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Green Tea For Prostate Health

Effective Against Prostate Cancer

6 Cups of Green Tea for Prostate Cancer

Studies have shown that this miraculous tea is effective in treating prostate problems. The powerful antioxidants and other few compounds in green tea reduce the symptoms of prostate enlargement.

The antioxidants also slow down prostate cancer growth and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The catechins in green tea have strong anti-inflammatory properties. They can stop the growth of bacteria, which can induce prostate swelling.

Prostate cancer is also related to high hormone levels. More than 50 epidemiological studies were done between green tea consumption and prostate cancer risk. Results show that green tea can control abnormal hormone levels, and this helps reduce the risk.

A meta-analysis published in 2017 reveals that prostate cancer risk may be reduced by higher green tea intake.

Data from this analysis found a reduction of prostate cancer risk in men who drank green tea. The more green tea men drank, the lower their prostate cancer risk based on linear analysis.

When this study evaluated green tea polyphenol intake, there was an associated 62% reduction in prostate cancer risk based upon three randomized controlled human trials.

In addition, green tea helps control excess urination. Since coffee is not good for the prostate, it is a good substitute for it. It has a milder diuretic effect. So drinking green tea daily is a great home remedy for the prostate.

According to the researchers:

Advice To Avoid When Consuming Green Tea

It may seem weird, but some people drink Green Tea in temperatures over 90 degrees Celsius. Make sure you drink Green Tea warmed in lower temperatures so that you keep all nutrients active, and you dont face the danger of internal burns in your mouth and esophagus that may lead to cancer creation over time.

Furthermore, it could be a good idea to prepare your Tea using pure fountain water and not tap water. Fountain water has fewer salts inside and helps catechins and polyphenols to stay active for a more significant time in your hot cup of Tea.

Finally, some of the drugs and substances you should avoid taking with Green Tea are:

  • Alcohol
  • Stimulant drugs
  • Herbal supplements that affect blood clotting

Why Ginger Can Treat Cancer

Ginger is such a promising treatment for cancer due the fact that it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and also appears to be able to prevent a cancerous tumor from growing or spreading. This is due to its ability to interrupt the reproductive cycle of cancer cells. It also appears to be able to induce cancer cell suicide, also called apotosis. What is most important, however, is that it seems to be able to do this without being toxic to other kinds of rapidly-reproducing cells such as though in the digestive tract. Chemo especially is very harmful to these kinds of cells, leading to problems with nausea, vomiting, mouth sores and other highly undesirable side effects. In addition to this, men taking ginger supplements can receive other health benefits as well, including improvement in blood pressure, arthritis and high cholesterol, just to name a few.

In conclusion, men who are worried about prostate health but are seeking a natural solution for it would do well to consider regular ginger supplementation. This, combined with avoidance of a diet high in sugar and processed foods, can make an enormous difference in prostate health, particularly as a man ages.

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Whole Ginger Extract Has Promising Anti

In a first of its kind study, assessing anti-cancer properties of ginger as a whole instead of the plants individual components, scientists at Georgia State University have discovered, that whole ginger extract has promising cancer-preventing activity in prostate cancer.

According to an online article in FirstView published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Associate professor of Biology, Ritu Aneja discovered in her lab, that ginger extract had significant effects in stopping the growth of cancer cells, as well as in inducing cell death in a spectrum of prostate cancer cells.

In addition, animal studies revealed that the extract did not show significant toxicity to normal tissues, such as bone marrow. Research revealed very good tumor regression by up to 60 percent, and no toxicity whatsoever.

Despite much research having been performed on anti-cancer properties in ginger, Anejas lab prefers to take a more holistic approach to investigate the types of molecules involved. She does not believe individual compounds are solely responsible for the extracts anti-cancer properties and considers it to be a synergistic interplay of components, enabling scientists to use much smaller amounts of extract to benefit from its properties instead of using a single chemical.

Data evaluation shows that humans would have to consume only about 3½ ounces of whole ginger extract in their daily diet to achieve the beneficial effects.

Aneja said:

Green Tea Benefits For Prostate Health

3 Teas to Improve Your Prostate Health

Green Tea Benefits For Prostate HealthGreen tea is packed with many nutrients that make it an excellent superfood. Experts say that consuming at least one cup per day, or at least 150 mg in supplements, has many health benefits.However, there is evidence that suggests that even higher doses have some truly incredible benefits for your prostate. Find out what this great tea can do for you!TIMESTAMPS0:33 #1: Health benefits of Green Tea2:28 #2: Is Green Tea an effective treatment for BPH?3:04 #3 :Is Green Tea Good For Prostate Cancer?6:12 #4: Why not try Rejuvenayte Plus?__**Medical Disclaimer** The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

transcript A chinese proverb says that its better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one: thats how the ancient chinese regarded this healthy food and we can benefit a lot from embracing their wisdom back then people believed that a sip of green tea cures. Many ailments, and today those beliefs are backed by evidence and scientific research, health benefits of green tea.

Do you drink green tea? If so, how much and would you consider taking a supplement with green tea extract? Let us know by leaving a comment below

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Green Tea And Cancer Prevention: New Clues

Oct. 18, 2012 — Green tea and its extracts have long been studied for health benefits, including cancer prevention.

Now, researchers have new clues about how it may work to help prevent or slow the growth of prostate and breast cancers.

Researchers presented the new findings here today at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting on cancer prevention.

Helps Manage Diabetic Conditions

Metabolic syndrome refers to a combination of conditions that can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Elevated fasting plasma glucose, diabetes, and obesity are major risk factors for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

As per a study, epigallocatechin-3-gallate present in green tea extract imparts anti-BPH activities in metabolic syndrome rats.

The polyphenols impart anti-diabetic effects by reducing serum glucose levels.

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Male Tea Drinkers ‘may Be At Greater Risk Of Prostate Cancer’

Men who are heavy tea drinkers may be more likely to develop prostate cancer, according to new research.

A team from Glasgow University tracked the health of more than 6,000 male volunteers over a period of 37 years.

They found men who drank over seven cups of tea per day had a 50% higher risk of developing prostate cancer than moderate and non tea drinkers.

The team said it did not know if tea was a risk factor or if drinkers lived to ages where cancer was more common.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer amongst men in Scotland and diagnosed cases increased by 7.4% between 2000 and 2010.

Purpose Of This Summary

Green Tea Benefits For Prostate Health

This PDQ cancer information summary has current information about the use of nutrition and dietary supplements for reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer or for treating prostate cancer. It is meant to inform and help patients, families, and caregivers. It does not give formal guidelines or recommendations for making decisions about health care.

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Effective Against Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Some research has indicated that green tea may help relieve symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.

A study by researchers at Winthrop University Hospital evaluated the impact of green and black tea mixture on lower urinary tract symptoms. The 46 participants were given either a placebo or the tea mixture on a daily basis for 12 weeks.

The results showed that men who had taken mixture showed an improvement in urinary symptoms and quality of life in as little as six weeks.

Ginger Extract Arrests Cell

Several dietary agents have been shown to arrest the cell cycle, leading to growth inhibition and apoptosis. For example, grape seed proanthocyanidins, green tea polyphenols, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, resveratrol , silymarin/silibinin , genistein , curcumin and ginger affect cell-cycle progression at various stages by specifically modulating cell-cycle-associated proteins. Specific gingerols, such as 6-gingerol and 8-gingerol, have been shown to perturb cell-cycle progression as a chemopreventive strategy. Thus, our next aim was to gain mechanistic insights into GE-mediated antiproliferative activity by determining the specific cell-cycle stage at which GE intervenes. To this end, we examined the cell-cycle distribution profile of GE-treated PC-3 cells by employing a flow cytometric assay using the DNA intercalator dye, propidium iodide. shows the effect of varying GE dose levels on cell-cycle progression of PC-3 cells at 24 h of treatment in a three-dimensional disposition. As shown in , exposure of PC-3 cultures consistently resulted in a statistically significant dose-dependent enrichment of the sub-G1 fraction, suggesting considerable apoptotic cell death. The sub-G1 population increased from approximately 6 % at 100 g/ml to approximately 99 % at 1000 g/ml. bar-graphically depicts the percentages of G1, S, G2/M and sub-G1 phase populations in PC-3 cells upon treatment with varying GE doses .

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Characteristics Of Included Studies

Using database search strategy, a total of 1474 records were retrieved from Cochrane Library, PubMed, and Sciencedirect Online. After reviewing the titles and abstracts, 1447 articles were excluded and 27 articles were further assessed by reviewing the full-text. Finally, 10 articles about the relationship between green tea and PCa risk were included, consisting of 4 cohort studies, 3 casecontrol studies, and 3 RCTs.Figure shows the search process. The observational studies which investigated the association between green tea intake and PCa risk included 1435 cases among 96,332 individuals and the 3 RCTs studied the relationship between EGCG and PCa incidence included 87 volunteers in EGCG arms of 179 individuals. Most of the included studies were performed in Asia including 1 from Singapore, 4 from Japan, and 1 from China. The rest studies were from other regions including 2 from Europe, 1 from North America, and 1 from Africa.Tables and described details of the included studies.

Flowchart of literate searches.

Can Alcohol Increase The Risk Of Developing Enlarged Prostate

Top 10 Foods for Prostate Health  Health Fitness Revolution

Quite the opposite is true!

Current research indicates that consuming alcohol is negatively correlated with the risk of BPH. A meta-analysis from 2009 looked at 19 studies spanning a total of 120,091 male participants who consumed greater than 1.2oz of alcohol a day. This intake was associated with a 35% reduced risk of developing BPH. However, before you get excited about getting a hall pass to indulge, its important to remember the myriad of risks associated with chronic alcohol intake. In the case of urinary concerns and this study, while the risk of BPH dropped, the risk of developing a lower urinary tract infection rose with alcohol consumption.

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Green Tea & Breast Cancer: Perspective

The new research on green tea and breast cancer adds to growing evidence of its benefits, according to Joanne Mortimer, MD, director of the Women’s Cancer Program at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“There really does seem to be something there,” she says. The new study provides a potential explanation for why green tea may help, she says.

Where To Buy Green Tea

You can buy Green Tea from any grocery store. Retailers like Walmart and Lion are always offering a great variety of green and black teas. You can also order Green Tea from online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

The prices vary from $9.95 per 25 tea bags and can come up to $20.50 for 25 tea bags of the famous Japanese Green Tea.

Furthermore, the Matcha Green Tea powder usually costs around $9.95 per ounce. Remember that you need some grams to add to food and beverages so that you can have the best green tea flavor you always wished for.

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Green Tea & Prostate Cancer: Implications

Prostate cancer is typically a slow-growing cancer, Henning says. That makes it an ideal cancer to try diet interventions to slow it even more.

“Green tea is high in polyphenols and it’s convenient,” she says.

Other research has found that green tea may slow prostate cancer. An Italian study found that men who had a precursor to prostate cancer and drank green tea were less likely to get prostate cancer, Henning says.

Now, Henning is studying whether adding quercetin, an antioxidant found in apples and onions, to the green tea will ramp up its cancer-fighting ability.

Sumanta Pal, MD, assistant professor of medical oncology at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center in Duarte, Calif., reviewed the study findings for WebMD.

“Studies such as this are critical to confirm or support a plausible explanation for how green tea may work,” he says. More study is needed, however, before making any diet recommendations.

Bph: Can Green Tea Cure It

Green Tea and Prostate Health – Nutrition Medicine Update # 15
  • BPH: Can Green Tea Cure It?
  • For men, living long enough means you are going to have problems with your prostate. While the prostate is typically a small, walnut-sized gland in young males, it undergoes two phases of growth later on in life which often result in urinary problems. The first phase of growth occurs during puberty and usually doubles the size of the gland, while the second phase of growth begins at around 25 and continues for the rest of your life leading to benign prostatic enlargement . More than 50 percent of men have BPH by the age of 60 and experience urinary difficulties. Although prescription medications are commonly used to treat BPH, herbal supplements may provide much needed relief during the initial stages of the condition. One such herbal solution is green tea.

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    What About Other Types Of Tea

    If green tea isnt your cup of tea, there are other options. Reducing your caffeine intake is recommended if you have BPH, since it can cause you to urinate more. You may want to choose teas that are naturally caffeine free, or find a caffeine-free version.

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    Drinking Too Much Tea Can Increase Prostate Cancer Risk Says Study

    Tea in large quantities can significantly increase prostate cancer risk, says a new study.

    Researchers at the University of Glasgow found in a new study that men who drink more than seven cups of tea per day had a 50 percent increased risk of prostate cancer.

    The study observed more than 6,000 male volunteers over a period of 37 years, said the BBC.

    Most previous research has shown either no relationship with prostate cancer for black tea or some preventive effect of green tea, said lead author Kashif Shafique of the University of Glasgow, according to QMI.

    We dont know whether tea itself is a risk factor or if tea drinkers are generally healthier and live to an older age when prostate cancer is more common anyway.

    Previous studies have shown the benefits of drinking tea, including reducing cholesterol levels and fighting cancer.

    The new study took into consideration those benefits but still says that copious tea-drinking may be unhealthy.

    We found that heavy tea drinkers were more likely not to be overweight, be non-alcohol-drinkers and have healthy cholesterol levels, said Shafique, reported the Telegraph.

    However, we did adjust for these differences in our analysis and still found that men who drank the most tea were at greater risk of prostate cancer.

    The findings were published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer.

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    Health Benefits Of Green Tea

    This great tea is packed with many nutrients that make it an excellent superfood. Experts say that consuming at least one cup per day or at least 150 mg in supplements has many health benefits.

    However, there is evidence that suggests that even higher doses have some truly incredible benefits for your prostate. Moreover, I have included 500mg of green tea extract is one of my most popular supplements. But more about that later.

    First off, green tea contains caffeine, but at very low levels. If properly processed, it typically contains half the caffeine of regular coffee. This is great news for people who love coffee but get wound up with too much caffeine. Drinking this tea effectively speeds up our metabolism.

    It also helps us lose weight, and improves our brain function, reduces your risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

    A 2006 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association claims that drinking this tea reduces the death rate due to cardiovascular disease. This includes heart attack, stroke, and diseases of blood vessels.

    The study was done in Japan and followed over 40,000 participants for 11 years. The participants who consumed at least 5 cups of green tea per day had a much lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who consumed less than one cup of tea per day. It is also packed with polyphenols and flavonoids.

    Polyphenols are a large group of plant chemicals that include catechins.


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