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Aneros Helix Trident Prostate Massager

How Do I Lubricate The Aneros Helix Trident

Male Product Review: Aneros Helix Synergy

This is often the part that is a bit repetitive in sex toy reviews, but nevertheless, when it comes to prostate massage, lubrication is an essential point. Indeed, a rectum not lubricated enough, does not allow a good mobility of the Aneros. This is why it is important not to skip this step or to underestimate it. Usually, I advise you to use a water-based lubricant to avoid possible incompatibility concerns. But here, the Helix Trident is made of ABS plastic. Therefore, we can use a silicone-based lubricant for our prostate massage sessions.

Water based lubricant or silicone, no worries

If you are looking for a water-based lubricant, I recommend Sliquid H2O, Pjur Back Door Aqua or YES But. If you prefer a silicone-based lubricant for more mobility, you can opt for Sliquid Silk, which is a hybrid lubricant. Or directly, silicone-only lubricants, such as Pjur Back Door silicone or Pjur Original Bodyglide.

Aneros Helix Trident Use

How to use the Aneros Helix Trident? This is a big question that deserves a big answer. As Ive already explained in a number of prostate massager reviews, Im not a big fan of prostate massage based solely on that. That is, I tend to couple prostate massage with another activity. Whether its masturbation, oral sex, or some other joyous activity. However, I know prostate massage quite well from reviewing masseurs and practicing. So here is what I can tell you about the Aneros Helix Trident.

One stop for the perineum and the other for the K spot

The goal is to enjoy yourself without hands. Indeed, once the massager is inserted, you must not touch it anymore. The operation will consist in making it move by contractions. It is a massage of the P-spot which will operate or massage of the prostate. The Aneros Helix Trident is designed to be suitable for both beginners and intermediate users. This was already the case for the classic version, although I tend to find that the Helix model is more for intermediate users than beginners. Anyway, lets get a little more into the heart of the matter by talking about the prostate massage itself.

I Went For A Prostatic Exam And Didnt Like It How Is A Prostatic Massage Different

Theres a huge difference between a prostatic exam and a massage. Think about this way women go for gynecological visits which can be quite uncomfortable, but they still pleasure themselves with their fingers.

The prostate massage is specifically designed to enhance pleasure and sensation by massaging the P spot, which you obviously cant expect from your doctor!

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How To Maintain Your Massager

No matter which Aneros massager you buy, they should all be maintained the same way. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before and after every session using hot, soapy water to wash away any fluids, dirt, and bacteria from the toy. Rinse it well to be sure there is no trace of soap residue left behind. If you prefer a higher level of sanitation, you can also wipe it with alcohol or a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water. Dry the massager well before storing it. A storage bag or container can keep it clean between uses.

My First Impressions Of Aneros Helix Syn

Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager

When I first took the Helix Syn out of the packaging, Ill admit its a very pretty toy that is very soft to hold while still having some weight. It was sleek looking, and the black and red color scheme was a nice touch.

The little arms are cute too.

Never judge a book or sex toy by first impressions. Yes, the Helix Syn is pretty, but it is designed for maximum comfort and pleasure.

Performance aside, you could sum up the Helix Syn in one line just by its look:

This is a slightly squishy, aesthetically pleasing toy of average weight and size that should appeal to beginners and experts alike.

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What About The Helix Trident Mama

The MAMA is one of the new features of the Aneros Helix Trident! It stands for Multi-Axial Motion Architecture. Now youre well on your way. To give you a little more detail, it is the shape of the prostate massager that has been slightly revised. Indeed, the stem is slightly different and allows a lateral movement of the massager. This allows you to move it up and down, but also from left to right. I must admit, the Helix Trident is a little more mobile than its classic version.

The Helix Trident and the Helix Classic Syn

When I used it, with a little bit of lubricant, the Pjur Original Bodyglide, I could feel a difference with the old version of the Helix. As I was doing contractions, I could tell that the Aneros Trident was moving a little more than usual. And I could start to feel involuntary contractions after about 20 minutes. This was not the case with the classic version, which took me longer to get to this stage. It took me almost twice as long to tell you. So its a big improvement.

Aneros Helix Sex Toys Which One Should You Get

The Aneros Helix prostate massager line has four different offerings that vary by materials used, the size of the toy, and the weight distribution, which can affect how you use it.

This line of Aneros prostate stimulators uses medical-grade materials, has an ABS rigid plastic core, and two models come with a silicone outer layer. The other two can have silicone added to them for an extra charge.

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Q: What Exactly Does Hands

A : Hands-free means exactly that your Aneros massager is controlled only by the contractions of the mans rectal muscles. The patented design takes the bodys contractions and transfers them into a pivoting action which stimulates the prostate, perineum and anal canal simultaneously without any manual intervention. This means that a man can use the Aneros solo or during traditional intercourse as well.

Whats The Best Aneros For Beginners

How to Find Your P-Spot | Prostate Massage & Orgasms

The best Aneros for beginners has to be the Helix Syn Trident. Its relatively narrow, allowing for an easy insertion and also offers hands-free pleasure.

The Helix Syn Trident has been balanced for superior movement internally as well, so youll get those spasms going very quickly.

The redesigned arms offer fantastic pleasure during your anal play sessions!

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Whats The Best Aneros For An Experienced Super O User

The best Aneros for an experienced user has to be the MGX Syn Trident. Its a high-quality, premium looking prostate massager that works best for experienced Super O users.

The MGX Syn Trident has two P& K tabs that greatly enhance pleasure, and will simply improve your experience all the more.

The angled head also works best in massaging the prostate and helping you achieve those deep spasms.

Some Techniques For Using The Aneros Helix Trident

To help you a little in the use of the Helix Trident and I will even say in the use of a manual prostatic massager, here are some techniques and related subjects. First of all, to give you an idea of what a session with an Aneros prostatic massager can give, I wrote two experiences a long time ago. You can consult my first experience with an Aneros as well as my second experience with this prostatic massager. This will allow you to have a more concrete approach .

Otherwise, this is what I can advise you. For my part, there are two positions that I find more favorable than the others. The first one is in the gun dog position. That is to say, a sort of lateral rescue position. You lie on your side, one leg straight and the other bent, with the knee reaching your stomach. The second position is to lie on your back with both legs bent to support your feet.

The stops are in the form of coins

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How Does The Helix Syn Feel

The Syn doesnt feel cheap and flimsy. Even the little arms that have the p-tab dont feel like they might break easily. And they looked like great handles to pull it out with, too.

Spoiler: those little arms were indeed great handles.

On the other hand, I didnt feel like I was holding a brick either, which is good since I dont want something cheap, flimsy, or a brick anywhere near my prostate.

I had no reservations trying it out in fact, after examining it, I had a good idea what it might feel like as Ive tried prostate massagers before.

EXCEPT for the little arms, its a classic design thats proven to work.

The Syn being hands-free also got me excited. Although I was a little worried that I wont feel something because it doesnt have the fancy stuff.You know, a vibrator or a rotating head a little soft on the outside. But I was WRONG!

After insertion, I couldnt deny it was there, but it didnt make me feel uncomfortable or awkward. It was just as comfortable to hold. And when I squeezed, it didnt hurt at all.

The thing about new toys is that there will be some adjustments on the users part.

I was surprised that I didnt have to do something new with the Syn. After inserting it, I could start having fun with it.

And without using my hands, I can just relax and focus more on the pleasurable sensations.

My First Time With Aneros Helix Syn

Aneros Helix Syn Trident Silicone Prostate Massager

Heres how it went for me.

I used plenty of water-based lube . The Syns tapered design meant that it went in without a problem and with little effort on my part.

It just kind of glided in like it knew what to do and had been preparing for this moment!

Joking aside , it felt as comfortable as pushing a finger inside.

It then took very little repositioning to get it into place. And when I sat down, I knew right away that it was where it should be.

Im no stranger to prostate toys . But I think a beginner would appreciate how much the toys design helps guide you to the right spot.

It was super comfortable to wear both lying on my back and lying on my stomach. I didnt try standing up the first time, but I did later, and I think I prefer lying down since gravity works with me rather than against me.

It took me a few tries to feel things. But once I started contracting and releasing my muscles, I def felt it massaging my insides. Plus, little nudges against my prostate.

It was a relaxing massage at first that got better and better each time. I reached O status the first time, but it did take some effort.

From there, it was just practice and experimenting two things I enjoy when it comes to new toys.

Taking it out was easy, and I never worried about it coming out on its own. It felt secure and safe, which are the other two things I want to feel with prostate toys.

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How Do Aneros Massagers Work

Aneros massagers work by stimulating the prostate using your own muscles to move them inside of you. There are also a few vibrating models, so you can learn to use the Aneros Vice 2 and its remote control to try the varying vibrations and speeds for the most pleasurable experience possible. These products work well because they are shaped to fit the contours of the male body perfectly for the most comfortable use as they stimulate your prostate.

How To Achieve The Super O With An Aneros Prostate Massager

Achieving the Super O with the Aneros prostate massager is quite possible, but it will take a bit of getting used to. In order to achieve it, the first thing you need to do is to find a comfortable position.

Lay down and insert the prostate massager so that it is resting gently against your prostate. Then, start using your muscles to contract and expand until you notice the spasms increasing.

The key to achieving the Super O lies in letting yourself go. Forget about everything else, and simply focus on the sensations in your body.

Your penis will harden and it wont take long before you feel the pleasant convulsions rippling through your body.

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Aneros Trident Eupho Prostate Massager Review

One of the new products on the market is the Trident Eupho Prostate Massager, redesigned to offer enhanced comfort, stimulation, and pleasure.

If you are looking for the elusive prostate orgasm, then the Trident Eupho is ergonomically designed to hit the right spots every time! It has a streamlined stem for maximum comfort and allows for precise control with your internal muscles.

Being thinner, lighter, and more flexible than other Aneros devices, the Trident Eupho slides in very easily without any pain and instantly hits the P-spot thanks to its increased length and slender body.

This toys quality is impressive, and the results this toy delivers are nothing short of spectacular. Perfect for both solo masturbation and exciting couples play, the Aneros Trident is the ideal accompaniment to explore new sexual thrills!

Orgasm Or Not With The Helix Trident

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The Eupho Syn and the Helix Trident

During the few sessions I did, I managed to get some interesting sensations. I sat quietly on my couch, with my legs raised and leaning on the edge of the table, and started to make contractions with my PC muscles. After about ten minutes, I already had some very pleasant sensations on my prostate. A slight urge to urinate was also felt, which was a good sign. Then, as I continued, I could start to have mild contractions that made me tremble a little. The contractions lasted two to three short minutes, allowing me to get several small spasms from my prostate. And all this without masturbating at the same time.

The Vice and the Helix Trident

Then, once these contractions were over, I decided to masturbate while still having the Aneros Helix Trident inside me. And in the end, I had a more intense ejaculatory orgasm than usual. It was nice to have an orgasm like that after my prostate was so stressed.

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Why Would You Want To Massage Your Prostate

Once you learn how to use an Aneros prostate massager, youll experience new types of orgasms that you wont experience with other types of masturbation. Though this is usually the main reason men try out prostate massagers, there are a few other benefits to trying it out.

Some doctors believe that prostate massage has some health benefits. It can stimulate blood flow, which oxidizes the cells and gets rid of carbon dioxide and other waste products. Your prostate contains microscopic glands that produce fluid, which can become blocked or form prostate stones. Massages can help reduce both of these issues by squeezing out much of that fluid and reducing bacteria in these areas.

Anyone taking antibiotics to treat prostatitis may find that massaging the prostate can increase the effectiveness of their medication, though these results vary from person to person.

Familiarizing yourself with your prostate can also be beneficial since it helps you understand which sensations are normal and which ones arent, so if something is wrong, you may be able to identify that there is an issue and seek medical attention before it is too late.

Quick Tips For An Hygienic Prostate Milking Experience

Always remember to carefully administer enema before you decide to use the prostate massager .

Make sure you have towels handy, and its best to disinfect the massager and clean it thoroughly before you use it.

Because you will be using quite a bit of lube, it is important that you put towels or disposable sheets on the bed. You dont want any of that runoff staining your new sheets.

Once you are done, it is best to go for a shower, and clean your prostate massager properly. Use a strong disinfectant to get rid of any lingering smells before you put it back in the box.

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Aneros Massagers The New Norm

With the Aneros popularity on the rise, in coming years other companies also introduced their own prostate products. Up until that time prostate pleasure devices had been pretty much limited to repurposed vaginal G-spot toys and butt plugs. With the success of Aneros, other manufacturers began making products that were more specialized for prostate stimulation ushering in a golden age of prostate play that continues to this day. As the word of the power of the prostate spread, interest in manual prostate massage and pegging significantly increased as well, with couples eager to share a new kind intimacy together.

Squeeze Your Pc Muscle

Aneros Helix Trident Prostate Massager

Before you start using a prostate massager, you should get your pubococcygeus, or PC, muscles in shape. You can do this by doing Kegal exercises throughout the day to strengthen those muscles. The PC muscles are the ones needed to control the movements of the Aneros prostate massager, so the stronger they are, the more control youll have and the longer youll last during your sessions.

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Aneros Helix Syn Review : Syn Classic & Trident Models Compared

In this Aneros Helix Syn review youll learn which model is right for you: Syn, Classic or Trident. Also we suggest alternatives & give base usage tips:

Here it is, time for the Aneros Helix Syn prostate massager review.

Now, Ive had the Aneros Helix Syn for about 4 months, and the number of hours I used this toy in two months probably equals what others do in four.

What can I say? Im an overachiever, I was having fun, and I wanted to give an accurate, thorough review.

Ill cover my experience with the hands-free Aneros Helix Syn prostate massager, which features: internal AND external stimulation, a sleek design, and is easy for beginners and experts to use.

There will also be a few big surprises I never expected.

Ready to go? Lets get to it.

The Good

Its hands-free and stays in place! You could do the dishes while wearing this thing if you wanted it makes housework a fun chore. It uses high-grade, body-safe materials designed and tested to be safe for use over multiple sessions. Plus, its super easy to clean.

It offers internal and external stimulation for people who need one or the other or both. And after only a few adjustments, its easy to insert, use, and remove.

The Not So Good

The flexible arms with the p-tab that stimulates the prostate from the outside are too flexible, and sometimes the sensations arent strong enough.

The Bottom Line

Aneros Helix Syn is for you if:

  • You want hands-free pleasure
  • Final Thoughts

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