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How Much Does Prostate Surgery Cost

Does Prostate Tissue Grow Back After Turp

Dr. David Samadi – BREAKING PROSTATE CANCER NEWS – Is The Cost Of Robotic Surgery Justified?

after TURPprostateprostateprostate gland can grow back again

. Beside this, can prostate tissue grow back?

The prostate gland can regrow. As the prostate regrows, the level of prostate-specific antigen can increase. So, a rising PSA level can result either from the regrowth of benign prostate tissue if you have had surgery for BPH or from the presence of prostate cancer.

One may also ask, what can I expect after TURP prostate surgery? Your RecoveryTransurethral resection of the prostate is surgery to remove prostate tissue. For several days after surgery, you may feel burning when you urinate. Your urine may be pink for 1 to 3 weeks after surgery. You also may have bladder cramps, or spasms.

Correspondingly, how much prostate is removed during TURP?

In the open surgery group, the largest prostate was measured at 160 ml, with a mean value of 90 ml. In 42 cases, in the TURP arm, the prostate was removed in two interventions, and the final result was consistent with the general features of the TURP arm.

How long does it take to fully recover from TURP surgery?

It usually takes between 3 and 6 weeks to fully recover from a TURP. Your surgeon or GP will advise you about when it’s safe to return to your normal activities.

How Serious Is Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer may not be life-threatening, sometimes it does not even need active treatment.

You have time to get all the information you need before deciding on treatment. You should be comfortable that the treatment is right for you before you go ahead.

Get other opinions if necessary.

Prostate Cancer is quite common these days. Since we have been doing community screening with PSA we have found more cases than previously. This means that some of the men we find today having Prostate Cancer would never have been diagnosed in years gone by. They may never have known that they had Prostate Cancer and would ultimately have passed on with some unrelated problems. Today we make these diagnoses. For at least some of the cases we find, it would be better if they were never treated, as the Cancer is not serious enough to warrant treatment.

On the other hand some cases definitely should be treated, some are definitely life-threatening.

An important advance in treatment of Prostate Cancer is that today Urologists are much better at working out which cases need to be treated and which can be observed. There are several important factors in this decision, these include the PSA level , biopsy results, MRI scans and the general health and life expectancy of the patient.

Characteristics Of The Cohort

We identified 5,445 patients with a prostate cancer diagnosis between 2003 and 2005 and radical prostatectomy, of whom 4,454 had ORP and 991 had MRP. There was no difference between the groups with respect to age, preoperative PSA, Gleason score, clinical tumor stage or comorbidity . Differences in the distributions of race, census tract median income, region, and nodal involvement were statistically significant but small. Pathologic tumor stage was slightly more favorable in the MRP group, with 81% stage T2 or lower compared with 75% in the ORP group . The proportion of MRPs increased over time .

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Cost Of Treatment And Insurances

At New York Urology Specialists, we offer affordable treatment for men. Our prices are low for patients without insurance and for those who have high insurance copays, high deductibles, or insurance plans that do not cover treatment costs.

We accept many health insurance plans. We would be happy to verify your eligibility and benefits and to provide you with detailed information on your health plans coverage. and credit options are available to help you pay for medical care.

Surgeons ‘opting Out’ Of Medicare Could Spur Two

Prostate Surgery Cost in India, Prostate Enlargement ...

Gerald Chodak, MD

Hello. I am Dr. Gerald Chodak, for Medscape. We have seen countless articles that discuss outcomes associated with radical prostatectomy in terms of complications and good results. What we do not hear much about is cost. What does it cost to have a radical prostatectomy? How variable are those costs?

Pate and colleagues published a report several months ago addressing that question. They conducted a telephone survey of 100 US hospitals using a script, the surveyor posed as a potential patient asking about the facility fee and the physician fee for radical prostatectomy. About 30% of hospitals could not provide that information, but of the 70% that could, the information was quite variable. The cost for the procedure ranged from a high of $135,000 to a low of about $10,000. Physician fees varied from $4000 up to about $19,000. The average cost for a physician or for a surgeon was about $8000. It is interesting to note that Medicare allows under $1700 for the procedure and pays 80% of that. Either the patient or co-insurance would pay the difference. There is obviously a big disconnect between the amount being charged and the amount being reimbursed. Many insurance companies tailor their reimbursement rates to the Medicare fee schedule.

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Hospitals With Prostate Surgery

Major hospitals offer effective treatment for prostate problems. You may choose the facility where you wish to have the surgery and treatment. Know more about their current price list of the services for prostate.

University of Cebu Medical Center offers laser treatment for prostate problems. The hospital can accommodate requests for prostatitis and prostate cancer procedures.

What Is Robot Assisted Surgery

Robotic surgery, or robot-assisted surgery, is an advancement in surgical techniques where a surgeon uses a computerized robotic arm with small tools attached to it to carry out complex surgeries.

Robotic surgical system provides the surgeon a high-definition, magnified , 3-D view of the surgical site.

The surgical instruments are controlled by the surgeon using the console, to direct special surgical instruments which are smaller in size, and more flexible than the human hand.

The robot does not perform the surgery on its own. The movement of the surgeons hand just mimicked by the instruments attached to the robotic arms, while this is completely controlled by the surgeon. Robot assisted surgeries offer precise action that is devoid of hand tremors, enabling the surgeon to perform the most complex procedures with enhanced precision, dexterity and control

What is robotic prostatectomy or Robotic prostate cancer surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate Surgery In India

Q. How long will I stay in the hospital after prostate enlargement surgery?

Typically, patients stay in the hospital for three days after a prostate enlargement surgery. During this time, the medical team monitors the patient for complications such as post-TURP syndrome. Usually, the catheter to drain the urine stays in place for a few days after the surgery. With laser surgery, patients may have to overnight and can go home the next day after the surgery.

Q. How long will I have to stay in India after BPH surgery?

The recommended duration of stay in India after prostate surgery is 10 to 12 days.

Q. Is Benign Prostate Hyperplasia a type of cancer?

No. It is a benign, i.e. non-cancerous condition that does not result in prostate cancer.

Q. What are the possible risks and complications of BPH surgery?

Every kind of prostate enlargement surgery involves certain risks and side effects. The common surgery-related complications include bleeding, infection, narrowing of the urethral stricture , urine leakage , erectile dysfunction and retrograde ejaculation.

Q. What are the advantages of prostate laser surgery over other alternatives?

Some advantages of laser surgery over conventional techniques such as prostatectomy and TURP include:

  • Less risk of bleeding
  • Shorter duration of hospital stay
  • The catheter is needed for lesser time

Q. When can I resume normal activities after my prostate surgery?

Digital Rectal Examination :


In this diagnostic test, the Indian doctors insert a lubricated, covered finger into the rectum of the suspected patient to reach the prostate. The finger of the doctors touches the prostate gland and feels it check for any inflammation or abnormal growth. Upon finding out that the prostate is enlarged, the doctor may prescribe some other tests to confirm whether the enlargement is because of benign or cancerous growth.

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Is Prostate Enlargement Dangerous

Prostate enlargement is a physiological change, and it can turn out to be dangerous, if at all it has chronic back pressure changes on the kidneys. So if at all it is left unnoticed and the obstructive symptoms are since long term, the kidneys will have back pressure changes and ultimately end up into renal failure and later dialysis may be an option for them once the kidneys go into irreversible changes, so this is definitely if ignored, can lead to a dangerous situation.

What Are The Side Effects Of Prostate Cancer Surgery

Prostate cancer and its treatments can cause problems, including urination problems and erectile dysfunction . Learn about the side effects of prostate cancer surgery and how experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering can help minimize complications. What typically increases the risk of complications from prostate cancer surgery?

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What Options Are Available For Treatment Of Urinary Problems Caused By Enlarged Prostate And How Do The Costs Compare

Laser enucleation of the prostate can be performed using a number of lasers, including ProTouch laser, Greenlight laser, MOSES Holmium laser, and Thulium laser. Alternatively, laser ablation of the prostate can also be performed at a lesser cost than laser enucleation.

Other alternatives to laser enucleation of the prostate include bipolar TURP, Urolift implant, Rezum procedure, and Aquablation of the prostate with AquaBeam.

Most men are eligible for the Urolift procedure. Urolift procedure successfully treats symptoms of an enlarged prostate for over 5 years.

Did you know?Dr. Shteynshlyuger has performed over 1,000 surgeries and procedures for enlarged prostate, including Rezum, Urolift, prostate enucleation, laser ablation of the prostate, and TURP. He performs over 100 prostate procedures a year.

What Factors Should Be Considered While Choosing A Hospital For Robot Assisted Prostate Cancer Surgery

How Much Does Penile Implant Surgery Cost for ED in the US ...

Prostate cancer surgery is a major surgery and for the best possible results, it is essential to choose a center with state-of-the-art robotic surgery facilities, expert robotic urosurgeon and health care team that are experienced in performing successful radical prostatectomy. Additionally, it is also important to ensure that the hospital has the necessary infrastructure like diagnostics, pharmacy, OT and ICUs to support the pre-operative and post-operative needs.

State-of-the-Art Robotic Surgery Facilities

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These Charges Dont Mean Anything

Yet despite the commonness of the disease and the frequency of surgeries, getting a reliable, accurate quote is hard to come by.

Part of that is due to the system itself. What hospitals charge for a procedure doesnt reflect the actual costs, says Bradley Erickson, assistant professor in urology and corresponding author on the study.

Think of the hospitals quote as the opening salvo in a negotiationa give-and-take primarily with the health insurance provider over how much the hospital gets reimbursed. In that scenario, the higher the quote, the more room there is to negotiate, and thus arguably the more the hospital could get reimbursed.

These charges dont mean anything, Erickson notes. Theres no weight behind them.

What that all means is the consumer is working with inflated figures, at best, which puts them at a significant disadvantage, Erickson says.

Why Choose India For Enlarged Prostate Surgery

Medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia , prostate enlargement is a condition in which produces similar signs and symptoms as that of prostate cancer. However, the two conditions are not related to each other and occur due to entirely different reasons. Enlargement of the prostate occurs due to the non-cancerous growth of cells around the prostate gland. As a result, the prostate grows in size and produces symptoms similar to that of prostate cancer, for example, frequent urination and pain while urinating.

Enlarged Prostate treatment in India can be availed at any major multi-specialty or urology hospital. This treatment falls under the urology specialty since in males the urinary system and the reproductive system are closely linked. Many patients from around the world travel thousands of miles to seek prostate enlargement treatment in India. This is primarily because of the low cost of medical treatment and the accessibility of quality treatment. Moreover, there is practically no waiting time for patients who travel all the way from other countries to India.

Lyfboat makes it easy for you to get quality medical opinions and find the right healthcare providers in India for enlarged prostate treatment at the best prices.

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What Factors Govern The Cost Of Robot Assisted Prostate Cancer Surgery

The cost of surgery usually depends on various factors such as:

  • Expertise of surgeonand team.
  • Surgery for Prostate Cancer. Available at Accessed on March 29, 2018.
  • Robotic surgery for prostate cancer. Available at Accessed on March 29, 2018.
  • Robotic Prostate Surgery. Available at Accessed on March 29, 2018.
  • Lee SH, Seo HJ, Lee NR, et al. Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy has lower biochemical recurrence than laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Investing Clin Urol. 2017 May 58: 152163.
The content of this publication has been developed by a third party content provider who is clinicians and/or medical writers and/or experts. The information contained herein is for educational purpose only and we request you to please consult a Registered Medical Practitioner or Doctor before deciding the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • India

My Gosh You Are 52 I’m

My Gynecomastia Surgery Cost How Much?

My gosh, you are 52, I’m guessing you haven’t heard of HIFU it comes with a verrrry low risk of any side effects, and incontinence is virtually unheard of.

There’s a wonderful HIFU center in Japan, it costs $14,000. which even includes a couple nights in the hospital, which is only given because of the language barrier. HIFU is a two-three hour procedure, and then you are fine, you need a supra pubic catheter, which is no big deal, for 2-3 weeks.

read my thread here:

And go to for an explanation of the treatment. My husband had HIFU over a year ago, he had no troubles, no pain ~ or even discomfort, no side effects at all. We’ve sent in more than a dozen men all report being thrilled with the outcome.

Here’s the site for Japan, Dr. Uchida is very well known and very respected all over the world. He’s been treating men with HIFU for 9 years.

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Best Prostate Enlargement Surgery Hospitals In India

There are several hospitals for benign prostatic hyperplasia in India. These hospitals are equipped with all modern technology, machinery, and equipment used for the treatment of BPH. The course of treatment followed at the best hospitals for prostate enlargement treatment in India may depend on the age of the patient, the kind of BPH he is suffering from and the severity of the symptoms. Accordingly, the doctor decides to make use of technology to conduct treatment.

The Indian prostate enlargement hospitals are usually equipped with the machines used to deliver laser radiation, which is used during laser surgery to remove the benign growth from the enlarged prostate. In addition, some prostate cancer treatment involves the use of an endoscope, ultrasound, electric current and microwave heat to destroy or remove the non-cancerous growth altogether.

Doing It In The Us May Not Be Possible For Me

Remember that you get only one prostate operation, so you want the best….

I have medicare and a bluecross suppliment………i notice that the various doctors that I saw ask more than what they accept thru these coverages……….so I think that you might be able to negotiate…..check out a few docs for price.

As far as dr ahlering………At a support group, I spoke with a physician who had the operation with him, and asked for a professional discount//////he did not receive it……

What other countries are you considering for an operation, israel, austraila , taiwan, etc

Where are you from in the US, do you have a support group and a place to stay?

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What Is The Price Of Laser Prostate Surgery For Bph In Pace Hospitals

At Pace Hospitals, we offer world-class treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia to the patients. The price of laser prostate surgery or holep surgery for bph ranges vary from Rs. 1,60,000 to Rs. 1,85,000 and it depends upon the room selection for hospital stay, services availed during treatment apart from the surgery package and approvals in case of cashless treatment such as central government health scheme , health insurance, employees and journalists health scheme , employees’ state insurance etc.

The Cost Of Prostate Cancer

Best Package for Varicocele embolization in India ...

If you have prostate cancer, you may have some out-of-pocket charges, depending on the type and length of care. This can happen even with health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Itâs important to talk to your doctor and research any potential costs so you know what to expect. This will help ease stress and anxiety that often happen when dealing with medical bills. Your health comes first, so itâs crucial that you never skip cancer treatments because of the high cost.

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What Is The Cost Of Enlarged Prostate Surgery In Pace Hospitals

At Pace Hospitals, we offer world-class prostate enlargement treatment to the patients. Enlarged prostate surgery cost ranges vary from Rs 1,00,000 to 1,35,000 and it depends upon the selection of room for hospital stay, type of surgery, any services availed during treatment apart from the surgery package and approvals in case of cashless treatment such as health insurance, central government health scheme , employees and journalists health scheme , employees’ state insurance etc.


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