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Chelation Therapy For Prostate Cancer

How Does It Work

Detoxamin Prostate Study Testimonials Short Version

Chelation therapy uses special drugs that bind to metals in your blood. You get the chelating medicine through an intravenous tube in your arm. Itâs also available in pill form. Once the drug has attached to the metal, your body removes them both through your pee.

Metals that can be removed with chelation therapy include lead, mercury, and arsenic. Before you get this treatment, your doctor will do a blood test to make sure you have metal poisoning.

How Is Chelation Therapy Used For Breast Cancer

As we mentioned, low levels of metals and minerals are considered vital to overall health. But when these substances build up in the soft tissues, circulatory system, and organs, the effect can be toxic.

Thanks to the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, and the bodys ability to produce glutathione, the detoxification process occurs naturally and without effort for most people. Unfortunately, bodily systems dont always work as they should, in which case an intervention like chelation therapy might be necessary.

Removes Heavy Metals From The Body

As discussed, chelation therapy can be an effective solution for removing various heavy metals from the body. This includes lead, iron, arsenic, mercury, copper, and nickel.

These substances can enter the bloodstream when someone drinks contaminated water, breathes polluted air, or ingests small amounts of lead paint. As a result, they may suffer from heavy metal poisoning.

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Where Can I Get Chelation Therapy

If you are thinking of going for chelation treatment, it is imperative to seek a qualified physician. This treatment is not approved for home use or over the counter. Physicians who perform chelation therapy must be well-trained and licensed in chelation therapy.

The procedure can be complicated, and the tests are not straightforward because blood tests may only identify patients with severe and acute metal toxicity, not those with metals stored in the tissues. In this case, you should consult your physician for the edta chelation treatment.

At Immune Therapy Center, we have a team of qualified and licensed doctors compassionate about delivering quality service to all our patients. Our team has over 20 years of experience in alternative medicine and therapy. Our patients encounter the utmost respect and outstanding experience from our doctors. We will examine your body and advise you on the best chelation treatment depending on your condition.

Top 4 Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers In Tijuana Mexico

EDTA Chelation Therapy

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | Feb 5, 2017 | Alternative Chemotherapy Options, Anti-Cancer Vaccines, Cancer, Diseases and Disorders, Vibrational Therapies | 62


If youve been diagnosed with cancer and youve read the book The Truth About Cancer , you might be considering a trip to Tijuana, Mexico to partake in some of the truly amazing holistic cancer cure treatments that are available there. I recently traveled to Tijuana with my family to see the city and get some holistic dental care done at a facility thats attached to a holistic cancer treatment center, American Holistic Care. If youre looking for a cure and not just a band-aid for your cancer, the alternative cancer treatments offered at these facilities is worth exploring.

Below are the top 4 holistic cancer treatment centers that I learned about while we were in Tijuana:

1) American Holistic Care

American Holistic Care uses holistic and complementary treatment options to address chronic or serious diseases like cancer. They take an integrative approach to cancer treatment using therapies that are scientifically proven to work and individually calibrated to each persons unique physiology. They offer immunotherapy and biological cancer vaccine treatments, detoxification, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutritional counseling, and nutraceutial supplementation.

2) The Hoxsey BioMedical Center

3) Hope4Cancer

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Evading Growth Suppression: Iron Chelation Reactivates Tumour Suppressor Genes

Cell cycle progression is driven by components which are perceived as oncogenic and inhibited by tumour suppressors . Iron chelation can inhibit oncogenic cell cycle drivers , and simultaneously activate the tumour suppressive CDK inhibitors driving cell cycle arrest. Interestingly, iron chelation can modulate p21 levels and nuclear localisation independently of p53 status. Dp44mT can downregulate p21 in MCF7 cells, upregulate p21 in SK-MEL-28 and CFPAC-1 cells and has no effect on p21 in LNCaP and SK-N-MC cells . This is thought to be through MDM2. Iron chelation by DFO increases MDM2 gene expression, this is reversed by iron overload, as MDM2 expression is regulated by Iron Regulatory Protein 2 . DFO can elevate the expression of p27 in serum-stimulated 3T3 cells inhibiting CDK2/cyclin E activity and preventing S phase entry . DFO inhibits src kinase mediated phosphorylation and degradation of p27 . Iron chelation increases levels of tumour suppressor gene PTEN and SMAD4 . In addition to this, PTEN can upregulate NDRG1 gene expression suggesting a positive feedback loop .

Is Chelation Therapy Safe

Chelation therapy, using EDTA, has been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective treatment for heavy metal poisoning for more than four decades. Utopia Wellness has administered more than 80,000 Chelation therapies without incident.

The most common side effect of chelation therapy is a burning sensation at the site where the EDTA is injected into the vein. This can be easily alleviated by adjusting the rate of infusion or applying a warm compress.

Rarely, side effects can include fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting. More serious side effects are extremely rare but could include a sudden drop in blood pressure abnormally low blood levels of calcium and kidney damage. Utopias trained and experienced practitioners monitor patients closely and provide proper supplementation to avoid these incidents.


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    Ros As A Mediator Of The Copper

    Copper, a transition metal with multiple oxidation states, can participate in single electron transfer reactions. Therefore, given the chemistry of the interaction between copper and DSF, we hypothesized that the inherent redox shuttling of copper /Cu/Cu within Cu-dithiocarbamate complexes could generate free radicals that would facilitate ROS formation . It was of significance, therefore, that treatment of cells with the free-radical scavenger N-acetyl-L-cysteine blocked cell death induced by DSF:Cu, Similar results were obtained when PCa cells were treated with the free-radical scavenger, L-Glutathione reduced in the presence of DSF alone or in combination with supplementary copper . These antioxidants also blocked the cytotoxic actions of DSF:Cu in other PCa cells .

    Antioxidants reverse the inhibitory effect of DSF on prostate cancer cell growth

    Copper Signaling Axis As A Target For Prostate Cancer Therapeutics

    Detoxamin Prostate Study Testimonials Long Version

    *Corresponding Author:

    Note: Supplementary data for this article are available at Cancer Research Online .

    Corresponding Author:

  • Version of Record October 14 2014
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    Enabling Replicative Immortality: Iron Chelation Inhibits Stemness And Wnt/

    In a normal cell population, there is a limit to the number of achievable cell doublings before cells reach their natural fate senescence. Cancer cells lose this attribute to enable indefinite replication often showcasing stem cell like features. Enhanced telomerase activity is a driver of cancers immortality. Wnt/-catenin signalling has been shown to directly induce telomerase transcription . As mentioned previously iron chelation downregulates Wnt/-catenin signalling and prevents nuclear translocation of -catenin abrogating any changes in target gene expression. Iron chelation could potentially block replicative immortality, but this has not been directly investigated. Iron depletion by DFX hindered the expression of stemness markers Nanog, Oct3/4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc and inhibited spherogenicity in colorectal and lung cancer stem cell models in vivo and in vitro. In addition to this, iron chelators DFO and DFX are cytotoxic to cancer stem cells which are resistant to classical chemotherapeutic drugs . Epigallocatechin gallate is also capable of inhibiting the expression of stem cell markers 44, CD133, Oct4, ALDH1A1 and Nanog, through inhibiting sonic hedgehog signalling .

    Uncontrolled Cell Growth And Proliferation: Iron Chelation Attenuates Cancer Cell Proliferation Enhancing Signalling Pathways

    Uncontrolled proliferation is the most well recognised hallmark of cancer. During malignant transformation, cancer cells acquire changes in signalling pathways which amplify their proliferative potential. A plethora of evidence has linked iron chelation mediated NDRG1 upregulation to the inhibition of many oncogenic signalling pathways including STAT3, Wnt/ -catenin, RAS and AKT/PI3K . Overexpression of NDRG1 – driven by iron chelators Dp44mT and DFO – in MIAPaCa-2 pancreatic cancer cell line lead to a downregulation of the oncogenic TGF- and RAS pathways through an upregulation of SMAD4 . As a result, RAS downstream signalling molecules pERK, pSMAD2L are inhibited . STAT3 is a transcription factor, which is constitutively active in tumours . DFO, Dp44mT and DpC inhibit upstream kinases c-BCL and SRC, which promote STAT3 phosphorylation and subsequent dimerisation. As a result, STAT3 cannot promote the expression of its target genes: Bcl-2, cyclin D1, and c-myc .

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    Chelation Therapy For Prostate Cancer

    Medically Reviewed by: Dr. BautistaUpdated on: August 23, 2021

    Chelation therapy is a medical treatment that aims to remove heavy metals and toxic levels of minerals from the bloodstream. These substances can enter the body by way of diet, drinking water, cigarette smoke, or pollution. While theyre essential to various biological processes, they can be harmful and even poisonous in excess.

    The treatment process involves the administration of chelating agents that bind to the toxins, then pass through the body via urination. Chelation may also help immunocompromised cancer patients by inhibiting microbial growth that attacks the immune system. Chelating drugs can be given through intravenous infusion or oral supplementation.

    Chelation is one of many alternative treatments offered to prostate cancer patients at Immunity Therapy Center. If you or a loved one are interested in chelation therapy benefits, youve come to the right place. Find a detailed breakdown of the approach below, including how it can treat prostate cancer. Weve also written in detail about chelation therapy for breast cancer.

    Where Do Heavy Metals Come From


    Sadly, it all begins before birth. Over half a million babies are born in the U.S. each year with toxic amounts of mercury passed on from their mothers. Over 400 toxic chemicals have been found in placentas and umbilical cord blood. Over a lifetime, we add to that unknowingly by drinking water that has passed through lead pipes, being injected with vaccines containing mercury and aluminum , touching lead bullets and fishing sinkers, breathing factory-polluted air, eating fish , and engaging in a host of other recreational and occupational activities that barrage us with these agents which our bodies were not designed to utilize or effectively remove.

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    Eecp Therapy + Chelation

    To be eligible for this program patients need to be evaluated by a clinic Naturopathic Doctor. The cost of this visit is credited against the program fee.

    Chelation is an important therapy in the fight against heart disease and the promotion of overall vascular health. The number of EECP treatments is reduced from 35 to 30. Chelation therapy enhances the EECP therapy programs with the following benefits:

    • Removing heavy metals that can damage vessel walls
    • Lowering blood pressure
    • Improving blood flow
    • Reduce the risk of stroke, angina, and heart attack

    Each week the patient receives two chelation treatments scheduled alongside their EECP treatments. Our EECP Coordinator will recommend this program if it best fits with your goals and medical condition.

    Lead Toxicity And Breast Cancer

    Some researchers believe there is a link between lead toxicity and breast cancer. Multiple studies have shown elevated lead levels among those diagnosed with the condition, suggesting that excess lead may increase the risk of breast cancer or support carcinoma growth.

    Succimer is a chelating agent used to treat lead poisoning. The chemical compound may also be beneficial for those with breast cancer. In addition to copper chelation, deferasirox has been shown to minimize the adverse effects of lead exposure.

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    Can Reduce Pain And Swelling

    Chelation therapy can also reduce pain and swelling because of the Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid used during the treatment. This acid acts as an antioxidant in some patients and stores the damage done by air vitamins, also known as oxygen ions. Patients whose bodies do not detoxify can develop diseases such as arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, and many other autoimmune diseases. Chelation therapy can reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

    Take The Next Step With Immunity Therapy Center

    Detoxamin Information

    If you are experiencing metal poisoning, you likely require IV Chelation therapy. Chelation treatment can be effective if administered by a qualified doctor and used the right way. It is the only recommended treatment for metal toxicity. Avoid online products or treatment from healthcare providers not qualified to offer this treatment because of the risks involved. If you are thinking of trying chelation therapy, contact us to speak to a qualified doctor.

    Dr. Adolfo Carrillo is a Board Certified Medical Doctor from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

    Dr. Carrillo has been collaborating with Dr. Bautista for over 5 years as a treating physician at the Immunity the Immunity Therapy Center. Dr. Carrillo is a charismatic Doctor whose knowledge and commitment to patient care and bringing healing to patients is a valuable asset to our center.

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    How Does Chelation Therapy Work

    Chelation therapy typically involves using particular drugs injected into the bloodstream to bind the metal and other heavy metals in the blood. Different chelating agents get injected into your arm through an intravenous tube. Some chelating agents are good at removing metals from the body than others. Below are the types of chelation medications that your doctor may use.

    • Succimer
    • Dimercaprol
    • Deferoxamine

    When you visit your doctor, they will do a blood test to ensure that your body has toxic metals before injecting chelating agents into your body. Once the drug gets injected into the blood, they get attached to the toxic substances. The elements get filtered through the kidneys and come out during urination.

    Chelation treatment plans vary per individual symptoms and needs. Only a qualified and licensed doctor should prescribe chelating agents because they have serious side effects. Sometimes, the doctor might give you a chelation infusion to introduce the chelating agents to the blood system. Chelation therapy can also be administered by mouth in pill form. In this case, the doctor will advise you to take mineral and vitamin supplements orally.

    The Role Of Iron Chelation In Cancer Therapy

    This review focuses on advances and strategies in the use of iron chelators as anti-tumor therapies. Although the development of iron chelators for human disease has focused primarily on their use in the treatment of secondary iron overload, chelators may also be useful anti-tumor agents. They can deplete iron or cause oxidative stress in the tumor due to redox perturbations in its environment. Iron chelators have been tested for their anti-tumor activity in cell culture experiments, animal models and human clinical trials. Largely for pragmatic reasons, clinical studies of the anti-tumor activity of iron chelators have generally focused on desferrioxamine , a drug approved for the treatment of iron overload. These studies have shown that DFO can retard tumor growth in many different experimental contexts. However, the activity of DFO is modest, and advances in the use of chelators as anti-cancer agents will require the development of new chelators based on new paradigms. Examples of iron chelators that have shown promising anti-tumor activity include heterocyclic carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazones, analogs of pyridoxal isonicotinoyl hydrazone, tachpyridine, O-trensox, desferrithiocin, and other natural and synthetic chelators. Apart from their use as single agents, chelators may also synergize with other anti-cancer therapies. The development of chelators as anticancer agents is largely an unexplored field, but one with extraordinary potential to impact human cancer.

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    Risks And Side Effects

    Chelation therapy carries a lot of risks and side effects, and it can even be fatal. For this reason, a person should only undergo treatment under medical supervision and if they have metal poisoning, as it has proven benefits for treating this condition.

    Although there is minor evidence that it may help people with cardiovascular conditions, the risks outweigh any potential benefits. This fact is particularly important as many other, safer treatments are available for these conditions.

    Some of the common side effects that a person may experience during chelation therapy include:

    • fever and chills

    Copper Chelation Treatment For Breast Cancer

    Iron chelation therapy effective, safe in lower

    High levels of copper have been detected in tissue samples from those with various types of cancer, including prostate cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, lung cancer, and breast cancer. Since copper levels tend to go back to normal following cancer treatment and surgical removal of breast cancer tissues, some experts believe chelation is a suitable alternative treatment.

    According to a report published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, copper chelation therapy has been shown to prevent the growth and migration of breast cancer carcinomas. The treatment is often offered in conjunction with cancer immunotherapy to support immune system function, a combination shown to hinder tumor growth and metastasis in both in-vitro and in-vivo clinical trials.

    Tetrathiomolybdate for Copper Chelation

    Tetrathiomolybdate is a chelating agent sometimes used to remove copper from the bloodstream and cancer cells. The chemical compound has shown promising effects in stopping the growth and spread of breast carcinomas.

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