or dihydrotestosterone promotes prostate inflammation and stimulates insulin-like growth factor-1 , a hormone that can promote abnormal cell growth and cancer. Certain foods contain substances shown to naturally inhibit DHT. One of those substances is lycopene, which is found in carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, and watermelon.

A National Institutes of Health study noted that lycopene inhibits IGF-I growth in prostate cells by reducing DHT-modulated IGF-I production. Other food substances that inhibit DHT include L-lysine , and zinc . Make a point to include several of the mentioned foods in your diet every day.

Powerful Support For Prostate Health

How To Improve Prostate Health

A holistic approach to prostate health involves a nutrient-rich diet, regular exercise, weight maintenance, and supplemental support. When you incorporate the naturally sourced and powerful ingredients of ProstateMD®, you can support a healthy and active lifestyle for optimal prostate health and vitality from within.

Saw palmetto has been used for centuries to help reduce typical oxidative stress and is now a prominent alternative therapy for prostate and urinary tract health. ProstateMD® uses patented USPlus®, a saw palmetto extract that contains up to three times the beta-carotene, ten times the amount of lutein, and 30 times the zeaxanthin of typical saw palmetto extracts.

This powerful saw palmetto extract is combined with a potent blend of bioavailable plant sterols, essential antioxidants, and vital minerals, including:

Pumpkin seed oil, which alone and in combination with saw palmetto, helps support prostate and bladder function.

Pygeum is a herbal extract that supports healthy urinary tract function.

Pine bark promotes the healthy growth of prostate cells and helps reduce the proliferation of potentially abnormal cells.

Stinging nettle contains antioxidant compounds that help reduce typical oxidative stress.

Copper is a mineral that can reduce aberrant immune responses that target healthy prostate, bladder, and urinary tract cells.

With ProstateMD®, you get a targeted mens health solution for optimal prostate, bladder, and urinary tract health.

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Tips For Naturally Lowering Psa Levels

If youve had your prostate-specific antigen tested and your numbers were higher, you and your doctor may have discussed ways to lower it. There are also some things you can do on your own that may help.

PSA is a type of protein thats made by both normal cells in your prostate gland and by cancer cells. It can be found in your blood and semen. Doctors measure PSA in your blood to check for new or returning prostate cancer. The higher your PSA levels are, the more likely it is that you have active prostate cancer.

Some scientific research has found that its possible to lower your PSA numbers and reduce risk of developing or returning cancer by making lifestyle changes, like eating certain foods and being more physically active.

Read on to find out six things you can do at home to have a positive impact on your PSA levels.

Tomatoes have an ingredient called lycopene thats known to have health benefits. Lycopene is the substance that gives tomatoes their red color. Its also been found to have antioxidants that might protect against cancer.

A few studies have shown eating lycopene reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer in men with a family history of the disease. More recently, researchers found evidence that eating higher amounts of lycopene can lower PSA levels as well.

Five Foods To Protect Your Prostate

Good news if youre worried about your prostate health: What you eat can make a difference. There is plenty of strong evidence that good nutrition and an active lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer and slow its progression, says Mitchell Sokoloff M.D., Chair of the Department of Urology and Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

There are a few categorical changes you can make to your diet that make a big difference in overall health, as well as prostate health. What you eat can potentially disadvantage your prostate health e.g. foods you might want to avoid or protect the prostate in various ways. The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer recommends a diet that is high in colorful vegetables, low in sugar and processed carbohydrates, and moderate in animal-based protein . Some might refer to this as a version of the Mediterranean Diet. PCF-funded epidemiologist Lorelei Mucci, M.P.H., Sc.D., at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health notes that people in Mediterranean countries not only eat more vegetables and fruits they also eat less fatty foods, processed food, and red meat categories that can increase insulin resistance, increase inflammation, raise cardiovascular risk and be a part of a dietary pattern that may increase obesity, as well.

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