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Is Pumpkin Seeds Good For Your Prostate

Improves Prostate And Bladder Health

How Pumpkin Seed Oil Helps Your Prostate!

For males, a common issue with the prostate, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia , can cause urination to be difficult. This is due to the prostate becoming enlarged which makes it hard to urinate. A study of 1,400 men with BHP saw an improvement with urination after consuming pumpkin seeds.

The effect pumpkin seeds can have on BHP helps encourage a healthier bladder and can reduce the risk of an overactive bladder.

Diagnosing An Enlarged Prostate

As with all incontinence conditions, a thorough diagnosis must be developed before action can be taken. You may have heard of some of these exams. And if you havent, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with them. Not only is knowledge power, but it also eliminates surprises.

Because those with BPH can experience symptoms from mild to severe, the treatment options featured here are organized from least invasive to more intense.

Raw Pumpkin Seeds As A Healthy Snack

With their high levels of protein, beneficial fats, fiber content, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients theres no doubt that pumpkin seeds are good for you. Try swapping high carbohydrate snacks made from grains for a handful of pumpkin seeds and see the difference it can make to both you health and your waistline.

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Aids A Healthier Pregnancy

The World Health Organisation suggest that around 80% of women have a low zinc intake. Their advice states that a lack of zinc during pregnancy can compromise child development and sometimes have an impact on childbirth. The low zinc intake can cause low transport of zinc to the baby, which is key for good development during their first few years of life.

Many scientists and nutritionists suggest that pregnant women in particular should increase their zinc intake to ensure no consequences for the baby.

Pumpkin Seeds Are High In Magnesium And Other Minerals

Heres just what makes pumpkin seeds so good for both ...

Raw pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are a good source of magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, and copper. Magnesium helps improve mood and sleep, while manganese plays a role in collagen production and promotes skin and bone health. Iron and copper are involved with energy production, and iron also helps transport oxygen to our cells. Zinc supports immunity, skin health, and vision. Eating just one serving of pumpkin seeds can supply 14 to 42% of the daily target for these essential nutrients.

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How To Make Pumpkin Seeds At Home

Roasted pumpkin seeds are a nutritious and tasty treat. Theyre also incredibly easy to make at home. This recipe uses pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin, though it can be adapted for store-bought pumpkin seeds as well.

You wont regret it making homemade pumpkin seeds. Youll save money, minimize food waste and get a delicious snack out of the deal.

There are a few steps involved for perfectly roasted pumpkin seeds.

Heres a list of what you need to gather to get started:

  • a bunch of seeds from a pumpkin
  • a bowl
  • avocado or melted coconut oil
  • any seasonings you wish, like Zaatar, cinnamon, cumin, curry

But first, some helpful information about pumpkin seed nutrition.

Improves Your Prostate Health

Pumpkin seeds might relieve some symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate. A 12-month study in a 2014 issue of Urologia Internationalis, involving over 1,400 men, set out to discover the effectiveness of pumpkin seeds in treating BPH and urinary tract infection.

The study found that those who consumed pumpkin seeds experienced a significant reduction in BPH symptoms. However, the researchers note that a more extensive study is required before recommending pumpkin seeds as a treatment option.

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Risks And Side Effects

There are no known pumpkin seed oil side effects. Of course, you should always check with your doctor before taking pumpkin seed oil if you have any ongoing health conditions, are taking medication, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Pumpkin seed oil is generally considered safe in food amounts and medicinal amounts for most people. It is very important to never use rancid pumpkin seed oil or supplements.

Ways To Consume Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds Benefits, Good for the Prostate?

Adding pumpkin seeds to your diet is the easiest way to reap their benefits. Although there is no recommended dosage, a handful of seeds every day can help keep your prostate in good health. If you have a pumpkin handy, remove its innards and keep the seeds aside. Clean and dry them thoroughly before storing them in an air-tight container. It is essential to soak the pumpkin seeds before consuming them.

A common question in this regard is how long to soak pumpkin seeds? Ideally, 8 to 12 hours of soaking help remove harmful enzymes and make it easier for you to digest.

You can add pumpkin seeds to your smoothies or grind roasted pumpkin seeds to make your protein shake.

One can ground roasted pumpkin seeds and make them into a paste to use as an alternative to peanut butter or regular butter. Pumpkin seed butter is a much healthier option available since it is rich in omega-3 as well.

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Very High In Magnesium

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best natural sources of magnesium a mineral that is often lacking in the diets of many Western populations.

In the US, around 79% of adults have a magnesium intake below the recommended daily amount .

Magnesium is needed for more than 600 chemical reactions in your body. For example, adequate levels of magnesium are important for:

  • Controlling blood pressure (
  • 21 ).

Summary Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium. Healthy magnesium levels are important for your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, as well as heart and bone health.

Recommended Dosage Of Pumpkin Seeds

You can start and stop consuming pumpkin seeds as you wish. There is very little report of side effects. Although, if you do notice bloating or gas, it is advised to reduce consumption or stop.

The recommended daily dose of pumpkin is 30 grams around one quarter of a cup of seeds which is enough to provide you with the proven health benefits. This serving size will also provide you with a good amount of protein, healthy fats, fiber, zinc, magnesium and its other effective nutrients.

It is not advised to eat more than the recommended daily amount as eating too many can cause a buildup of gas or bloating. One benefit of pumpkin seeds is that they help soften stools and encourage bowel movement due to the fiber content. However, if you consume too many they can have a reverse effect and cause a slow down and hardening of stools. Also, keep in mind they are high in calories and fat.

If you wonder what risk or side effects pumpkin seeds may cause, here is more:

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Pumpkin Seed Oil For Hair Loss And Prostate Health

Excessive levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone is a common cause of both hair loss and prostate problems for men.

Pumpkin seed oil contains many beneficial health nutrients and two in particular that are believed to provide protection against DHT damage.

Heres how taking pumpkin seed oil regularly can help maintain healthy hair and prevent male prostate enlargement.

Pumpkin Seed Oil And Prostate

Pumpkin Seeds and Prostate Health

Pumpkin seed oil is essentially the extract obtained after special treatment by pumpkin seeds. It is preferable to choose cold pressed oil, as this process retains more of the beneficial antioxidants that are usually lost with heat. You can also find it as a dietary supplement.

Indeed, in a study with Korean men, it was found that the consumption of pumpkin seed oil reduced the score in the International Prostate Symptom Score, also known as IPSS. Also, quality of life and urination gradually improved over a period of 3-6 months after taking 320mg of pumpkin seed oil daily .

So put pumpkin seeds in your daily routine and dont overlook any strange symptoms! Visit a specialist to reassure you and give you the right advice.

Find in a variety of supplements with pumpkin seed oil, as well for prostate!

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Where To Find And How To Use

If youre curious where to buy pumpkin seed oil, you can find it at health stores, grocery stores or online. Look for a brand that is unrefined, virgin and cold-pressed. Pumpkin seed oil, extracted from roasted pumpkin seeds, should not be cooked, as heat destroys many of its best health properties and produces a bitter taste. The most common intake of pumpkin seed oil for health is through the use of pumpkin seed oil capsules or in liquid form as a supplement to a health-conscious lifestyle.

Wondering how to use pumpkin seed oil? One delicious way to use pumpkin seed oil in food, prevalent in Eastern Europe, is as a salad dressing, either by itself or in combination with other healthy oils.

Storage is key to keeping pumpkin seed oil fresh. Warmth and light easily oxidize the polyunsaturated fats in pumpkin seed oil, causing it to go rancid. Therefore, it should be bottled, sealed and stored in a cool, dark place. Its important to remember that the fresh, nutty taste of the oil will dissipate after its first opened, though it remains good for 12 months, sometimes longer.

Is pumpkin seed oil bad? You can tell when this oil has gone bad by smelling it since oxidation of the oil produces a pretty nasty scent. Its also smart to wipe any stray drops from the outside of the bottle or cap before storing it away after all, its not appetizing to smell rancid oil when youre preparing for a delicious meal!

Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds According To Nutritionists

These nutrition facts will make you want to carve a Jack O’ Lantern.

I love everything about pumpkins, including pumpkin seeds. As a kid I loved tearing them out of our carved pumpkins at Halloween, and cleaning them to roast in the oven. But these days its easy to find raw, sprouted, and roasted pumpkin seeds year-round.

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Pumpkin Seed Oil Dosage And Timing

Pumpkin seed oil may be both a preventative and useful treatment for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia. A 2009 Korean study found statistically significant benefit for a group of men suffering from BPH, given just 320 mg of pumpkin seed oil a day for six months.

In fact, the pumpkin seed oil performed better in the study than saw palmetto oil and better than pumpkin seed oil and saw palmetto oil combined .

Another successful pumpkin seed oil study, involving patients with andrological disorders, used Peponen , at a dosage of three 300 mg capsules twice a day for the first month , then three 300 mg capsules once a day for the remaining months .

It now seems generally recommended to take at least 1000 mg a day as a good pumpkin seed oil dosage and most pumpkin seed oil capsules come in this dosage. Therapeutic doses for specific conditions may be higher, perhaps taking the same or double the dose several times a day.

Regarding timing, pumpkin seed oil would, like most fatty acid supplements, be best taken with a meal. If you were taking it as a preventative only once a day, it would probably be best with breakfast or the evening meal.

In larger therapeutic doses, a 1000 mg capsule or two could be taken with each main meal of the day. There would generally be more value in splitting doses throughout the day, rather than having it all at once.

It should not, however, be used as an oil for frying or in baking as high temperatures can damage its delicate structure.

Medications For Enlarged Prostate

Does Pumpkin Seed Oil supplements help prostate problems (BPH)?

There are two main classes of pharmaceuticals that work to alleviate enlarged prostate symptoms: alpha blockers and alpha reductase inhibitors

  • Alpha Blockers. Alpha blockers relax the smooth muscle around the bladder neck and within the urethra.

  • Inhibitors. Inhibitors stop the conversion of the male hormone testosterone to DHT to reduce the prostate’s size, eliminating blockage.

Dont be surprised if your physician prescribes a combination of the two medications, as they have been shown to work more effectively together than alone. The downside is that combination therapy may increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects from the medications. Be sure to work with your doctor to assess the benefits and costs before starting on combination therapy.

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Why Men Should Give Thanks To Pumpkins The Prostate Protector

Dear Pharmacist, My husband is a glutton this time of year. Heovereats. He drinks too much eggnog and eats too much pumpkin pie.He says that it’s okay because there are health benefits. Arethere? – E.S., Buffalo

A: He’s a funny guy! I assure you that thereare no health benefits to overeating. As for eggnog, hey, it’sbetter than beer! But the pumpkin pie does have some powerfulhealth benefits, especially for men. I could easily justify twoslices of pie because pumpkin is nutritious. It’s a great source offiber, vitamin C and E, as well as minerals.

Pumpkin’s bright orange color should tell you that it’s packedwith caretonoids like natural beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.Those nutrients protect your eyesight and soften fine lines. Soeven though pumpkins are carved to look creepy, save the insides ofthem because they can make you look pretty. Use it to make muffins,bread and casseroles.

Eat pumpkin on a daily basis, but skip the whipped cream andsugar. It’s not that difficult – just buy pumpkin seeds at yourlocal health food or grocery store. They look and taste similar tosunflower seeds. I sprinkle them on top of my salad.

You should know that high levels of dihydrotestosterone have been associated with an enlarged prostate. Pumpkin just sohappens to contain natural compounds which reduce levels ofDHT.

Did You Know? A new oral medication for HIV hasrecently been approved-it’s called Intelence.

Pumpkin Seeds Are Great For Athletes

Pumpkin seeds are simply amazing for sports and bodybuilding in so many way. Its contains zinc, which helps prevent muscle cramps, fatty acids that help reduce exercise-induced inflammation and magnesium, which helps reduce the chances of a magnesium deficiency

Pumpkin seeds also have an energy boosting effect that could improve your performance. Low magnesium levels causes tiredness and low energy among athletes that could be mistaken for workout fatigue. Adding pumpkin seeds to your diet is a good way to avoid magnesium-related fatigue or at least rule it out as a cause.

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Pumpkin Seed Protein Levels

Pumpkin seeds have one of the highest protein content of any nut or seed with more than 5 g of protein per ounce and 12 g per cup. That makes them almost 20% protein and a great vegetarian source of essential amino acids for muscle building and repair.

The seeds of pumpkins are also particularly high in the amino acid tryptophan which is converted to the neurotransmitter serotonin in your body.

A good dietary intake of tryptophan can be beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing mood and improving sleep. Conversely, low levels of tryptophan are associated with difficulty coping with stress, problems getting to sleep and even serious depression.

Why Are Pumpkin Seeds Good For You

Pumpkin Seeds &  Prostate Cancer

Pumpkin seeds are one of the healthiest seeds you can eat with many nutritional benefits. They make an extremely healthy snack and despite their high calories and fat content, eating pumpkin seeds can actually help you lose weight.

Heres why raw pumpkin seeds are good for you with their high protein, fiber and healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and special compounds for balancing hormones and preventing hair loss.


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Higher Nutritional Value In Raw Pumpkin Seeds

It is best to go for pumpkin seeds in their “raw state” as opposed to “roasted”, which according to nutrition data has less protein and over half the amount of magnesium.

Nutrition data of roasted pumpkin seeds without salt contains about 5.2 grams of protein, 1.7g less protein than raw seeds and 73.4 mg of magnesium, about 77 mg less than raw unroasted.

Possible Treatment For Metabolic Disease

A study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture examined the use of pumpkin seed oil on metabolic disease in rats. Scientists found that pumpkin seed oil may be helpful in the prevention or treatment of metabolic disorder in rats who were fed a high-fat diet.

However, rodent studies dont provide strong evidence that humans will experience the same benefit. These studies simply offer clues to researchers so that further studies can be developed.

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Pumpkin Seeds And Prostate

For centuries pumpkin seeds has been one of the first options for prostate disease in traditional medicine in many countries around the world. They are rich in zinc, carotenoids and phytosterols, substances that appear to be beneficial for prostate health.

Men with benign prostatic hyperplasia appear to have low levels of zinc in prostate fluid, so this is an element they need to increase in their diet. In addition, a carotenoid-rich diet has been found to reduce the risk of BPH, while phytosterols relieve the symptoms .

The intake of zinc and phytosterols through diet or supplements appears to help reduce an enlarged prostate .

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Some Other Common Basic Treatments For An Enlarged Prostate Include:

Pumpkin Seeds: for Enlarged Prostate
  • Avoiding certain foods, such as, poultry, caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol.

Poultry contains arachidonic acid, which leads to increased inflammation. Caffeine and alcohol contain diuretic properties, which can cause irritation, inflammation, and infections. Any type of spicy food will cause irritation in the prostate.

  • Doctor approved prostate supplements.

Super Beta Prostate contains ingredients that can reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Alpha blockers can also be used to make urination easier by relaxing the muscles in the prostate. Please consult with a medical professional before adding supplements into your diet.

  • Being more physically active.

Research has shown that men who are more physically active are less likely to suffer from BPH and other prostate-related health issues. This doesnt mean you have to join a gym. Simply, take a walk outside a few nights a week, or take the stairs at work to create a more active lifestyle.

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