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Can Ed Be Caused By Enlarged Prostate

Assessing Your Cardiovascular Health

How to Treat An Enlarged Prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia): 12 Natural Treatments

Your GP may assess your cardiovascular health. Narrowed blood vessels are a common cause of erectile dysfunction and linked with cardiovascular disease .

Your GP may:

As well as helping to improve your erectile dysfunction, these changes can also improve your general health and may help to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease .

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Treatment Of Enlarged Prostate And Ed

While an enlarged prostate can cause ED, there are treatment options available to you to facilitate normal sexual function. Luckily many forms of enlarged prostate-associated erectile dysfunction are treatable, and by tackling the underlying problem of an enlarged prostate, many men can restore or greatly improve their sexual performance.

So Whats Your Role In Preventing Bph

You cant do anything about your age, but you can do something about your lifestyle and diet to boost the health of your prostate. Start by avoiding or cutting down on dairy and meat, add lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains to your nutrition regimen, and try including soya products like miso, tofu and tempeh in your diet. Initially that may be difficult if you are used to consuming meat and dairy-heavy meals. But by incorporating tasty, plant-based substitutes such as tofu, three-bean curry, mushroom risotto and vegetable satay, you can quickly get used to meals without meat and dairy. Take steps to reduce your stress levels by dealing with the underlying causes of your stress. Take a stress remedy, practice mindfulness or see a counselor whatever works best for you.

For more information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of BPH, visit the St Pete Urology site.

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Causes Of An Enlarged Prostate

We dont actually know what causes prostate enlargement. Potential factors include:

We do know that men who have their testicles removed – for example, due to testicular cancer – do not experience prostate enlargement.

If the testicles are removed after prostate enlargement occurs, the prostate begins to shrink

What we do know is that:

  • Your chances of developing an enlarged prostate increase with age
  • Enlarged prostates are so common that its believed all males will eventually experience an enlarged prostate if they live long enough. In fact, over 90% of males over 80 have BPH.
  • There are no specific risk factors for prostate enlargement, other than having testicles.

How Enlarged Prostate Impacts Sexual Function

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

An enlarged prostate is also called benign prostatic hyperplasia . Its an issue where your prostate, while not cancerous, is enlarged giving you the typical urination symptoms.

Things like:

  • Dribble after your done
  • Feeling of not getting it all out

Any of these has the ability to reduce confidence when it comes to sexual performance. However, most of the problems would be fear and psychological worry about potential pain which are very real issues.

There are a number of potential remedies for reducing and improving BPH. Sexual activity is one of the many home remedies for an enlarged gland.

However, if remedies dont work, prostate reduction surgery is an option. And here is where potential erectile issues show up. The surgery leaves scar tissue . In certain scenarios this tissue causes increased difficulty in getting an erection.

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Erectile Dysfunction Following Radical Prostatectomy

Assuming the management of erectile dysfunction requires expert diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosis includes sexual function history, general medical history, psychosocial history, medication history, physical examination, and appropriate laboratory testing.

Psychological treatment is an important adjunct to managing erectile dysfunction. If our diagnosis suggests a psychological association with your erectile dysfunction, we may recommend that you pursue counseling with a qualified psychologist available through the Clinic.For instance, there may be relationship problems that negatively affect sexual functioning with your partner. Referrals can be made to the Johns Hopkins’ noted Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit.

Erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy for clinically localized prostate cancer is a known potential complication of the surgery. With the advent of the nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy technique, many men can expect to recover erectile function in the current era.

However, despite expert application of the nerve-sparing prostatectomy technique, early recovery of natural erectile function is not common. Increasing attention has been given to this problem in recent years with the advancement of possible new therapeutic options to enhance erection function recovery following this surgery. Visit Dr. Burnett’s Neuro-Urology Laboratory

Surgical Treatments For Bph

While many doctors claim to treat prostate enlargement with surgery, such claims are almost always related to improving urinary function. Since the prostate surrounds the urethra, symptoms of BPH almost always involve urinary function. If a man has severe urinary issues or blockage, surgery may help.

Some doctors recommend removing the prostate to resolve the urinary issues in severe cases. The prostatectomy will likely resolve the urinary issues, but the surgerys side effects will surely deteriorate the mans quality of life.

Surgery should never be the first choice to relieve problems associated with BPH. Any urologist recommending surgery as a first-line treatment for BPH is not providing patients with the best advice. Every surgery has side effects. Some can be minor and others life-altering. Many solutions can make BPH more tolerable without destroying a mans quality of life.

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Impact Of Erectile Dysfunction On Qol

Preservation of sexual function should be considered in the management of patients with symptomatic BPE. With increase in elderly population, it is expected that more men will experience ED and symptomatic BPE. There was positive correlation between the severity of ED and prostate size in this study, and patients with severe ED had higher mean prostate size of 122.94 g. This further supports the need to screen patients with symptomatic BPE for ED. Sexual and urinary functions have a direct impact on QoL. This present study shows that QoL has a weak negative correlation with ED and a weak positive correlation with prostate size . This is because patients impression on quality of life varies. While a patient with a huge prostate and severe ED may be satisfied with the symptoms, another patient with milder form may feel terrible with his symptoms .

Enlarged Prostate And Erections

Enlarged Prostate Signs & Symptoms (& Why They Occur)

Can an enlarged prostate cause erectile dysfunction? We dont know for certain that enlarged prostates cause ED but there is some data linking the two, and some BPH treatments, such as alpha blockers, can cause ED. Conversely, some erectile dysfunction treatments can in fact relieve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

So, can a swollen prostate cause erectile dysfunction? There simply havent been enough studies to confirm a link between erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostates. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction alongside symptoms of BPH, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor.

You can find out more about erectile dysfunction causes here.

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Are There Any Surgical Techniques That Have Been Developed To Improve Erectile Function Outcomes

At this time, there are several different surgical approaches to carry out the surgery, including retropubic or perineal approaches as well as laparoscopic procedures with freehand or robotic instrumentation. Much debate but no consensus exists about the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches. Further study is needed before obtaining meaningful determinations of the success with different new approaches.

Medications For Enlarged Prostate

There are two main classes of pharmaceuticals that work to alleviate enlarged prostate symptoms: alpha blockers and alpha reductase inhibitors

  • Alpha Blockers. Alpha blockers relax the smooth muscle around the bladder neck and within the urethra.

  • Inhibitors. Inhibitors stop the conversion of the male hormone testosterone to DHT to reduce the prostate’s size, eliminating blockage.

Dont be surprised if your physician prescribes a combination of the two medications, as they have been shown to work more effectively together than alone. The downside is that combination therapy may increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects from the medications. Be sure to work with your doctor to assess the benefits and costs before starting on combination therapy.

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I Am Experiencing Difficulty Achieving Or Maintaining An Erection Could This Be Due To Prostate Disease

Your difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection may be caused by prostate disease. You should discuss your individual situation with your doctor to determine the cause of your ED and find a treatment that may best suit you.

Pay attention to frequency so that you can tell if this is becoming a usual problem.

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Enlarged Prostate Thermobalancing Treatment Can now Help to Avoid ...

Symptomatic treatment of an enlarged prostate usually involves a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may be the best option if you suffer from chronic urination. It will help the body adjust to the increased size of the prostate. Also, taking regular urination intervals will help retrain the bladder to function properly. Inactivity also contributes to urine retention, and cold temperatures can increase the urge to urinate.

Invasive treatment of enlarged prostate includes medication that relieves the pressure on the urethra and bladder. However, if the condition is severe, it may require surgical intervention. If treatment is not successful, the enlarged prostate can become a potentially life-threatening disease. As the hormone levels in the body change, the enlarged prostate can lead to various complications, including urinary retention and even cancer. This is why it is critical to see a doctor for further evaluation.

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What Is The Importance Of Preserved Erectile Function

In considering the impact of the various treatment approaches for prostate cancer on their quality of life, many patients place paramount importance on the possibility of retaining natural erectile function. This matter is frequently important to young men who by age status are more likely to have intact erectile function than older men however, for all men having normal preoperative erectile function irrespective of age, preservation of this function is understandably important postoperatively.

Why Does Erectile Dysfunction Happen With Prostate Cancer Treatment

To help you understand why prostate cancer treatment may cause you to have erectile dysfunction, it is good for you to learn how your body may be changed by your treatment. Usually when a man is sexually aroused :

Radical Prostatectomy

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy may damage the nerves near your prostate gland that help you have erections. Over time, you may notice that you are not having as many erections as you used to. Some men start having erectile dysfunction six months or more after their radiation therapy. If this happens, the erectile dysfunction usually does not improve.

Hormone Therapy

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The Impact Of An Enlarged Prostate On Erectile Dysfunction

It is easy to see a symptom while misunderstanding the underlying cause.

Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition that impacts more than a third of men at some point in their lives. As men get older, they tend to struggle more commonly with erectile dysfunction . There are many other health issues for men as they get older. Some of these health risks may have an impact on their ED as well.

One common area with troubling conditions for aging men is their prostate. Their prostates can be a source of cancer, but even when they are cancer-free, they may have an enlarged prostate called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia . In this article, we will focus on how BPH impacts mens health and how that may contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Enlarged Prostate And Sex Drive

New Treatment for Enlarged Prostate Restores Normal Urination

Although we cant say for certain that an enlarged prostate will cause erectile dysfunction or problems ejaculating, there is plenty of evidence that the condition can and does impact the sex lives of those who experience it. BPH can affect your sex drive , because you might feel generally stressed or anxious about your symptoms.

If you feel that your prostate is impacting your sex life, you should talk to your doctor.

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How Are Prostate Cancer Stages Determined

Once all testing has been completed, your doctor will tell you the stage of your cancer, or how much it has progressed and whether it has spread beyond your prostate. The stage will help your medical team decide which treatment is best for you. The higher the stage, the more advanced your cancer. The most common way to stage prostate cancer is the TNM system, developed by the American Joint Committee on Cancer, which hinges on three important factors:

  • T : How much of your prostate the tumor affects

  • N : Whether the cancer has spread beyond your prostate to nearby lymph nodes

  • M : Whether your cancer has metastasized, or spread far beyond your prostate to your bones, to nearby organs such as your bladder or rectum, or to more distant organs like your lungs, liver, or brain.

The TNM system also includes your PSA level and your Grade Group, based on your Gleason score. With your stage designated, which is labeled in a range of T1 to T4 , a treatment plan can be developed.

What Have I Learned By Reading This

You learned about:

  • Why prostate cancer treatment can cause erectile dysfunction
  • What can be done about erectile dysfunction
  • How erectile dysfunction may affect your sex life
  • What your partner can expect

If you have any questions, please talk to your doctor or health care team. It is important that you understand what is going on with your prostate cancer treatment. This knowledge will help you take better care of yourself and feel more in control. It will also help you manage any side effects you may have from your treatment.

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Which Bph Symptoms Are Associated With Ed

In a study which examined at this issue, the researchers studied 2,115 men between the ages of 40 and 79. The study participants completed questionnaires related to their sexual function and urinary tract symptoms every two years.

The results showed that each of the indicators of sexual function was inversely related to the severity of urinary tract symptoms reported by the participants .

Urinary tract symptoms resulting from BPH which were most strongly associated with sexual dysfunction were:

  • A feeling of urgency
  • Weak urine stream
  • Straining to start urinating

The results show that there may be a common cause for BPH and ED and therefore future medical treatments which may focus on it could prove effective for treating both conditions according to researcher Steven Jacobsen, of the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine 8.

In conclusion, most of the men with lower urinary tract symptoms resulting from BPH also suffer from erectile dysfunction problems, and the two disorders have common mechanisms and risk factors. Therefore, if you have erectile or urinary problems it is recommended to seek medical advice and treatment as soon as possible, in order to prevent symptoms exacerbation.

Elliott SP, Gulati M, Pasta DJ, Spitalny GM, Kane CJ, Yee R et al. Obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms correlate with erectile dysfunction. Urology 2004 63: 1148-1152.

Andersson KE, Wagner G. Physiology of penile erection. Physiol Rev 1995 75: 191-236.

What Are The Current Expectations With Regard To Outcomes After Radical Prostatectomy

Prostate Surgery Side Effects

Following a series of anatomical discoveries of the prostate and its surrounding structures about 2 decades ago, changes in the surgical approach permitted the procedure to be performed with significantly improved outcomes. Now after the surgery, expectations are that physical capacity is fully recovered in most patients within several weeks, return of urinary continence is achieved by more than 95% of patients within a few months, and erection recovery with ability to engage in sexual intercourse is regained by most patients with or without oral phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors within 2 years.

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Can An Enlarged Prostate Cause Ed

While an enlarged prostate does not cause ED, some BPH treatments may affect the ability to keep an erection, so its important to talk to your doctor to understand possible BPH treatment side effects.

Certain BPH medications may cause decreased sex drive and ED as a side effect.4 For instance, studies have shown a connection between certain anti-testosterone drugs and ED.5 If BPH symptoms continue even after medication therapy, your doctor may suggest a surgical treatment to remove the extra prostate tissue causing your BPH. However, surgical treatment also comes with side effects. A common surgical treatment, transurethral resection of the prostate , has also been shown to cause ED in a small percentage of men.5

You and your doctor may discuss a minimally invasive BPH treatment option, Rezm Water Vapor Therapy. Rezm Therapy treats the cause of BPH by using the natural energy stored in water vapor to remove the extra prostate tissue that is causing urinary issues while preserving sexual function. A five-year clinical study showed that men who had treatment with Rezm Therapy for their BPH did not suffer any procedure-related ED.6 It also showed that the quality of life improved for those men who had Rezm Therapy.6 Learn more about how Rezm Therapy works.

Blame Aging For Bph And Ed

BPH symptoms usually dont begin until after age 50, and they become more common the older you get. The same thing is true of erectile dysfunction . As you get older, your ability to have and maintain an erection declines. It is common that the men we see with BPH will also have erectile dysfunction, says Jason Hedges, M.D., a urologist at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. So are the two connected? Its not necessarily that BPH cause ED, or ED causes BPH, but a lot of men will have both, says Dr. Hedges.

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How Is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Treated

The treatment of BPH¹ varies. When diagnosing BPH, doctors can use a specially-designed survey to determine what symptoms youre experiencing and how much your quality of life is affected by it.

If symptoms are mild or do not affect your quality of life much, your doctor might delay treatment and see how the symptoms progress while providing advice about lifestyle changes to manage symptoms. Some changes might include reducing caffeine and alcohol and changing some medications.

Some people’s symptoms are more severe and affect their quality of life, or their mild symptoms might worsen.

In these situations, you may need medication. Your doctor may prescribe several types of medicines depending on how bad your symptoms are and any allergies or other conditions you may have.

Various medications work for different types of BPH. Some people have mainly storage symptoms. Drugs used for this type of BPH include:

Other men have mostly voiding symptoms. Treatments for voiding symptoms include:

Possible associations¹ exist between some medications that treat BPH and sexual problems like ED. These vary from person to person and by drug.

Surgical treatments for BPH are also available. Surgery is often necessary when medication has not relieved symptoms or improved quality of life. Your doctor may suggest it if symptoms are severe and cause other serious health impacts like bladder stones.


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