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How To Reduce Prostate Size

What Is The Cause Of The Enlarged Prostate

How to Reduce Prostate Gland Size Naturally without Surgery?

The gland of the prostate is located beneath the bladder. There is a tube that helps the urine to transport from the bladder out from the penis which passes through the justify of the prostate. However, the enlargement of prostate blocks the flow of urine. In this case, you can try Prosman if you have trouble urinating.

Most of the men ignore the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and they continue their life as it is. Due to this, various other diseases can occur which may be more dangerous than an enlarged prostate.

Till now, it is not clear what the main reason behind the enlargement of the prostate is. According to some experts, it may be due to changes in the sex hormones of the men as they start growing old.

Risk factors in an enlarged prostate

1. Due to aging

A person who is under the age of 40 years cannot face the enlarged prostate issue. Around 1/3 of the men suffer from enlarged prostate from moderate to severe by the age of 60 years and the other half around the age of 80 years.

2. Family history

If anybody in your family like father or brother is facing this issue, then you are likely to face it.

3. Diabetes or heart problem

A latest study shows that if men are suffering from diabetes or heart issues, and also using meta-blockers, then this surges the risk of BPH.

4. Lifestyle factor

If a person is obese, then he is likely to have BPH problem. Regular exercise can decrease this issue.

How is enlarged prostate treated?

  • Factors related to lifestyle
  • Surgery
  • Customer Testimonial For Prostate Function

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    Lower urinary tract symptoms suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia may include

    • urinary frequencyurination eight or more times a day
    • urinary urgencythe inability to delay urination
    • trouble starting a urine stream
    • a weak or an interrupted urine stream
    • dribbling at the end of urination
    • nocturiafrequent urination during periods of sleep
    • urinary incontinencethe accidental loss of urine
    • pain after ejaculation or during urination
    • urine that has an unusual color or smell

    Symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia most often come from

    • a blocked urethra
    • a bladder that is overworked from trying to pass urine through the blockage

    The size of the prostate does not always determine the severity of the blockage or symptoms. Some men with greatly enlarged prostates have little blockage and few symptoms, while other men who have minimally enlarged prostates have greater blockage and more symptoms. Less than half of all men with benign prostatic hyperplasia have lower urinary tract symptoms.3

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    What Is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    Benign prostatic hyperplasiaalso called BPHis a condition in men in which the prostate gland is enlarged and not cancerous. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is also called benign prostatic hypertrophy or benign prostatic obstruction.

    The prostate goes through two main growth periods as a man ages. The first occurs early in puberty, when the prostate doubles in size. The second phase of growth begins around age 25 and continues during most of a mans life. Benign prostatic hyperplasia often occurs with the second growth phase.

    As the prostate enlarges, the gland presses against and pinches the urethra. The bladder wall becomes thicker. Eventually, the bladder may weaken and lose the ability to empty completely, leaving some urine in the bladder. The narrowing of the urethra and urinary retentionthe inability to empty the bladder completelycause many of the problems associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

    Natural Remedies For The Enlarged Prostate

    How to Reduce Prostate Size: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

    I take Several Different Supplements Recommended by Doctors and Experts. I will list them here and explain what they do.

    This First one Doctors and Myself Recommend Highly is Prosta Genix. It has a combination of Ingredients listed on the back. Mainly A specific Phytosterol called Beta-Sitosterol is the Highest Concentration Ive seen. It is usually the first one guys go for. I also purchase a few of its ingredients of what it contains from its back label. Here are the ingredients that I feel are most important.Beta-SitosterolZinc The Prostate is Largely made up of Zinc ! Although Stinging Nettles either in Pill Form Or I also purchase Stinging Nettle Tea Bags from Amazon. Works Miracles.

    The Real and most difficult Secret is to eliminate Caffeine Completely along with very seldom alcohol consumption and No Sugar.

    Important: Patience guys for it is not overnight results ! Most studies indicate a 6 month period to notice its effect. But they Do happen I know Ive waited and now seeing results escalate after that time frame.

    This Plant of Stinging Nettles Reduces the Cell growth enlargement of the Prostate. Also Reduces the inflammation that causes Prostate enlargement and swelling. 360 mg Per day Recommended However I take 480 mg. Best to speak with a Doctor before trying it.

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    No : Strive For Balance

    Experts believe that the hormone dihydrotestosterone promotes the growth of prostate cells. When testosterone and estrogen are imbalanced, DHT activity can increase and encourage the growth of prostate cells. That is why it is important to keep an eye on and manage your hormones, which you might have noticed begin to change after the age of 40.

    Both exercising and maintaining a healthy weight help to keep your testosterone and estrogen balanced, but there are natural supplements that are worth looking into as well. Both pygeum and plant sterols like as beta-sitosterol contain active components that can inhibit DHT production. Another supplement, 3,3-diindolylmethane , naturally supports the balance of testosterone and estrogen and promotes normal prostate size.

    How Do You Give A Prostate Massage With Your Fingers

    If, after talking through a few specifics, youre still not sure where to start, Brown-James has some techniques. Bring your pointer, middle, and ring fingers together, then push up into , Brown-James explains. Stimulating this area with gentle but firm strokes also stimulates the prostate. It’s basically a playground down thereBrown-James recommends techniques like rubbing clockwise for 810 strokes, then going counterclockwise, stroking toward the scrotum or touching the penis while you massage your partners perineum. Even though youve hopefully discussed what youd both like beforehand, you and your partner should talk about what you think you might each like to do and feel and then, if you agree to test things out, try that next, making sure youre each being open about what feels good and what doesnt feel so good in the moment.

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    Why The Procedure Is Performed

    An enlarged prostate can make it hard for you to urinate. You may also get urinary tract infections. Removing all, or part, of the prostate gland can make these symptoms better. Before you have surgery, your doctor may tell you changes you can make in how you eat or drink. You may also try some medicines.

    Prostate removal may be recommended if you:

    • Cannot completely empty your bladder
    • Have repeat urinary tract infections
    • Have bleeding from your prostate
    • Have bladder stones with your enlarged prostate
    • Urinate very slowly
    • Took medicines, and they did not help your symptoms or you no longer want to take them

    A Complete Diet For Prostate Health

    Herbs to Reduce Prostate Size Naturally | Shrink Your Prostate Size

    Vegetables and Fruits are first on my List. Second is Healthy Fats for Prostate Protection such as Salmon containing Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s Prevents and Reduces inflammation within the body. After all, the Prostate has to be Inflammed for it increases in size through swelling.

    Aside from Specific foods, Researchers and Dietitians emphasize an entire Healthy Eating Habit.Recommended by the Pros is this New Way of Eating LifeStyle:

    The Good

  • Four to five servings of Fruits and Vegetables Daily. Red Colors in Fruits have more Lycopene for Effectiveness.
  • Select Whole-Grain bread, not White. Buy Whole-Grain cereals and Pasta. Although I stay clear of any Sort of Pasta.
  • Healthier fats are in Olive Oil, Nuts .
  • Choose healthful fats, such as Olive Oil, Avocados, and Nuts , and avocados.
  • Alternately, choose Fish and Beans for Healthier Sources of Protein.
  • The Bad

  • Stay Away from saturated fats from dairy and animal products. Avoid that are in packaged and fast foods.
  • Red meat, beef, lamb, pork, or goat is definitely Out. Processed meats like hot dogs and Bologna are a no go. Eggs and Skinless Poultry maybe but I have had negative effects on those.
  • Fruit Juices in containers have too much sugar. Avoid any Sugar-sweetened drinks and Sodas. Have Sweets very, very Occasionally.
  • No Salt or very little by reading and comparing labels to the amounts of Sodium in them. Cut way down and Limit frozen, processed, and canned foods.
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    Metabolic Syndrome And Bph

    Following this, it is essential to be aware that an enlarged prostate also has a strong association with metabolic syndrome.

    The metabolic syndrome includes abdominal obesity, elevated blood sugar and triglycerides, low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and hypertension.

    Men who had the highest levels of both occupational and recreational physical activity were 60% less likely to develop the condition.

    Metabolic syndrome increases inflammation, which may lead to prostate growth.

    Learn How To Shrink The Prostate Naturally A Personal Guide To Prostate Health

    An Inflamed Swelling of the Prostate is difficult but Very Possible to Deflate. Your Prostate is also an Extremely Annoying issue among slightly older guys to older guys. So, we will discuss in detail just how to Shrink the Prostate Naturally for better Prostate Health. From the constant night-time bathroom trips to the feeling of not being able to even Go. First, I will explain what the Prostate is and Why it does what it does abnormally holding in that urine. It can become an interruption to our very Life Style. Then we will dive right into how we can approach the Natural Prostate Treatment, Possible Cures, and remedies. Lets Stop this abnormal enlargement of this organ. Caution ! Patience. It takes a while, guys. Persistence should pay off.

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    Whos More Likely To Get Bph

    You may have a greater chance of an enlarged prostate based on your:

    • Age. BPH is more common the older you get and doesnât usually affect men younger than 40.
    • Family history. If your dad or your brothers have the condition, you have a higher chance of getting it, too.
    • Ethnicity. This affects black and white men more often than Asian men. Black men may get symptoms at a younger age.

    Some health conditions can also raise the odds youâll get BPH, such as:

    If you use beta blockers — a type of medication used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure and migraines — you may be more likely to get BPH.

    Read More Amazing Customer Success Stories With Our Maca Here

    How to Reduce Prostate Size: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

    Note: There is no upper limit with maca and everybody is different, so it is important to find your ideal dose that is right for your body, for some this may be less than the recommended for others it may be more. If you experience positive health benefits then we suggest you continue treatment at that ideal dosage. The material provided on this website is for information purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical advice or be a treatment for any medical condition. Users should consult a health professional if you have any concerns about your health, are starting any health or nutritional related treatment, or for any questions you may have regarding your own or any other partyâs medical condition. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    Medications For An Enlarged Prostate

    Several drugs are FDA-approved to relieve common symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Each works differently, says Westney. They either shrink the enlarged prostate or stop the prostate cell growth, she explains. “For many men, medications are very effective,” Westney tells WebMD. “They have a significant change in symptoms, and side effects are very uncommon ⦠so medications are an attractive treatment.”

    Doctors use the BPH Index to gauge how the patient responds to medication, Westney adds. “We see how symptoms are progressing ⦠if they’ve stabilized or not.”

    Alpha blockers: These drugs don’t reduce the size of the prostate, but they are very effective at relieving symptoms. They work by relaxing the muscles around the prostate and bladder neck, so urine can flow more easily. These drugs work quickly, so symptoms improve within a day or two. They are most effective for men with normal to moderately enlarged prostate glands.

    The drugs: Flomax , Uroxatral , Hytrin , Cardura , and Rapaflo .

    Alpha blockers were originally created to treat high blood pressure dizziness is the most common side effect other side effects are generally mild and controllable. Possible side effects include headache, stomach irritation, and stuffy nose. These drugs are not for men with significant urine retention and frequent urinary tract infections.

    The drugs: Proscar and Avodart .

    A New Treatment Option For Bph

    A newer, nonsurgical treatment for BPH, called prostatic artery embolization , is available at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, says Ari Isaacson, MD, a vascular interventional radiologist who performs the procedure.

    PAE is performed through a small puncture in the groin or the arm. A catheter is inserted through the artery and directed toward the prostate.

    Once the catheter is positioned in the artery supplying blood to the prostate, tiny particles called microspheres are injected that plug up the artery, blocking blood flow. This is called embolization.

    This process is then repeated on the other side, usually through the same original puncture, Dr. Isaacson says.

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    What Causes Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    The cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia is not well understood however, it occurs mainly in older men. Benign prostatic hyperplasia does not develop in men whose testicles were removed before puberty. For this reason, some researchers believe factors related to aging and the testicles may cause benign prostatic hyperplasia.

    Throughout their lives, men produce testosterone, a male hormone, and small amounts of estrogen, a female hormone. As men age, the amount of active testosterone in their blood decreases, which leaves a higher proportion of estrogen. Scientific studies have suggested that benign prostatic hyperplasia may occur because the higher proportion of estrogen within the prostate increases the activity of substances that promote prostate cell growth.

    Another theory focuses on dihydrotestosterone , a male hormone that plays a role in prostate development and growth. Some research has indicated that even with a drop in blood testosterone levels, older men continue to produce and accumulate high levels of DHT in the prostate. This accumulation of DHT may encourage prostate cells to continue to grow. Scientists have noted that men who do not produce DHT do not develop benign prostatic hyperplasia.

    Lifestyle Tips For Managing Bph

    10 Foods that Reduce Prostate Size and Natural Supplements

    People can take steps to manage the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. These include:

    • attempting to urinate at least once before leaving the home to avoid urinary leakage or other potentially stressful incidents in public
    • double voiding, which involves trying to urinate a few minutes after urinating the first time to drain the bladder as much as possible during bathroom visits
    • trying not to drink fluids in the 2 hours before bedtime to avoid going to sleep with a full bladder

    Most males have a 50% chance of having BPH by the age of 60 years and a 90% chance by the age of 85 years.

    Limited research has associated BPH with an increased risk of prostate cancer and bladder cancer, with the risk of prostate cancer being particularly high in Asian people with BPH. However, the limitations of the included studies mean that there is a need for additional prospective studies with a strict design to confirm the findings.

    Several types of foods and nutrients can reduce or trigger BPH and its associated symptoms.

    Foods that may be beneficial for people with BPH include:

    • fiber-rich foods, such as whole grains, legumes, beans, and dark, leafy greens
    • fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, which are usually dark red, yellow, or orange
    • foods rich in zinc, such as eggs, most types of seafood, and nuts
    • products that contain phytoestrogens, such as soy foods, chickpeas, alfalfa, and fava beans

    Foods that people with BPH, or those at risk of developing it, should avoid or limit include:

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    Can Lifestyle Changes Help

    Lifestyle changes canât prevent BPH, but they may still be good for your prostate. For starters, exercise and a heart-healthy diet can help manage your weight, which is great for your prostate. Exercise can also help your bladder empty at a normal rate.

    • To control symptoms, it may help to:
    • Avoid or limit how you use and antihistamines during colds and allergy outbreaks as they tighten the muscles that control urine flow and make it harder to pee
    • Do exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
    • Limit how much caffeine and alcohol you take in they make you pee more and can irritate your bladder
    • Lower the amount of fluids you drink, especially before you go out or go to bed
    • Pee when you first feel the urge because itâs easier on your bladder
    • Stay warm. Cold can make it feel more urgent to pee.

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