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Best Bike Seat For Prostate

Most Comfortable For Mountain Bikes: Tonbux Comfortable Bike Seat

Selle SMP TRK Gel Saddle BIKE Bicycle Seat for Prostate and Perineum Sensitive Areas Numbness REVIEW

Mountain bikers love this Tonbux bike seat because it has ultra-cushioned padding and a shock-absorbing design that makes it comfortable enough to sit on for hours at a time. The seat has a thin, long nose that won’t get in the way of your thighs as you pedal, and it has an airflow vent in the middle of the seat for added breathability. Perhaps the best part, if you don’t find it as comfortable as you would like it to be, you can email the brand, and they will refund you no questions asked. “Just started cycling again for the first time in years,” said one shopper. “Bought a mountain bike, and this seat was a complete game changer! Worth every penny! My friend bought the same one after she saw mine!”

To buy: , $20

Are Noseless Saddles Good

But a noseless saddle has one major benefit: It removes a great deal of pressure from one of the most sensitive areas of the body. A traditional bike saddle puts 25% to 40% of your bodys weight on the nerves and blood vessels down there, but a no-nose saddle shifts that weight toward the sit bones.

The Best Road Bike Saddles In 2022 As Rated By Our Expert Testers

With so many road bike saddles on the market and so much choice, weve split our pick of the best road bike saddles into different price categories, from performance-oriented saddles that cost around £200 to budget-friendly saddles under £100.

Keep scrolling to see all the saddles or click on the links below to skip to the different price points:

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Final Thoughts About Best Bike Saddle For Prostate

Although most men will jump on a bicycle without agonizing over their lower area, it can cause actual results if you utilize some unacceptable seat. Everything from your riding style, the stance, and obviously, the best seat for your balls can add to the fun of riding a bicycle.

As a male bicycle rider myself, I have presented this rundown of bicycle seats after careful thought and testing. This buying guide will help you purchase the best saddle for your balls. So on the off chance that you are searching for a scrotum-accommodating bicycle seat, the ones on our rundown will deal with you pleasantly.

Most Comfortable Affordable Option: Roguoo Bike Seat

9 best bike seats for enlarged prostate &  after prostate surgery

This Rogoo bike seat may be the most affordable option on this list, but Amazon shoppers say it’s just as comfortable as its more expensive counterparts. It’s made from a shock-absorbing memory foam material that riders say is super soft, comfortable, and breathable. The cutout in the middle adds ventilation and provides pressure relief, while the red reflective strip at the back helps riders be seen at night. You can choose between an all-black seat, as well as options with bright green, red, or blue detailing that helps increase visibility. “I went biking yesterday with this new seat for almost an hour and what a huge difference,” wrote one reviewer. “It is so much more comfortable compared to the original seat of my bike.”

To buy: , from $26

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Most Comfortable Option For Ventilation: Selle Royal Respiro Bike Seat

If you find your backside overheats on long rides, you may want to invest in this Selle Royal bike seat. Not only does it have a mesh cutout in the middle to increase ventilation, but the brand says the seat itself is up to 25 degrees Celsius cooler than other standard black saddles. It is also water-resistant and features cushioned gel pads that make the seat ultra-comfortable. One shopper wrote, “It’s extremely comfortable and has the perfect support for my casual riding. I have a tricked-out mountain bike that I use to cruise the neighborhood and take to the grocery store and go tailgating. The mesh vent keeps your butt cool, and it’s stylish.”

To buy: , $50

Our Pick Of The Best Cycling Saddles

This list contains the best men’s saddles we’ve reviewed. Female riders will likely find a better solution on our list of the best women’s saddles.

The honeycomb structure is comfortable, though hard to keep clean and comes at a price


Reasons to buy

Fizik’s latest saddle incorporates an innovative new construction process and aims to create a custom, fit-to-body feel. It does this having partnered with third party Carbon – a high-tech material manufacturer that specialises in Digital Light Synthesis, a leading-edge 3D printing technology.

There are two brands who have worked with Carbon to create saddles using 3D printing: Fizik, and Specialized. Both brands have begun with just one saddle platform using the technology, and then gone on to produce more in this style – which implies they believe in the tech. However, it doesn’t come cheap.

On test, we were impressed with the excellent support offered by the squidgy looking material. Without a doubt, this saddle allowed our tester to ride in total comfort. He found that the material offered a little more lateral give, which helped to isolate the body from road vitrations. The saddle shape suited our tester, who got on well with the pressure relief channel.

The only major downside is the cost, which is largely attributed to the fact that this is new technology.

On a minor gripe front, we found the honeycomb design can be hard to clean dirt out of.


Reasons to buy


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What Is The Most Comfortable Bike Seat For A Man

These are the 11 most comfortable bike seats to shop: Most Comfortable Overall: Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat. Most Comfortable Affordable Option: Roguoo Bike Seat. Most Comfortable Gel Seat: Gincleey Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat. Most Comfortable Wide Seat: Schwinn Commute Gateway Adult Bike Seat.

Best Saddles For Cycling 2022

NEW Bicycle seat that help’s your Prostate.

A comfy bike saddle can make the difference between a dream ride and a nightmare. We tell you what to look for in your quest to find the best bike saddle for you

Finding the best bicycle saddle for you can take a bit of work, but it’s well worth the investment of time, and a little money.

An uncomfortable bike seat can turn cycling into a miserable experience and can even lead to long term injuries if you find youre sitting strangely in search of comfort.

The best saddle for you varies dramatically from one cyclist to the next – and is determined by a number of factors: anatomical differences, riding style, discipline and everything in between.

Men and women tend to favour different designs, this guide looks at men’s saddles, and we also have a dedicated guide to the best women’s saddles.

The big variance in what riders need means that theres a huge amount of choice on offer. Its finding the one that actually suits you which is the problem.

We’ve got a detailed guide to choosing the right saddle for you here, and it’s well worth a read before you make your purchase.

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More Sw Prostate Friendly No Nose Bike Seat Success Stories:

Ive had your no nose bike seat for about two years and its great! I tried several supposedly anatomically correct bicycle seats with slots down the middle to end numbness, ED, and find some prostate relief no difference. Then I tried yours. No problems installing it, zero pressure on the perineum. Thank you for making such a well-designed, well-made prostate friendly comfortable bike seat.

R. S.

Hi Jeff,

Enjoying my Spongy Wonder no nose bike seat! I had vasectomy complications that would not allow me to sit with a nosed saddle. In fact the traditional bicycle seats were the primary cause of my problem. After 2 surgeries Im finally back on the bike thanks to your comfortable bike seat. Thanks again for saving my favorite hobby over the last 35 years!

Yours Cyclingly,J. G. More Spongy Wonder No Nose Bike Seat Riders Being Happy

Last summer I experienced a lot of pain in the perineum, and prostate issues. Although my urologist told me to quit riding, I went ahead and purchased the Spongy Wonder prostate relief no nose bike seat. I am very happy to report that I am back to my normal distance of 20 to 30 miles per day pain free.

R. B. Christiansburg, VA

Dear Spongy Wonder,

Thanks. L. M. Sayre, PA FAQs about Spongy Wonders Prostate Friendly No Nose Bike Seat:

The Right Prostate Saddle: How To Recognise It

You have surely heard of a prostate saddle or, better still, you use one on your bike. What you may not know is that this type of saddle was created to solve a wide variety of problems, not just those related to the prostate. And what may surprise you is to discover that not all saddles with a hole really solve such problems. Let’s try to make it clearer, shall we?

Saddles commonly referred to as prostate saddles have been designed to deal with various problems that arise in the genital area of males and females.These problems are caused by the compression of veins, arteries and nerves in this area. The most common sensation is one of tingling or numbness of the genitals. However, other problems are of a more serious nature and regard fertility, difficulty in urinating, the prostate gland and other diseases.In addition, you may have experienced pain or discomfort on the saddle: in this case the genitals lose sensitivity during and after cycling. Doctors talk about disorders due to compression of veins and nerves in the genital area therefore cyclists do not enjoy riding their bike.

In short, the human body was not meant to sit on a saddle. In fact, the bike is also one of the causes of small injuries to the penis and vagina, i.e. the perineal and genital area that cyclists call the perineum.

What should a real prostate bicycle saddle be like?

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Selle Italia Novus Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow

Immediate Media

  • Comfortable with plenty of freedom to move around
  • ID-match fit system helps you find the right size

Its not cheap and it has a frankly ridiculous name, but we got on really well with the Selle Italia Novus Boost Kit Carbonio Superflow its an extremely comfortable saddle thats especially well suited to aggressive riding positions.

Thanks to Selle Italias ID-match fit system, our tester was able to quickly find the right size, and if you cant quite stomach the price of this top-of-the-range model, the Novus Boost starts at a more affordable £79.99 / $109.99 / 89.90.

Thomas McDaniel / Immediate Media

  • Amazing anatomical features
  • Incredibly comfortable

The Specialized Power saddle has existed for a few years, and is generally very well regarded, but the addition of Specializeds Elaston technology is another game changer it looks like a load of tiny pillows on the surface of the saddle, and thats pretty much how it felt in use.

Our tester said the Specialized Power Pro Elaston was as close to perfection as hed ever experienced high praise indeed.

So why not five stars? Well the price is pretty high and the looks arent our favourite, but if those things dont bother you, this could be the last saddle youll ever buy.

David Caudery

  • Lightweight
  • Plush ride

The Tioga Undercover Stratum saddle uses a web-like shell covered in a thin X-Pad SL closed-cell EVA foam.

Bontrager Commuter Comp Bike Saddle

Bicycle Seat Enlarged Prostate

Bontrager Commuter Comp Bike Saddle

Bontrager Commuter Comp Bike Saddle

  • Distinctive, rising whaletail shape
  • Helps you stay in place while bikepacking or riding trails
  • Chromoly steel saddle rails

The Bontrager Commuter Comp Saddle is designed for all types of cycling adventures and bike packers. With a very different flexible base, the seat offers the utmost comfort, balance, and performance while riding.

The Configuration:

We noted that the saddle comes with a synthetic seat cover that is wear-resistant, smooth and provides extra cushioning. After riding on it for more than several weeks, we noticed that the seat is highly durable and comfortable.

The saddle is designed for an upright riding position that is ideal and found in many commuter and leisure bikes.

The rail material of the seat is padded with gel, and the seat is cushioned with high-quality foam.

Why Should You Get The Bontrager Commuter Bike Saddle?

The seat’s shape helps you to ride for long hours in a comfortable position and maintain your form while riding trails and rough paths. Thus, it is one of the most comfortable bike seats for long trips.


  • The seat has a narrow width

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Cycling And Prostate Health: Risks And Benefits

How cycling may reduce the risk of prostate cancer:

  • Indirect mechanisms: Reduces obesity, improves psychological health and vitamin D levels
  • Direct mechanisms: Improved insulin sensitivity, lowering growth cytokines such as insulin-like growth factor increases natural killer cells and lymphocytes, which improve immune recognition of cancer cells reduces markers of inflammation such as prostaglandin 2.

How cycling may increase the risk of prostate cancer:

  • Prostatic inflammation: Repetitive compression and trauma to the perineum, leading to recurrent inflammation of the prostate, has been reported to be higher in cyclists. Chronic inflammation is known to be a risk factor for malignancy.
  • Testosterone: Levels increase immediately after intense exercise, which could encourage early prostate cancer cells to grow. This increase, however, occurs only in the first 15-60 minutes and rarely occurs in men over 55 years. Over time, testosterone levels actually drop below normal among elite athletes unless banned anabolic steroids are taken.
  • Generation of free radicals: Strenuous exercise, particularly in untrained people, produces reactive oxidative species that can damage DNA, the first stage in cancer initiation and progression.

Don’t let age slow you down

Selle Italia Slr Boost Tm

David Caudery / Immediate Media

  • Classic looks
  • Firm, racy saddle

Following modern trends, Selle Italias SLR Boost TM is a little shorter and wider than it was previously. Its still a relatively classic saddle though, which is reflected in the fact that its a firmer perch than some.

The central channel is also very shallow, but it works much better than its appearance suggests, making for a supportive, comfortable saddle, even when tucked down in an aero position.

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Most Comfortable Wide Seat: Schwinn Commute Gateway Adult Bike Seat

If you need a wider seat for added support, check out this cruiser saddle from Schwinn. The oversized design distributes your weight evenly throughout the seat, while the suspension coils help provide a smoother ride by absorbing any shocks from bumps or rocks you may ride over â meaning you won’t feel it on your bum. It fits on most types of bicycles, and shoppers say it’s very durable. One reviewer said it makes “long rides bearable,” while another wrote, “Absolutely one of the best seats ever. I’ve just started riding everyday and for the first time I didn’t wake up with a sore bottom.”

To buy: , $27

Prologo Dimension Ndr Tirox Cpc

HYGIA – The Bicycle seat for prostate surgery patients and for good bicycle health…

Immediate Media

  • Comfortable
  • CPC cover is very grippy

The Prologo Dimension NDR Tirox CPC uses carbon fibre for its hull construction, with varying degrees of thickness for targeted stiffness and flexibility across the saddle. This, combined with the generously sized PAS channel and NDR high-density padding, makes it a supremely comfortable saddle.

The CPC cover is a real advantage. The tiny volcano-shaped rubberised tubes offer phenomenal grip in both wet and dry conditions, and keep you firmly planted in the right place.

The only downside is it comes in just one width 143mm so if this doesnt suit your anatomy, youll need to look elsewhere.

Dave Caudery / Immediate Media

  • Racy position
  • Good compliance

Unlike some short saddles that angle down, the Repente Latus M has an even and broad profile with a subtle rise towards the rear for balance when seated.

The saddles dimensions lend themselves to an advanced, aggressive position. But EVA padding provides great cushioning without excess bulk, keeping weight exceptionally low at 140g.

The Repente Latus Ms best features are its carbon rails and base, which gently ease up and down while you pedal to nullify vibrations from tarmac.

Immediate Media

  • Supreme comfort
  • Grippy surface texture

Despite the Elan being Scicons first racing saddle, its a great start. The padding is very generous, and this combined with a large, central cut-out and flexible hull means its a supremely comfortable saddle.

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Most Comfortable Gel Seat: Gincleey Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat

Many riders like gel-cushioned bike seats because the plush gel material molds to their body for maximum comfort. In addition to supportive gel padding, this Gincleey option is also made from an anti-slip material and features two shock-absorbing double springs at the bottom of the seat. Shoppers also loved how easy it was to install. One shopper said “your butt will thank you,” before adding “I swapped the stock Schwinn seat with this one because every time I’d ride my bike I’d come home with butt pain. This seat is a lot bigger and a lot more comfortable. Definitely a cruiser type seat but it beats having rear-end pain!”

To buy: , $40

Ergon Sm Sport Gel Women

Width: 143 mm or 155 mmWeight: 285 g and 295 gRails: Chromoly

  • Works with large range of anatomies
  • Wide rear of saddle might be too wide for some

Ergon has a long history of producing great MTB saddles, and the SM Sport Gel for women is no different. The womens-specific shape allows for comfort in all MTB disciplines. It features strategically placed gel inlays and a large cutout that gives pressure relief exactly where you need it. The flatter rear of the saddle allows for a large range of movement and seating positions while still remaining supportive. The SM Sport line was designed by women for women, and it shows. Our testers reported forgetting they were even sitting on a saddle, which is one of the highest compliments a saddle can have.


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