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What Is The Best Prostate Toy

Sexrabbit Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

Science of Sin Ep 10: Prostate Pleasure

Theres a reason this hot pink silicone vibrator is a top seller in Amazon’s Vibrators category. Composed of a sucking and pulsing clitoral stimulator on one side and a G spot stimulator on the other, it offers 10 suction and vibration patterns of varying speeds and intensities. Amazon customers point out that the vibes settings allow for both gentle and powerful stimulation, and that its USB rechargeable battery is impressively long-lasting.

The Nexus Revo Stealth


Have you heard of the Nexus Revo Stealth? It would be a lot cooler if you did.

After all, its a rotating prostate massager draped in skin-like silicone and equipped with one of the most powerful motors in all the land. If youre a fan of butt stuff, this is the stuff for you.

It offers up to 34 different pleasure combinations as well, with a 3.5-inch long shaft and 4 delicious inches of total girth. You can also choose which direction the shaft rotates and turn on/off the extra perineum massage setting as you see fit.

Best of all, its controlled either through the built-in buttons or with the included wireless remote.

Moreover, the dual rotation options both come with two distinct speed settings to further customize your experience. Use it internally, externally, anally, vaginally, or all of the above. The thing that matters most is your satisfaction, as evidenced by the pronounced perineum stimulation pad and 15-meter range.

It also has an extended base for enhanced safety and easier removal, given you ever want to remove it at all. And since its 100% waterproof, you might not ever have to.

PRO: The unique shaft tip helps target hard to reach places.

CON: There are no interactive features to play with at all.

What Is Prostate Milking And How Does It Work

Prostate milking is the activity of stimulating the prostate gland by applying direct pressure against it with a finger through the rectum, says Megan Harrison, LMFT, founder of Couples Candy, a sex and relationship advice hub. It feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue on the front wall of the rectal lining. Milking the prostate refers to the act of massaging the prostate until prostate fluid comes out . You can also use sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, and plugs to .

Anyone with a prostate who is looking to experience new and pleasurable sensations could benefit from prostate milking. In addition to achieving orgasm, there are several possible health benefits of prostate milking, Harrison says. Prostate massage can ease the symptoms of painful ejaculation as it eases fluid blockages in the reproductive system. Prostate massage is also believed to treat erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow. After all, strong erections are a result of good blood flow!

There is also some limited evidence that prostate milking can relieve the symptoms of chronic prostatitis . So if youre looking to feel good and possibly boost your health at the same time, it could be time to start exploring this miraculous little walnut.

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Beginners Pegging Kit Best Anal Toy For Men

If youre not familiar with pegging, its when a female partner penetrates a man with a strap-on. Its becoming increasingly common for straight couples to try, so dont pooh-pooh it or write it off as gay straight away.

If youre looking to try pegging, this kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a vibrating strap-on harness and 2 dildos, both of which are angled to hit the prostate perfectly!

Cheven Thrusting Prostate Massager Thrusting Anal Sex Toy

Male prostate toys. 15 Best Prostate Massagers


  • Doesnt fit all guys comfortably

Price $27.98

Another one of the cheap prostate massager products available on Amazon, this is one of the most precise male sex toys Ive ever come across .

This vibrating anal device comes with specific sections to stimulate the perineum, urethra, penis, and testicles. Its aspirations put some of these other prostate massagers to shame, but bear in mind that it doesnt fit a lot of guys comfortably.

Maybe get this product if youre on the shorter side.

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What Kind Of Sex Toys Do Men Use

Before diving into the male sex toy world or picking up a new one there are a few types of toys to get acquainted with. Below are the three types of sex toys for men that youll find in our roundup.

Masturbation Sleeve: The most popular type of sex toys for men are masturbation sleeves. Theyre straightforward in concept , but theres a huge variety including straightforward strokers, motor-powered sleeves and stretchy masturbators. Our roundup includes a few types of masturbation sleeves for all pleasure preferences.

Prostate Massager: Straight dudes are finally coming around to butt play. The truth is, your prostate is a nerve-ending-packed pleasure center that, when stimulated, helps achieve some of the best orgasms ever . The best way to explore your own backside while masturbating or with a partner is to invest in a great prostate massager.

CouplesToys: Sex toys arent just for alone time. Some toys are designed to elevate hetero sex as well by stimulating both parties. Its a great way to spice up your sex life .

The Best Prostate Massager: Lelo Hugo

The cream of the crop in prostate massagers comes from the luxury sex toy brand Lelo.

Use this prostate massager solo or with a partner, for the ultimate in pleasure. Thanks to its remote control programming, hands-free has never felt better.

Designed with two motors, one in the tip and one in the base, the Hugo is perfect for bigger, better, and even orgasms. For ultimate pleasure in all the right places, the Hugo is remote and motion-controlled.

The medium size ensures that both beginners and experienced prostate toy users will enjoy every use.

The Hugo is 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and body-safe. It comes in three colors and carries a one-year warranty and a ten-year quality guarantee.

Price: $200.00

Looking to train for the big leagues? Reach for the CalExotics Prostate Training Kit.

This particular kit includes four pieces to train with three super-soft silicone probes, and a multi-speed vibrating stimulator.

The probes are all tapered and uniquely ribbed. One resembles anal beads. The second has a bulbous head with a tapered base. The third and final toy is a standard beginners size butt plug.

They each have a ring-opening where the vibe bullet can be inserted to infuse each of them with pulsating power.

Get your backdoor ready for action with the CalExotics kit and never look back!

Price: $46.99

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The Benefits Of Prostate Milking

Pleasure: Milking your prostate can be pleasurable. It can induce a more powerful orgasm, which leads us to our next point.

Multiple orgasms: Prostate play is one way for a man to achieve multiple orgasms and potentially last longer in bed.

Intimacy: Some men are hesitant to try prostate play, and well help you work through that later. But exploring the prostate can lead to increased intimacy between a man and his partner!

Tenga Flip Zero Easiest Male Sex Toy To Clean

Cat Toy Review – Which Cat Toys Are Best For Healthy Stimulation

Armed with penis suction and numerous vibration patterns, the Tenga Flip Zero is one of those products that needs to be seen to be believed. This quirky Japanese toy just requires a little water -based lube, and youre ready to go.

If you want to buy something thats unlike any other male vibrator, buy this.

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What Is The Difference Between Prostate Vibrators And Clitoral Vibrators

Since they both work similarly, itâs easy to confuse prostate vibrators and clitoral vibrators. Both use vibrations to stimulate a specific location and encourage orgasm. The biggest difference between clitoral and prostate vibrators is their shape. Both styles of vibrator focus their vibration on a certain area, but they need to meet the needs of different anatomy.

Comparing the two types of vibrators in reviews, the shape differences become obvious. Because prostate vibrators are designed to be inserted into the rectum, they are often relatively slender with an angled head to help target the prostate. On the other hand, the partially external nature of the clitoris makes it easier to stimulate with a variety of shapes. Clitoral vibrators can come in a wide variety of shapes, from wands to eggs to ârabbitsâ with multiple prongs.

How To Try Prostate Vibrators Safely

If youâre curious about prostate vibrators, itâs best to try them on your own before using one with a partner. This gives you plenty of time to adjust and decide whether you find prostate stimulation enjoyable.

If you do decide to try using a prostate vibrator with a partner, discuss it before you begin. Itâs important that you communicate with your partner when engaging in anal penetration. It takes time to fully relax the anal sphincter, so both you and your partner should be patient and ready to stop if anything hurts.

With any kind of anal penetration, itâs important to take a few precautions before beginning. First, take the time to have a bowel movement before beginning. You may also want to clean around your genitals and anus to avoid spreading fecal material.

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Prostate Milking What Is It And Should You Try It

If youre a guy, theres a pretty good chance youve never heard of prostate milking before, and you might be okay with that. Most of us have heard of the prostate gland of course, but the term prostate milking can produce some mental pictures that might make a lot of guys squirm!

It might be easier if you replace the term prostate milking with prostate massage because thats basically what it is. We have endeavored to put together a full review of prostate milking, its health benefits, and why you might want to consider it. One of the reasons you might think about prostate milking is due to the added pleasure it can provide to your sex life!

There arent many guys who wouldnt choose more intense orgasms if they could and one of the benefits of prostate milking is the ability to produce more intense orgasms even without penile stimulation. Well say that again prostate milking can be so sexually stimulating that it can cause men to achieve climax with absolutely NO touching of the penis!

Bringing It All Together

Top 5 Best Prostate Toys

Were done with the toy part

So I hope youll be able to get either:

  • Njoy Pure Wand for manual stimulation + silicone lube
  • or Nexus Revo Stealth for hands-free almost guaranteed PO + proper water-based lube.

Thats when youll cover 1/3 of the keys that are required to reach POs and Super-Os.

You might be natural and reach your PO by fooling around with these. But chances are you need to work on the other 2 ingredients.

  • #1 The proper prostate toy + lube = covered
  • #2 The right arousal = still to go.
  • #3 The right process = still to go.

Since you read till the end, I want to reward you

Thats it, folks!

Pro Tip

Keep in mind, it takes time and rewiring of the brain to succeed with prostate massage. Its not hit/go like with ordinary ejaculation.

This is a new journey

But the pleasure you get is out of this world

If youre new to anal play, know that you might benefit a lot from a good butt plug.

It will help with a warmup and stretching.

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Nexus Revo Stealth Remote Control Rotating Silicone Prostate Massager

Editors Choice #2: The Nexus Revo Stealth lets you customize your posterior pleasure by choosing from external vibration, internal rotation and more. You can enjoy hands-free fun or let your lover take over with the long-range remote control. The male sex toy is sized and shaped to target your P-spot perfectly and its made with the highest-quality materials and engineering. You wont regret your investment!

The 14 Best Prostate Massagers Of 2021

Your guide to finding the best prostate toy for you.

Finding the best prostate massager for your needs is not easy. Fortunately, our experts have already tested all the best prostate toys and are here to share their review!

In this guide, our experts breakdown all you need to know about how to buy the best prostate vibrator. We answer all the common questions so you can shop with confidence! So, are you ready to find the toy that’s right for you? Let’s dive in.

Prostate orgasms are the most fun you can have without a PlayStation. You wouldn’t buy a console without a few games. And you shouldn’t own a prostate without a few toys.

But did you know that only 45% of men have ever used a sex toy?

This despite 71% of men being interested in prostate massage!

This is quite the disparity.

So, maybe its time that you do your part. #ForScience.

If you’re still getting to know your prostate, a massager is just what you need to find the sweet spot. Since youre already well-versed in the P-Spot basics, its time to explore your sex toy options.

By the way, if you’re looking to take your bedroom performance to the next level, make sure to check out our Guide to Male Enhancement and Best Penis Enlargement Products.

There’s an entire landscape of fun to explore, so research is of the utmost importance! Luckily for you, our Giddi experts have already tried and tested the most popular toys on the market — so that you dont have to… wouldnt that be exhausting?

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Whats The Best Prostate Massager Toy

So, whats the best product for prostate massage? Well, these toys can be divided into 2 main types vibrating and non-vibrating.

For vibrating, Id recommend theLelo Hugo for sure. This well-sized silicone prostate massager comes with multiple stimulation modes, dual motors, and even a dedicated remote with built-in sensors for real-time control.

If you want non-vibrating, nothing can beat AnerossHelix Syn Trident. Its #1 on this list for a reason it once made me have a continuous orgasm for 5 minutes. I still remember it vividly to this day.

Whatever you decide to try, I hope you find the fit thats right for you. Welcome to next-level orgasms!

Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

Prostate Treatment Breaking News: Reverse Prostate Enlargement, Dr Allen’s BPH Treatment Testimonial

Courtesy LELO

LELO is known for sleek, high-quality toys that look almost as good as they feel. This prostate massager is a prime example. The massager itself is designed for men with a curved, dual-motor build that leads to serious stimulation inside and out. A remote control makes the Hugo easier and more fun especially with a partner. Its a powerful orgasm-inducer for alone time, but the remote makes it great for couples of any sexuality.

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How Much Do They Cost

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Typically, when you pay bottom dollar for a cheap knock off item, you get a product thats crap and doesnt last for long. On the flip side, when you pay a little more for a quality product, you expect it to last and work well. There are exceptions to these rules, but in general, this is how it goes.

Prostate massagers are no different. Cheap ones are available for around $10 US. Or, you can spend north of $200 US. Its entirely up to you and your personal budget.

Price varies based on a multitude of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturer
  • Complexity, design of the toy
  • Materials the toy is made of
  • The vendor you buy it from

When you are ready to purchase, I strongly suggest that you pay a little more and get a toy from a reputable manufacturer.

All the toys I review on this blog are from what I consider to be reputable manufacturers. Aneros, LELO, Tantus, etc. are all trustworthy companies that offer toys with warranties and stand behind their products.

Another thing that makes these businesses trustworthy is that the plainly state what their toys are made of. They display this information prominently so that you can see that they are constructed of safe materials and wont hurt you.

Im A Veteran Which One Will Rock Me The Hardest

These stimulators are reserved for those who have graduated college and ready to go for the PhD. A couple of these arent for the feint of heart.

Do you like to have your butt hole stretched? These are the toys for you.

Do you like super strong vibrations? Youre in the right category.

Do you enjoy a bit of pain during anal play? These will make you feel right at home.

Youll notice some toys here that were also included in the previous categories, for example the LELO Loki. I feel this belongs in both places. The diameter is large enough to accommodate intermediate players, while satisfying those that enjoy a full feeling in the rectum.

What really moves the Loki into the advanced category is the vibrations. They simply cant be topped by any other toy . The intensity can be turned up so high that it becomes uncomfortable. Perfect for the guys that like to live on the edge.

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Lelo Hugo Remote Controlled Prostate Massager

Best for: Stimulation that’s worth the splurge

This prostate massager comes with all the high-tech bells and whistles, but is still easy enough for first-timers to use. “Sleekly designed to be appropriate for beginners yet satisfying for more intermediate users, the HUGO is great for prostate stimulation because it’s shaped in a way that really hits the prostate, and can even be used to induce a hands-free prostate orgasm,” explains Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, LELO sexpert and NYU professor of human sexuality. “The vibration is deep and strong, and you can choose between several patterns to find the ones that work best.” Plus, you can hand the remote over to your partner if they want to get in on the fun.


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