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Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

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SuperBeta Prostate P3 Advanced Review – Does SuperBeta Prostate P3 Advanced Work
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Super Beta Prostate encourages men who are making too many trips to the bathroom to try its P3 Advanced formula.

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Pros And Cons Of The Product

It is also essential that you understand the pros and cons of a product before you buy it. Knowing the disadvantages upfront will save you the disappointment when you receive the product. You can check other reviews online and ask around on social media for people whove used the Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced before to get the best reviews.

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Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced: What You Need To Know

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is a high-quality product that comes with an updated formula comprising three key ingredients. The product is designed to enhance mens health and vitality. It is manufactured in the United States using the finest ingredients sourced from the different parts of the world. Users can take advantage of the supplement, which has an ingredient that may help support a healthy prostate size.

It comes as no surprise that it is one of the most popular prostate support supplements. Its activity has been shown to minimize nighttime bathroom visits, thus enabling users to enjoy a well-deserved nights rest. The supplement achieves this objective by greatly supporting prostate function. It is well suited for any men concerned with prostate issues.

P3 Ingredients

P3 Advanced derives its strength from a tried-and-tested selection of key ingredients. These include:


This ingredient is derived from a plant sterol found in a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Clinical studies have showed that beta-sitosterol can provide a viable way to support a stronger urine flow. As a result, it becomes easier to minimize frequency of urination. Unlike other prostate support supplements, which either contain a low amount of beta-sitosterol or none, P3 Advanced bolsters efficacy by incorporating an adequate amount of this key ingredient.


Reishi mushroom

Benefits of Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

Better quality of life

Bens Total Health: A Natural Prostate Supplement

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced Supplement

Total Health for the Prostate is the only prostate supplement on the market we found containing every essential prostate-shrinking ingredient, in clinically significant dosages, with extracts and minerals that have all been chelated for increased effectiveness.

For more information on Total Health for the prostate and how it can improve your urinary symptoms and overall prostate health, you can visit our website below.

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What Are The Ingredients In Super Beta P3 Advanced

The manufacturer of Super Beta P3 Advanced mentions that saw palmetto is not an ingredient in their formula. The makers most likely make this a point because of the wealth of evidence that says saw palmetto does not benefit prostate health.

Super Beta P3 Advanced contains the following:

Reishi MushroomLycopeneCopperZinc Oxide

Prostate Health Tips From Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

Regardless of age, men should be thinking of their current and future prostate health. This includes regular prostate exams, and taking a supplement like the Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced, which can be oa helpful measure.

This supplement uses a blend called ProstaFend, containing three powerful ingredients to care for the prostate. The key ingredient, beta-sitosterol, helps reduce day and nighttime urges to urinate. The reishi mushroom extract aids in the healthy functioning of the prostate, while lycopene may help support a healthy prostate size. Using only the finest in clinically-tested ingredients, Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced, combined with these five preventative tips for prostate health, can help promote healthy prostate and urinary function. Below are some ways in addition to taking a supplement like Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced to help.

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What Is Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is an updated version of the popular Super Beta Prostate. Its designed to naturally boost prostate health in men without diagnosed prostate issues.

A lot of supplements and so-called health products use words like proprietary formula and naturally-inspired ingredients so you dont really know what youre putting in your body. P3 Advanced is different: its produced with clinically-tested ingredients in verified doses so you can feel confident with the benefits youre getting without worrying about unhealthy components.

Unlike a lot of the more questionable products out there, Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced has medical approval right here in the U.S. Its endorsed by Dr. Robert Simon, a board-certified urologist, who confirms that legitimate, verifiable research went into the development process.

When taken regularly, Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced encourages several benefits, such as:

  • Reducing waking and getting out of bed to urinate, providing better access to uninterrupted sleep
  • Improving abilities to empty the bladder, reducing time spent in the bathroom
  • Supporting a healthy prostate size

I dont have to tell you that finding relief from these types of annoying symptoms would be a welcome prospect.

About Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is Urologist Endorsed… Because it works!

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is an American-made supplement that promises to supercharge your prostate health. This means you will no longer have to go to the bathroom to urinate all the time and your sleep will be undisturbed by random trips to the porcelain throne.

Super Beta Prostate is also a very well known and reputable product, which already gives the P3 Advanced version a huge leg-up over the competition.

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The Best Prostate Supplements

COVID-19 Update: Many caregivers and seniors are searching for ways to support and connect with their loved ones while maintaining isolation and social distancing guidelines. Weve compiled a list of 10 essential products to help older adults stay happy, healthy and connected, whether they are aging in place at home or in an assisted living community.

Top 25 Prostate Supplements for Men

Prostate health is a significant consideration for men over 40. According to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, approximately 30 million men suffer from prostate conditions ranging from an enlarged prostate to prostate cancer. African-American men over 60, farmers, tire plant workers, painters, and men who have been exposed to cadmium have the highest risk of prostate cancer.

As you age, consult with your doctor about your prostate health. Also, alert your doctor if you have noticeable symptoms of a prostate condition, like frequent urination or decrease in libido. Detecting and treating prostate cancer early significantly increases your chances of survival.

Budget Supplements

The Power Of Fruits And Vegetables

Eating all your fruits and veggies is not just nagging maternal advice they are known to have numerous health benefits, including healthy prostate maintenance. Abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, polyphenols, and immune-supportive compounds, eating a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables greatly supports prostate cellular health.

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Super Beta Prostate Reviews

A user says he has been using it for a year, and it has been working for him. He says he has not been getting up at night to urinate. He further says that he has been having a longer erection and hard time to ejaculate which seemed good because he was able to satisfy his wife with multiple orgasms.

Another review says it decreased his trips to the bathroom at night.

On the contrary, one user says the Super Beta Prostate pill did not work for him as the manufacturer has claimed. He also warns consumers of its side effects that the manufacturer never mentioned on the product label and commercials.

Some Super Beta Prostate complaints include a customer who says he availed of the free bottle but did not sign up for any re-order which can only be canceled within two days. He says that he has yet to consume the free bottle, but his credit card has already been charged for a re-order.

What Are The Benefits Of Super Beta P3 Advanced

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced By New Vitality
  • This product could help reduce the urge to urinate at night.
  • Super Beta P3 Advanced could help support long-term prostate health.
  • There are ingredients in Super Beta P3 Advanced that seem to encourage the growth of healthy prostate cells.
  • There are lots of published scientific data on the effects of the ingredients in Super Beta P3 Advanced.

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Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced Dietary Supplement Caplets 60 Ct


Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced takes the guesswork out of prostate health by giving you a premium, naturally derived formula based on clinical studies. Imagine: better sleep because of fewer late-night bathroom visits, less stress about finding a restroom each day and faster, easier bladder emptying. Its the perfect formula for men who are concerned about their prostate health and for guys who want to reduce those frequent, annoying bathroom trips.

IngredientsProstafend , Beta Sitosterol, Lycopene), Reishi Mushroom Extract , Boron , Silica. Other Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Crospovidone, Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Pharmaceutical Glaze .


Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced Ingredients: Scientific Efficacy

While each serving of Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced contains a blend of vitamins and minerals, it utilizes three key ingredients that allegedly offer the most support for your prostate.

New Vitality claims that rather than using a kitchen sink approach like their competitors, they have included only researched ingredients. In this section, well determine if theres merit to these claims.

Vitamin D – 1600IU

As vitamin D deficiency is common, supplementation may be an essential factor in supporting strong bones and teeth. It has also been linked to prostate health.

Vitamin D deficiency was associated with a larger prostate volume, higher scores in a blood test used to screen for prostate issues, and lower urinary flow.

In addition to being used as an indicator of prostate health, vitamin D may also offer relief. A review found that doses at 6000 IU/day can decrease the prostate volume in those with BPH.

Zinc – 40mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that may have effects related to growth and development, wound healing, and protein synthesis, among others.

Additionally, 50% of those older than 65 may have low zinc levels. Men in this age group are also commonly affected by BPH – those with lower zinc levels may have an even greater risk.

Selenium – 15mg

Selenium is an essential mineral found in soil, water, and foods like eggs and nuts.

Copper – 70mcg

This mineral is found naturally in foods like beef, fruits, broccoli, and whole-wheat products.

Manganese – 2mg

Boron – 3mg

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Overview Of Super Beta P3 Advanced

Super Beta P3 Advanced boasts a formula that provides the prostate with the nutrients it needs to relieve inflammation.

Inflammation of the prostate gland is a typical cause of frequent nighttime bathroom visits and an inability to fully empty ones bladder. Super Beta P3 Advanced is a natural supplement as the formula features compounds that can be found in foods and plants.

Several Super Beta P3 Advanced reviews support the efficacy of the product but we wanted to take an unbiased look at Super Beta P3 Advanced for ourselves. Here is what we found out about it.

What Are Consumers Saying About Super Beta P3 Advanced

SuperBeta Prostate P3 Advanced Reviews Does SuperBeta Prostate P3 Advanced Work

Consumers typically like Super Beta P3 Advanced. Some Super Beta P3 Advanced reviews say that it helped the user empty their bladder but some say that it did nothing for them after 3 weeks.

Prostate health is of great concern for men today. Preventative measures may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and improve overall prostate health and function. A quality, premium prostate supplement may shrink the prostate, minimize frequent urination, promote sexual function and contain quality ingredients.

Below youll find some of the most effective prostate supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

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What Is The Difference Between Super Beta Prostate And Super Beta Prostate P3

Super Beta Prostate P3 is an advanced formulation with two distinctions from the regular formulation:

  • It contains 1600 IU of vitamin D3 double the 800IU dose in the regular formulation.
  • It contains ProstaFend, a special blend made up of beta-sitosterol, reishi mushroom extract, and lycopene.

P3 Advanced has mixed plant sterols including beta-sitosterol shown in multiple clinical studies to reduce urges to urinate both day and night. Reishi mushroom extract helps reduce urinary urgency and supports a healthy prostate function. While lycopene, a carotenoid that gives tomatoes its red color, has also been shown to have a positive effect on prostate health. P3 Advanced has 15 mg of lycopene to promote healthy levels.

We would advise adding lycopene to your diet by increasing the amount of tomatoes you eat on a weekly basis instead of supplementing.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Super Beta P3 Advanced

  • There is a small number of substances in Super Beta P3 Advanced that have little to no human trial data.
  • Reishi mushroom extract may be bad for you if you are taking any kind of blood thinners.
  • Taking Super Beta P3 Advanced may result in diarrhea.
  • It is unclear what the long-term effects of Super Beta P3 Advanced are.

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Maintain A Healthy Weight

The merits of a healthy diet go hand in hand with maintaining a healthy weight. People who are overweight or obese are associated with lower life expectancies, and various health concerns. Maintaining a healthy weight can lower your chances of experiencing certain health issues, and help maintain prostate health.

Is This Product Safe And Effective

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced By New Vitality

Expert Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

You have probably heard of Super Beta Prostate by now, whether on tv, radio or social media. You may have wondered if this prostate supplement is worth all the hype and if all those testimonials are truthful.

As with every supplement, it is important to look at the pros and cons of Super Beta Prostate. Checking out the ingredients, learning how the product works and doing your due diligence is the best way to learn about Super Beta Prostate and what it has to offer.

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Is Super Beta Prostate Good For Your Prostate

If going by the label alone, then there is enough to suggest that Super Beta Prostate may have a positive effect on your prostate health. Super Beta is made with natural ingredients such as Beta Sitosterol and Vitamin D to naturally support healthy prostate function. It promotes less urges to urinate, less waking at night, and better bladder emptying

Key natural prostate ingredients such as beta-sitosterol, zinc, and vitamin D3 are all included. If taking the advanced P3 formulation, then you get an even higher dosage of vitamin D3 and additional ingredients, such as reishi mushroom extract, which helps with urinary urgency.

Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced Verdict

It has kind of mixed reviews, some found relief after its use while some noticed no changes. Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced is definitely not the one of its kind in the market, there are similar products which you can look for as an alternative that actually works and is worth the buy.

We recommend New Vitality Super Beta Prostate Supplement in place of Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced. You can find New Vitality Super Beta Prostate Supplement on for $27.94 which is way cheaper than Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced but has got more better reviews. New Vitality Super Beta Prostate Supplement has received 3.7 star ratings with 134 customer reviews on amazon. Overall if we see New Vitality Super Beta Prostate Supplement is affordable and delivers satisfactory result.

What do I get?30 Day Supply of Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced for $42.95 + $6.99 S/h at the Official website:

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Who Is The Manufacturer Of Super Beta P3 Advanced

Super Beta P3 Advanced is made by a supplement manufacturer called New Vitality. New Vitality makes a wide range of products, including supplements for women, weight loss supplements, sexual dysfunction supplements, and multiple vitamin compounds.

The company claims that all of its products are predicated on the mission to help people look and feel younger.

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