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Best Prostate Cancer Treatment Centers

What To Expect From Prostate Cancer Treatment

Best Prostate Cancer Treatment In Florida

Your treatment for prostate cancer will depend on several factors, including the cancers characteristics and the effectiveness of the treatment. Your doctor at a Dignity Health Southern California hospital will also consider your personal preference to provide you with the most personalized treatment. Sometimes, more than one type of treatment is combined for the best results. Schedule an appointment to learn more about each type of treatment, its side effects, benefits, and risks.

Doctors at Dignity Health combine knowledge, expertise, and humankindness to treat prostate cancer in Southern California.

Best Hospitals For Cancer Treatment In The World

Cancer and its complications pose a major challenge for the contemporary healthcare industry. Scientists and doctors are fighting ferociously against this terrible disease, moving step by step towards finding a cure that will make cancer therapy more effective.

Nowadays, the biggest oncological institutes and clinics are not only the facilities where people receive appropriate treatment, they are also the strongholds of science they develop new methods of fighting different kinds of cancer, conduct testing of various drugs, and elaborate new standards of diagnostics and therapy.

We have analyzed the information about the biggest and the most reputable cancer hospitals and composed a list of the best cancer clinics in the world with the special emphasis on the ones that are located in the United States.

The list was created in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Application of innovative and sparing methods of cancer therapy
  • High rate of successful cancer treatment
  • Professionalism and experience of medical personnel, including communication skills, quality of general and personal service, diligence, readiness to provide not only medical but also psychological help
  • Treatment cost and transparency of institutions financial operations
  • Overall quality of hospital stay
  • Range of medical services, from primary diagnostics and testing to post-discharge adjustment.

Prostate Cancer Expertise At Scca

Data collected from cancer centers across the country show that men who begin their prostate cancer treatment at SCCA have higher survival rates on average than those who started treatment at other centers.

We have world-class urologic oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and pathologists who specialize in prostate cancer the most advanced diagnostic, treatment and recovery programs and extensive support.

SCCA patients have access to advanced treatments being explored in ongoing prostate cancer clinical trials conducted at SCCA, Fred Hutch and UW Medicine. Our doctors and scientists are at the forefront of research to better prevent, diagnose and treat prostate cancer and to improve quality of life for survivors, including through the Institute for Prostate Cancer Research, a Fred HutchâUW Medicine collaboration.

Your SCCA doctors will explain all your options and recommend a treatment plan based on the grade and stage of your prostate cancer and several other factors, including your age, your general health, potential side effects and the probability of curing your disease, extending your life or relieving your symptoms.

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Expert Diagnosis Surveillance & Treatment For Prostate Cancer

NewYork-Presbyterians cancer centers the National Cancer Institutedesignated Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center of New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medicine Meyer Cancer Center in partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian and cancer centers at our hospitals in Westchester, Hudson Valley, Brooklyn and Queens offer men with prostate cancer research-based care from leaders in the field. Our urologic oncology teams choose the most effective treatment for each patient, tailored to the aggressiveness of his cancer.

Our Team

Community Prostate Cancer Screenings

Laser Surgery for Enlarged Prostate Cancer

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute holds multiple prostate cancer screenings for community members each year at several convenient locations throughout Georgia.

Men who meet the following criteria are eligible to register and attend NHCI community prostate cancer screenings:

  • Men who are between the ages of 45-75
  • Men who do not have a prostate cancer diagnosis
  • Men who have not had a PSA blood test within the past year

To register for an upcoming Northside Hospital community prostate cancer screening, please call . Qualified interpreters are available to assist you at each screening event. Please inform registration staff members of your language preference.View upcoming dates for our prostate cancer screening events on our Classes & Event Calendar.

Men are encouraged to make an informed decision with their health care provider regarding the appropriateness of prostate cancer screening.

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Cancer Support And Survivorship Programs

Cancer care can be overwhelming for you and your family. Thats why we offer many resources to help you stay well during and after treatment, including:

  • Individual and group counseling to help you keep a positive outlook.
  • Nurse navigators who can help you with everything from understanding your diagnosis to arranging transportation.
  • Integrative oncology services that promote wellness through services like acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga and more.
  • Nutritional support from registered dietitians who can help you find foods that keep your body strong during treatment and recovery.
  • Survivorship services that help you thrive long-term by addressing the issues you face after successful cancer treatment.

Choosing A Prostate Cancer Surgeon

When you are choosing a surgeon to treat your prostate cancer, it is important to select someone you trust and have confidence in. He or she should have enough experience to not only perform the operation you need but also to make an informed clinical judgment and change course, if necessary.

The prostate cancer experts at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance recommend choosing a surgeon who has done at least 250 prostatectomies total and who does at least 40 a year.

As you consider your options, you might want to ask your surgeon these questions.

  • Which procedure does your surgeon prefer and why?
  • What type of surgery does he or she recommend for you?
  • Is nerve-sparing surgery an option?
  • How many of these surgeries has he or she performed?
  • How many of these surgeries does he or she do each year?
  • What are the statistics on incontinence and impotence for your surgeonâs patients?
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    Acute Prostatitis Treatment Guidelines 2018

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    Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer

    Choosing Between Convenience and the Best Outcome for Prostate Cancer Treatment

    Hormone therapy is used when the tumor has already spread beyond the prostate gland or has metastasized. Male sex hormones regulate the growth of the prostate as well as the division of tumor cells. The principle of treatment is to block the action of the specific male sex hormones, thereby inhibiting the growth of the tumor cells. Although hormone treatment reduces symptoms caused by prostate cancer in most cases, it has not been proven to cure cancer or prolong the life of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    Few cases of prostate cancers are not amenable to hormone treatment at all , and a large number of tumors that have initially responded well to hormone treatment become hormone-independent a few years after the treatment start.

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    Experience Treating All Stages Of Prostate Cancer

    Our prostate care teams include highly experienced urologic surgeons , medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, diagnostic and interventional radiologists, fertility preservation experts, nurses, advanced practitioners, oncology social workers, registered dietitians, integrative health practitioners, support providers, and others dedicated to caring for men with all stages of prostate cancer.


    Is There Care Available For International Patients

    For international patients, we are here for you each step of the way. We have resources for private travel arrangements, including private jet, private car transfers from airport, and relationships with local housing and hotel options with the top safety and cleanliness precautions.

    Beverly Hills Cancer Center 8900 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200 Beverly Hills CA 90211 310-432-8900

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    What Treatment Centers Are Available And Where Are They Located

    The person that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer will of course have the final say so on where to go for treatment. A deciding factor may be the location, cost, and type of treatment that has been recommended by the personâs physician or urologist. A doctor is the one who would be the best to make a specific recommendation, however here is a list of some of the treatment centers and what each one has to offer.

    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center â This treatment center is located in Houston, Texas. This facility is one of the best in the nation because they offer a precise form of radiation treatment called proton therapy. MD Anderson has been treating prostate cancer since the year 2006 and has treated nearly 1,000 men with this type of treatment.

    New York Prostate Institute – This institute is now centered at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. This treatment center offers several types of treatments. They offer internal radiation, also known as brachytherapy, and external beam radiation. Hormone therapy and radical prostatectomy treatments are also available at this location.

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center â This center is located in Los Angeles, CA. The Urology Center offers robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy, transurethral electro resection of the prostate, and intensity modulated radiation therapy. Support groups and support services are also available at this medical center.

    Prostate Cancer Support & Survivorship

    Prostate Cancer Treatment: The Best Options

    Prostate cancer treatment and recovery can be overwhelming, which is why the Northside Hospital Cancer Institutes Prostate and Urologic Cancer Program offers patient access to oncology nurse navigators to guide them through every step of their journey. Our oncology nurse navigators are registered nurses with extensive knowledge and training in oncology. They are available to help guide patients after diagnosis and through prostate cancer treatment, educating and supporting them to make informed decisions, while working with urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and other cancer specialists on the prostate cancer care team to coordinate each patients treatment plan.

    Support provided by our NHCI oncology nurse navigators includes access to emotional and psychological support such as referrals to the right counseling services and cancer support groups.

    To learn more about oncology patient navigation or to speak with an oncology nurse navigator, please call or email .

    Ongoing support is crucial when you are facing prostate cancer and afterward. Northside Hospital Cancer Institute provides a full range of support and survivorship programs and services to address the unique needs of each prostate cancer patient.

    • Clinical Support

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    What About People Visiting

    If you are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19, we ask that you not come to Beverly Hills Cancer Center. We ask that you find someone who isnt sick to join your loved one at their appointments.

    To protect all patients, we may limit the number of people who can visit someone staying in the hospital. Please check with your care team.

    Questions To Ask When Searching For The Best Prostate Cancer Care

    Men diagnosed with prostate cancer face some difficult choices. Should they proceed with surgery or radiation, and if so, what kind? If they’re low risk and the cancer is not likely to spread, do they have the patience for active surveillance? And in the midst of all these questions, there’s this one: Which doctor or hospital delivers the best care?

    The short answer is no one knows, at least not by any objective measure. But experts are beginning to agree about what matters for prostate cancer patients. We’ve collected some of those measures in the list below. They may help you assess the quality of a urologist or oncologist as you seek the best care.

    Many doctors will tell you they don’t have answers to these questions. Even those who do won’t know if they are above or below a national average, because there is no such thing yet. But if you ask, you’ll get a sense of how your doctor thinks about quality and about your desire to make an informed decision. And maybe you’ll learn about what matters most to you.

    Here’s the list:

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    What Percentage Of Your Patients Can Continue To Have Sexual Intercourse After Surgery

    Memorial Sloan Kettering warns patients that many if not most will not recover full erectile function after surgery. But the Martini-Klinik in Germany says 92 percent of men under the age of 60 report they do have intercourse after surgery, as do 84 percent of men over the age of 70. In fact, they parse the clinic’s results even more finely:

    Treating Patients Through Every Step

    High-Risk Prostate Cancer Treatment – MUSC Hollings

    The Prostate Cancer Program at Hackensack University Medical Centers Department of Urology has earned the Gold Seal of Approval® by The Joint Commission, signifying the highest quality patient care and a devotion to patient safety.

    Our Prostate Cancer Program features a multidisciplinary team of urologic oncologists, medical and radiation oncologists from John Theurer Cancer Center, uroradiologists with expertise in advanced prostate imaging techniques, and specially trained pathologists with experience in molecular analysis and biomarkers. Our team works closely with you to develop an individualized treatment plan designed to cure your cancer while preserving your quality of life.

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    H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center

    The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute is a non-profit treatment and research center in Tampa, Florida. Established in 1981, the hospital officially opened its doors in 1986 and has quickly risen through the ranks to become of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art facilities in the United States.

    Surgery For Prostate Cancer

    During surgery for prostate cancer treatment , the entire prostate gland with its capsule and seminal vesicles is removed. Surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. It is an open operation during which an incision is made in the middle line from the navel to the pubic bone.

    In recent years the less traumatic endoscopic radical prostatectomy has been implemented in the clinical practice, during which the prostate is removed with thin instruments that are inserted through several small incisions under visual control. Both types of surgery require a well-trained urologist and experienced medical staff. That is why these operations are only performed in large European hospitals. While the wounds are healing, the man is not recommended to urinate on his own, so a catheter inserted through the urethra is left in the bladder for 7-10 days. The next day after removing the catheter the man is allowed to leave the hospital.

    Possible side effects of surgery are erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

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    Find The Best Surgeon You Can Get It Done Right

    Radical prostatectomy is a very difficult operation. It takes not only skill, but the kind of expertise you get only after being involved in a lot of procedures, first from the sidelines as a doctor in training, and then learning how to do it meticulously with the guidance of an expert surgeon.

    The very best prostate surgeons specialize in the prostate. Thats often all they do, and they do a lot of these procedures every year.

    You dont want to be part of the learning curve.

    Another point: Because there are so many bad surgeons out there, you cant trust everything you read on the internet or from hospitals propaganda.

    Our goal is to weed out the bad surgeons, so they stop doing procedures they arent skilled enough to do.

    As for you, well, this is your one shot at this. Do your due diligence. How can you find the right surgeon? We have developed this checklist with the help of three experts. Please. Take the following things into consideration before you go under the knife:

    The Best Care For Prostate Cancer

    Best Prostate Cancer Treatment Center and Doctor In ...

    When it comes to prostate cancer, there are no easy answers. We strive make it easier. We confirm a prostate diagnosis, even when prostate cancer is hard to find because the tumors are very small. We are experts at diagnosing these challenging cases.

    Our specialized team develops a personalized treatment plan for you that aims to preserve your urinary and sexual function. We explore all minimally invasive options, including active monitoring before recommending surgical removal of your prostate or external radiation therapy. We offer minimally invasive treatments such as cryosurgery — a type of focal therapy that targets a section of the prostate gland containing the cancer rather than the whole prostate — and high-dose brachytherapy radiation, which kills cancer cells in your prostate while potentially preserving healthy tissue.

    We are also strong advocates of active surveillance or watchful waiting for small, nonaggressive prostate cancer. We believe active surveillance is a safe and important course for certain men with prostate cancer who may be candidates to avoid treatment altogether.

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    What Should I Do If I Have Cancer

    Some people with cancer might have a higher risk of getting COVID-19 or having a serious infection from it. Do your best to follow the steps listed above to protect yourself. Ask your doctor or nurse if they have special recommendations based on your health or type of treatment.

    • You have a fever higher than 100.3 degrees F.
    • You feel short of breath.
    • You develop a cough, runny nose, or congestion.


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