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Natural Remedies For Prostatitis Treatment

Natural Remedies For Prostatitis Treatment

How to Cure Prostatitis Naturally? Treat Prostate Infection

The infection of prostate gland is called prostatitis. Nearly 10 percent of men globally suffer from this condition. In terms of numbers, prostatitis accounts for more than a million visit each year to outpatient practices in North American region alone. It is a most common problem observed in men under the age of 50 years. It can be chronic or acute illness. The chronic prostatitis condition is generally observed in men over 50. The modern medical science has concluded that prostate condition has become endemic and therefore, it has become extremely important for patients to look at alternative means of cure including Chinese medicine for Prostatitis.

The general consensus among Canadian urologists and primary care physicians is that the existing administration of chronic prostatitis is miserable. The general management of chronic prostatitis is dismal as well. This has necessitated that patients in developed countries such as Canada should increasingly look for prostatitis natural remedies instead of solely relying on western medicines.

Prostatitis is caused by bacterial leakage from urinary tract into prostate gland. It can also be sexually transmitted. The other threat factors for development of Prostatitis include:

  • Urinary infection

  • Lack of fluids or Dehydration

  • Pelvic trauma

  • Recent urological procedure

  • Rectal intercourse, etc.

  • Lowering of abdominal pain

  • Reduced frequency of urination

The Prostate Is Prone To Infection And Inflammation

The prostate sits in an anatomical position, wrapped around the urethra, and close to the rectum, that is ripe for infection.

Infection causes inflammation. 10 When the prostate is inflamed, it can become enlarged, putting pressure on the urethra and, in some cases, making it more difficult to fully empty the bladder. Urine then gets trapped and backs up, which can contribute to lingering low grade infection, even where tests come back negative.

What Are The Complications Of Prostatitis

Men with acute bacterial prostatitis may develop . This widespread inflammation can be life-threatening. It requires immediate medical treatment.

Antibiotics can cause an upset stomach. Men with chronic bacterial prostatitis may need lots of antibiotics to treat recurring infections. Some people develop antibiotic resistance, making treatment ineffective.

Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis can lower sperm count, affecting fertility.

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Why Are Pumpkin Sides Good For An Enlarged Prostate

For anyone with BPH, pumpkin seeds are a good food to snack on because they contain both zinc and essential fatty acids .

Zinc deficiency is thought to increase the chance of developing BPH3, plus it has anti-inflammatory properties that could help ease symptoms that are already present.4 EFAs are also anti-inflammatory, thus encouraging a more normal sized prostate gland.

What Are The Functions Of The Prostate

Home Remedies for Enlarged Prostate

The prostate produces semen, the fluid that helps nourish and transport sperm. It also assists with ejaculation because of the squeezing contractions of the prostate during orgasm.

It is proven that the prostate goes through two main periods of growth:

  • The first period of growth occurs early in male puberty, when the prostate doubles in size.
  • This second phase of prostate growth often results in what constitutes an enlarged prostate. As the prostate becomes larger, the layer of tissue surrounding it stops it from expanding, causing the prostate to press against the urethra. This process is most noticeable in middle age and beyond.

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Other Natural Remedies For The Prostate

Other cures and natural remedies to combat prostatitis:

  • Colloidal Silver These are tiny particles of silver suspended in a solution of distilled water. Silver taken in the form of colloids is non-toxic and has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. In essence it acts as a natural antibiotic and can be taken alone, or in combination with normal antibiotics. It is very effective especially for the treatment of bacterial prostatitis. You buy it in herbal medicine, pharmacy or on the internet.
  • Serenoa repens It is one of the best known natural remedies. The fruits of this plant have a balancing action on the male hormone system, and are used in the treatment of prostate and alopecia problems.
  • Lycopene Lycopene is a substance with antioxidant properties contained mainly in tomato, but also in other red or pink fruits, such as watermelon and grapefruit. According to some research, this substance would be able to prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer.
  • Prostatic massage Prostate massage is an ancient practice used for preventive and curative purposes. Although in the West it is known to be a massage to provoke sexual pleasure, it can actually be extremely helpful in alleviating the symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy or prostatitis.

Dietary Supplements For Prostate Cancer

Besides the diet changes, you also need to take a careful evaluation on whether you need to take dietary supplements in the long term or not. In this case, its still always reasonable to consult your doctor for side effects. Only the experts would know if your body requires an additional nutrient supplement, what type of supplement to be taken, and how long you will need to take it.

Common dietary supplements for prostate cancer recommended by doctors?


This supplement may not be one of the specific natural remedies for prostate cancer, but it has a beneficial effect in reducing urinary symptoms that can reduce risk to prostate cancer.

Selenium and Vitamin E

There have been several debates on how selenium and vitamin C helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer. There are studies in the past that reflected the useful effects of these two components. Unfortunately, on the recent studies conducted by Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial or SELECT, no evidence shows neither of the two lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

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Natural Ways To Treat An Enlarged Prostate

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland are most of often mild at first, but usually will get more bothersome over time. It’s very reasonable and safe to just keep an eye on it until it becomes bothersome enough to justify further treatment.

If the symptoms are getting worse, you and your doctor can then discuss medications. If you begin to have serious complications like urinary retention, it may be time to have a surgical procedure.

In follow-up visits every six to twelve months, your primary care doctor or urologist will measure your symptoms and perform a physical exam . He or she may also do a bladder scan after you use the bathroom to urinate to be sure your bladder is emptying as it should. This test measures what is called “post void residual.”

Your doctor also may order blood and urine tests. Blood tests could include a blood urea nitrogen and creatinine to check your kidney function and a prostate specific antigen . He or she might also ask for a urine sample to be sure there is not any prostate inflammation or infection.

Increase In Mast Cells Irritate The Prostate

Natural At-Home Remedies : Herbal Approaches to Treating Prostatitis

Chronic infection causes inflammation.

In response to inflammation, the body produces a greater number of localized mast cells, which makes matters worse. 20 Mast cells are produced during times of stress, as well as in response to ingesting foods or substances that trigger an allergic response. 21

Therefore, mast cell production in the bladder and prostate is basically an allergic response to inflammation that can increase the inflammatory cycle and locally suppress the immune system. 22 Remember that when provoked by a stimulus perceived as a threat to the immune system, mast cells release histamine, as well as a whole host of other inflammatory compounds. After a long period of inflammation, which has caused mast cells to pool in the prostate area, seasonal allergies can contribute to symptoms. The mast cells are there in larger numbers and will release their inflammatory cocktail in greater concentrations in areas of the body that are perceived as under attack.

Ive written previously about pollen allergies causing anxiety, but presumably they can contribute to some types of prostatitis as well.

I get into a study focusing on an autoimmune model of prostatitis in a couple paragraphs, but many people with mast cell issues dont do well with red meat, pork, and high fat diets. If you have allergies, cutting out saturated fat and going on more of a plant based diet for awhile could be helpful, especially, as we will see when you pair with certain antihistamines.

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What Are The Best Supplements For Prostatitis

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a common ingredient in mens supplements for prostate health. In many studies, it has been clinically proven to alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis.


Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that can help alleviate inflammatory conditions like prostatitis. It works by inhibiting the production of inflammatory compounds like histamine. Quercetin supplements may be especially effective in alleviating chronic pelvic pain due to prostatitis.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an oft-overlooked vitamin, and many people do not get enough of it. Sitting in an office all day doesnt lend itself to soaking up vitamin D from the sun. And unfortunately, it is present in a limited array of food sources. Talk to your doctor about supplementing with vitamin D. Preliminary studies indicate that it may help target the chronic inflammation that is characteristic of prostatitis.


Goldenseal is an herbal remedy for prostatitis. One of its main components, berberine, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a bonus, goldenseal can also help fight off colds and urinary tract infections.

These are just a few of the supplements that you can try for natural relief of prostatitis symptoms. Before taking any supplements, talk to your doctor to make sure that they will not interact with your medications or other medical conditions.

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Home Remedies For Enlarged Prostate

If you are not fully rested when you get up in the morning because you made 3, 4 or more trips to the bathroom during the night, it is probably time to consider that you have a problem. A major sign of prostatitis or enlarged prostate is frequent urination. You can get control over the issue by making use of one or several of our 15 home remedies for enlarged prostate and get back to enjoying a restful nights sleep.

Keep in mind that an enlarged prostate could be an indicator of a more serious condition and these remedies are not all-inclusive cures. You should consult a health care professional if the condition persists for proper advice and treatment.

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Please Read Updates At The End Of The Post

Before talking about how I cured my prostatitis, I would like to briefly examine some backgrounds of a new approach to ease to perceive why this way is better than others and to deserve some trust credit of my readers.

I havent been at the doctors office for the last six months as I got rid of all the signs of prostatitis. Since the underlying mechanism of prostatitis is still not known, current medical treatments are directed towards relieving the specific symptoms of the illness. The prostate gland expands throughout most of a mans life benign prostatic hyperplasia is the most common benign neoplasm in men. About 50% of men between the ages 50 and 60 and 90% of the age 85 experience BPH. Moreover, an enlarged prostate doesnt necessarily mean youll have more or worse symptoms. Its individual for each person. Hence, there are no specific characteristics that could be served for the accurate evaluation of the illness severity, just symptoms.

On this basis, the proposed approach also aims to the prostatitis symptoms relief rather than curing the disease as such. Lets start with some primary term descriptions to avoid misunderstanding.

Prostatitis: Your Lifestyle Matters

Treatment for Prostate Enlargement

Abstaining from certain lifestyle factorscan be as important as being proactive about your health. Sometimes Its notwhat you are doing, but what you arent doing that counts. Avoid theseactivities to promote a healthy prostate.

  • Physical Irritation- Activities like biking or prolonged sitting can irritate theprostate.
  • Bladder Irritants- Spicy foods, acidic foods, caffeine, and alcohol are known toaggravate the bladder, so skip these when experiencing prostatitis.

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Start Healing Yourprostatitis Today

Weve given you some reliable treatments for fighting the pain and inflammation associated with prostatitis, and wed like to provide you with one more valuable resource to round out your healing toolbox. In our free report on how microcurrent can treat inflammation, you will find in-depth information in an easy to understand format that will aid in your quest to living a life free of pain, inflammation, and chronic illness.

How Is Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome Managed Or Treated

Prostatitis treatments vary depending on the cause and type. Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis doesnt require treatment.

For chronic pelvic pain syndrome , your healthcare provider may use a system called UPOINT to classify symptoms into six categories. Your provider uses multiple treatments at the same time to treat only the symptoms youre experiencing.

Approximately 80% of men with CPPS improve with the UPOINT system. The system focuses on these symptoms and treatments:

  • Urinary: Medications, such as tamsulosin and alfuzosin , relax muscles around the prostate and bladder to improve urine flow.
  • Psychosocial: Stress management can help. Some men benefit from counseling or medications for anxiety, depression and catastrophizing .
  • Organ: Quercetin and bee pollen supplements may relieve a swollen, inflamed prostate gland.
  • Infection:Antibiotics kill infection-causing bacteria.
  • Neurologic: Prescription pain medicines, such as amitriptyline and gabapentin , relieve neurogenic pain. This pain can include fibromyalgia or pain that extends into the legs, arms or back.
  • Tenderness: Pelvic floor physical therapy may include myofascial release . This therapy can reduce or eliminate muscle spasms.

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Do Conventional Medicaltreatments For Prostate Cancer Really Work

If you get diagnosed with the disease, the usual treatment is surgery and/or chemotherapy and radiation. But the long term success rate for these treatments is surprisingly low. In fact, a lot lower than what your doctor or urologist will bother to tell you!

In Associated Press magazine, January 27, 1994, an article titled Prostate Cancer Cure Questioned revealed that after ten years of following prostate cancer patients, only slightly more treated patients were still alive compared to patients who accepted absolutely no treatment at all. 1

So if orthodox medicine really is supposed to be that beneficial for you if you have prostate cancer, then these results certainly dont prove it!

However, there is an easier, safer and far more effective way to prevent and reverse prostate cancer than the torturous cut-burn-poison approach.

Through natural treatments and natural prostate remedies.

But dont be fooled, these treatments are extremely powerful and can save your life so you dont want to take any of them lightly!

Exercise And Lose Weight

Chronic Prostatitis Treatment Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer BPH Cure

Exercising and losing weight are some of the best things you can do to promote prostate health. Many studies show that moderate or vigorous exercise reduces risk of BPH and urinary tract symptoms and helps with prostatitis as well. Exercise also benefits your cardiovascular health and can help prevent other health and sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction.

If you are overweight, losing weight is one of the most important natural changes you can make in improving your prostate health, whether your concerns are cancer, BPH or prostatitis. A study published in the Journal of Urology found that overweight men, especially men with a high amount of abdominal fat, have an increased risk of BPH. If you are looking to shrink the prostate, losing weight can help you reduce your prostate size and help relieve annoying and frustrating urinary symptoms. On top of that, weight loss can reduce your risk for prostate cancer and help relieve prostatitis, too.

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Herbal Remedies For Prostatitis By Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda provides best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Prostate Care Pack for ayurvedic treatment of prostatitis. These herbal remedies are prepared from using best quality herbs and strictly follow the principles of Ayurveda. All these herbal remedies of Planet Ayurveda are 100 percent pure, natural and vegetarian. These are free from chemicals, additives and preservatives. These are safe to use as these are free from side effects.

  • Shuddha Guggulu


  • This herbal formulation is very effective for the treatment of prostatitis. It helps to suppress the size of prostate in a natural way without causing any side effects.
  • It helps to maintain good male reproductive health.
  • Provides the relief in burning and frequent urination.

What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor

You may want to ask your healthcare provider:

  • What type of prostatitis do I have?
  • What is the best treatment for this type of prostatitis?
  • What are the treatment risks and side effects?
  • How can I avoid getting prostatitis again?
  • What type of follow-up care do I need after treatment?
  • Should I look out for signs of complications?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Prostatitis is a common problem that affects many men. Unfortunately, theres a lot of confusion about the disease. People use the word prostatitis to describe four different conditions. There isnt a one-size-fits-all treatment for prostatitis, which is why an accurate diagnosis is so important.

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Various Treatments For Enlarged Prostate

Before opting for treatment, your doctor will do a few tests to see if the prostate enlargement is severe. If your condition isnt good, the doctor will recommend the following treatments. Along with the disease, the doctor will consider your prostate size, age, health, and if you suffer from any other medical conditions.

  • Alpha-Blockers for BPH. The doctor will recommend this to loosen the bladder neck muscles and its fiber in the prostate. When the power is relaxed, it is easier to pee, and there will be an increase in urination. You will not pee frequently. It is effective after two days of taking the alpha-blocker. Some of the alpha-blockers are Hytrin, Uroxatral, Flomax, Rapaflo, and Cardura.
  • 5- Alpha-Reductase Inhibitors for BPH. It is one of the ways on how to shrink the prostate. It blocks hormones that grow the prostate glands, thus reducing the prostate size. There are two types of 5- alpha-reductase inhibitors, namely Avodart and Proscar. These inhibitors are effective after three to six months.
  • TUNA Treatment. TUNA is a short form of transurethral needle ablation and is one of the trusted prostate enlargement home remedies. This treatment procedure uses two needles, which carry high-frequency radio waves that inflame a particular region in the prostate. The treatment allows men to have good urine flow and decreases the BPH symptoms. You can do the treatment at home the doctor will use an anesthetic to prevent burning sensation.


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